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Weight Loss
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Losing weight by doing nothing?

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It was calculated that I need to eat 1050 calories or less a day in order to lose weight....but the calories burned calculator seems to calculates that you burn 72-73 calories per hour even if you do nothing at all during that hour. That comes to a total of more than 1400 calories burned per day just doing nothing...which is more than the calories that I take in per day (assuming I don't go over this amount). This does not seem right to me, how can I lose weight doing nothing???? And lets say that some days I actually do alittle exercising, won't I burn too many calories if on those days I only eat the 1050 calories????

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Because, you burn calories living, breathing, your organs working. Calories are energy and that's how your body functions.

By the way, a lot of people will say you shouldn't be eating less than 1,200 calories per day. Just putting it out there. I can't imagine you being at a very heavy weight anyway if you only burn 1,400 per day though.

Your body needs about 10cals per lbs of your body weight just to function which means, breathing, pumping you heart, digesting food, brain activity etc.

If you are using 1400 then id assume you are around 140lbs?

there are 1440 mins in a day, whihc means you are using about 1 cal a minute to live, when broken down like that it sounds very normal to me.

Doing activities and exercise will increase your energy output during that period.

Losing body mass will reduce your calories burnt as if you weigh 10lbs less you will need 100less cals for you BMR.

Increasing muscle will increase your BMR as muscle uses 1.4x as much energy.
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I am really short and in a I obviously don't get alot of exercise and I need to lose alot of weight. For my height it says I should weigh 100lbs, actually less but I'm going to say 100. Thats why it says for me to have around 1050 calories a day (but I usually have more). As for the 1400 calories burned I was just making an observation that if you put nothing under the "activities" category for the day the calories burned continue to go up during the day 72 or so calories/hr. So it just seems weird to me to think that even though I'm in a wheelchair and can not do much exercising at all ( and don't do the little that exercising that I could be doing) that I could still lose weight. Even if I up the calories to 1200, if you burn 1400+ calories a day just doing nothing I could still hypothetically lose weight doing nothing at all.......Yet I'm NOT
I'm not sure if I'm gathering your meaning properly, BUT...are you putting in the weight you "should be at for your height" for the weight you actually ARE? Because in order for CC to calculate how many calories a day you burn doing nothing, you have to put in your actual weight(what you are NOW)then a goal weight(what you want to get to) in 2 separate places. Also, if you try to lose the weight in a very short amount of time and still within reason, it will say your caloric intake should be lower to get to your desired weight. However, I thought CC wouldn't allow the "required amount of consumed calories daily" to BE under 1200, because it isn't healthy! I know there's a link there to help calculate this, but usually it will say something like "too aggressive, pick a later goal date", if your attempting to calculate to say, lose 30 pounds in a just isn't a healthy possibility according to CC. Anyways, I'd double check all your number inputs just to be certain, something doesn't seem quite right. Out of curiosity, and if you don't mind my asking, what IS your current weight and goal weight? Myself or someone else may be able to help you more with that information. Hope I haven't confused you too

Hi!  I'm in precarious health myself, and last year was on supplemental oxygen 24/7, and sometimes on bedrest.  Yet I lost 30 pounds last year.  I ate 1200 calories a day (I'm 5'4", 65, and started at 220).  I hit a plateau for about 6 months caused by undereating when I became more active.  I consulted a nutritionist to correct this.

Right now I'm doing great - new meds, no pain, and moving around well, so I'm losing again.

It's really slow going for those of us who are immobile, but we can do it.  I had a real fear of being disabled and nurses not being able to lift me, so I was very motivated.

PM me if you want to talk

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I am putting in the weight that I am (or think I am), and it told me what weight I should be for my height and how many calories I need to eat a day to get to that weight. And the calorie limit was under 1200.

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