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How to keep losing weight while being completely sedentary?

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Hiya everyone, maybe a brief summary of weight-related life before getting down to the current problem :)  I am 1m50 and currently weight 54.5kg


Right, I started university in 2005, first time I lived on my own, coupled with a sudden, unexpected and untreated onset of hypothyroidism, I lost 14kg in about 3 months.


Within 3 months of being diagnosed, I put on 20kg realised I was putting on weight and started controlling by myself, I only discovered CC in 2008.

Practically every 6 months since then I have yoyo'd up and down by about 15kg, by either being seriously ill and therefore losing it unhealthily, or not controlling the weight gain which happenned once I got better.


I finished my Bachelor degree in November 2009 (I have been living at home with my parents since september 2009 though) And was told by both doctors and my physiotherapist that this yoyoing had to stop and I had to get myself back down to a sensible weight. I have basically been cycling from 40kg to 60kg


From November I started working out, and in February we invested into a Wiifit, from mid Feb to end April, I managed to sucessfully lose 5kg, putting me from 59.5 to what I am now at 54.5.



However a month ago, we found I had the start of a herniated disk, all sporting activities had to be stopped, heck walking for 10 minutes is impossible right now. But I want to carry on losing weight, another 4kg.-5kg.

I started logging my food last week, sticking to 1200kcal. After an initial gain of a couple of kilos, (maybe because I wasn't moving so much?)

I am back at 54.5, but I don't seem to be moving from that number.


Doing any sort of strenuous activity is out of the question right now, as I'm still attending classes and the doctor doesn't even want me doing that.


So basically does anybody have any ideas? Should I limit myself to 1200 (which I'm finding relatively easy to do as I have great support from my parents)? Maybe cycle between 1200-1300 to avoid a plateau?

My main activities right now are sleeping (the meds are strong), sitting, watching tv and reading... I do walk around the house a little to make sure I move, but that's it.

This is going from 30min of jogging a day/stepping and a variety of other activities plus trekking on weekends.

Also, one more question, I noticed I am lacking in the vitamin department at 1200 calories, do any of you have that problem? How do you guys get all the vitamins in your food naturally at 1200?





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Hmm, not sure about etiquette and whether it is appropriate to bump...


So I shall not call this a bump ;)


An update though, I'm hitting my vitamin A targets, but none of the rest


How do any others stickingto 1200kcal, manage to hit their vitamin targets?

I don't seem to have moved much weight wise either...but the body goes into starvation mode if you go less than 1200, right?


I am practically completely sedentary at the moment...so I'm uninclined to increase the calories. (At the moment I'm doing 1200-1300)

May 23 2010 16:35
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"Starvation mode" is something that's fairly new, so whether or not it's even real is still up in the air a bit, let alone what it takes to reach it.  Can you do any kind of resistance training?

We tried a bit of resistence training at physio, and yeah...I can't manage that right now, so much so that from next Friday I'm stopping physio and have been told to stop going to all evening classes (basically bed rest afternoon and evening)


My only option right now is portion control, I'm happy my weight hasn't gone up, just surprised it hasn't tipped down in any way.


And this situation looks like it'll last til July, after my exams when I can get operated, and the time it takes to heal after

I'm certainly not in a position to give any advice, but thought to chime in anyway...

I personally am going crazy monitoring my daily vitamin and micronutrient targets as displayed on CC. I wonder if it is even possible to eat THAT balanced on a day to day basis- wouldn't it be more appropriate to monitor on a weekly or monthly basis? Wouldn't that also be more in sync with eating local, homegrown food based on whatever happens to be in season.

Still, if I compare what I eat now with what I used to eat pre-CC (chips, chocolates, french fries with the occasional salmon steak or vegetable soup thrown in), I'm much better off.

I'm aiming for around 1200 cals per day too - looking to lose from 70 to 60kg (a feat that I already achieved last year but gained back during winter and the chocolate & cheese fondue season.

Hope we succeed this time and manage to maintain it!


Mayflower, I heartily agree with you that it isn't possible to be that balanced daily :)


I am basing myself on 2 weeks of eating and the only one vitamin that is consistently good onthe analysis is vitamin a...


Good luck with your targets, if you've done it once, you can surely do it again, if you every fancy a cheerleader, I'm here :)

Yeah join us on the group for backsliders for yo-yo support!

Here's the link: http://caloriecount.about.com/backsliders-g27 27

just joined, thanks for the link! :)

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