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Losing weight with Celiac Disease

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Anyone here have any advice for losing weight with Celiac? For people who aren't sure what that is, I have to avoid gluten, which is found in wheat, flour, oats, barley, rye, and some other grains. I'm mainly worried about cutting calories and still be sure to get enough nutrients.

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My mom is celiac too, just eat tons of vegetables and grains like quinoa, brown rice and buckwheat.

Eat fresh! Since my mom got her diagnosis we've been buying alot more fresh stuff, and some frozen too.

Okay, fresh I can definitely do.

I live in a dorm room, making most cooking pretty difficult, but I just bought a rice cooker that I can also steam vegetables in, so it looks like I'll definitely be getting my money's worth out of that.

I haven't really found any easy quinoa recipes that actually have flavor and taste good. Any suggestions?

hey, I have celiacs disease too...honestly I barely ever eat rice or potatoes but most of my carbs come from fresh fruit.  Just make sure to eat a lot of veggies and if you have a meal plan I'm sure your cafeteria has some healthy choices for meals. When I lived in the dorms I drank ALOT of V-8 reduced sodium to get my veggies in me.  Anyways, since I was diagnosed with celiacs I have lost 40 pounds.  It's so easy to stay within your limit when you arent eating pasta and bread because they account for so many cals.  There are a lot of amazing gluten free pastas and bread but I only eat them maybe once every six months.

Yeah, definitely don't become a "junk-food celiac" - packaged foods are just bad news, gluten free or not.

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How did you guys find out you had celiac versus just a wheat intolerance?  I have severe eczema, and lately, through keeping a food journal, i've noticed that whenever i eat wheat, my eczema flares up really bad.  

I cut out wheat for 2 full days now, and my eczema on my hands has calmed down (no longer burning and waking me up at night).  



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If you have Celiac, a simple blood test can diagnose it. It is worth it to find out, because you can eliminate wheat, but still have a problem with rye, barley and contaminated oats. You will need to be eating gluten before you have the test done, or you won't get accurate results, so if you decide to go that route don't cut out wheat yet!

I got diagnosed through a stool test from enterolab. I used to have horrible eczema as well, but it's improved a lot since I got on the gluten free diet. Honestly, most people I know on the diet wouldn't go back to eating gluten even if the blood test came back negative (it's notorious for false negatives) just because they feel better when they don't eat gluten.

Tinah123, are you sure the rash is eczema?

Dermatitis herpetiformis is a rash associated with Celiac Disease that is often misdiagnosed as eczema. Like 24-hour  mom said, if you want a diagnosis, keep eating gluten until you get a blood test (you need to be reacting to gluten for the blood test to work).

If you don't care about a diagnosis, just cut out gluten and see how you feel (just remember that gluten is lurking in lots of foods...like soy sauce...so be careful).
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Thanks everyone for the replies.  I went to my family doctor, and she told me it was atopic dermatitis, aka eczema.  I was eating whole wheat bread last week, when i had an immediate flare and burning/itching in my hands...so i gave up wheat and my hands have gotten a little better, but the rest of my body is still itchy.  I'm going to an allergist next week.  Can allergists test for Celiac or do i need to go to a gastro?




Atopic dermatitis is exactly what I have as well. Once you've been off gluten for a little while, if it is celiac, it'll improve. Also, try aquaphor at night after showers and the Cetaphil thick lotion in a tub for daytime. Now that mine's better, I don't need the Aquaphor except on my super dry places like feet and elbows (and that's not eczema, just dry skin). Your doctor can prescribe specific medicine also, but that gets expensive after a while.

I would go to the gastroenterologist to test for Celiac, (especially with that flare up after the wheat bread) because they're more familiar (hopefully, at least) with Celiac and if you do test positive they'll want to run tests to check on your intestinal health, etc.

If the tests do come back positive, celiaccentral.org, celiac.org, and celiac.com are great resources. Also, google "Gluten Free Girl" for a great blog with delicious recipes.

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I'm interested to see all of you celiac girls with eczema!  I'm 23 years old and have been gluten-free for about 10 months, after gastrointestinal issues started arising about two years ago.  Not only have my GI problems completely cleared up, but as an added bonus my lifelong eczema has also almost disappeared.  The myriad dermatologists I saw about my severe eczema never did put two and two together, and I'm so glad I finally figured this out. 

A word of caution to those of you with skin issues related to your celiac disease:  I've found that gluten-containing ingredients in my cosmetics and bath products can really make my skin flare up and cause other discomforts.  Mascara with hydrolyzed wheat protein was causing me to have frequent and severe pink-eye-esque symptoms.  I stopped using that mascara and switched to a GF mascara, and the problem went away.  Shampoo with hydrolyzed wheat protein was actually causing sores and scabs to appear on my scalp; again, gone with the gluten in the shampoo, gone with the disgusting scalp affliction.  I know this is a diet website, so this might not be the most appropriate forum to talk about dermatology, but the hidden contact sources of gluten can really affect us!  Just thought I'd let you all know.

I am still struggling with weight issues after cutting gluten from my diet.  You would think that I'd lose weight quickly after going GF, since I was so addicted to high-calorie bread products before, but I haven't really lost any weight, aside from the crazy amount that I lost at the start of the problems and quickly regained.  I'm so glad to be healthier without gluten, but I still don't feel comfortable with my body and want to balance my diet and lose some weight in a healthy way.  Any tips, motivation, suggestions, encouragement: completely welcome!  Thanks!

I am gluten intolerant.  I had stomach issues for 10 years until I figured it out by trial and error.  I would have like to have been tested, but i went gluten free 2 years ago and knowing what I would have to go through to get tested is not worth it.  I too thought I would have lost more weight, but I like bread and pasta too much.  So I eat Tapioca light bread and brown rice pastas.  I also eat a lot of gluten free protein bars, not realizing I was eating so many calories a day.  I am 48 and now weigh 180 lbs.  I used to weight 130-140.  I have only been doing this for two days now, but so far so good and they have quite a few of our specialty foods in the system. 

I love fresh fruits and vegetables.  I don't know if anyone else has the problem of it just being so expensive to eat healthy.   Where I live it is hard to find fresh produce cheap. 

I break out if I use Bare Mineral makeup.  Not sure if they have gluten products in them.  Never thought my shampoo might be a problem, but that makes sense. 

If you like soy sauce the LaChoy light soy is gluten free.  And for a treat I found Soy Joy Bars, these taste good and are gluten free.  Target sells them.


I've been struggling with stomach issues for the past 2 years. After many tests and appointments, I was given the IBS diagnosis. Even then I was still experiencing pain and not being able to eat many things without feeling immediately ill. I was losing weight, and was down to 135 from 245. Today, I'm back up at 150 after going GF for about 4 months now. My nutritionist said that the weight gain could be because when I was sick food was going right through me and I wasn't absorbing any nutrients; now my body is actually absorbing nutrients because it is healed..leading to a weight gain. I don't feel like I've gained weight.. I can tell a bit because of how my pants fit, but I look a lot healthier. before I was thin, but very pale and ghostly looking and now i've got a healthy glow in my face.

Having allergies is tough, especially the trial and error process, and the daily experimentation with food. I've found that fruits and veggies are my best options. It's important to not get stuck in the junky gf foods. For awhile I had the mentality 'i can't eat brownies anymore (i didn't even eat them when I could eat them!) but OMG they have GF brownies! I have to try them!'

My daughter has Celiac's - diagnosed by an endoscopy with biopsy and the blood work at age 16 - she's 30 now. She was actually having the endo for other reasons when they found the Celiac's.

Lots of gluten free foods out there - search the Internet - she started a support group where she lives, ck your area for a support group you'll gets lots of helpful info - started with 3 ppl now has over 40! Docs keep referring ppl. Best bread - Manna from Anna. Best pasta - from Trader Joe's Tinkyada rice pastas. Gluten free pantry sells great brownie, cake and pancake mixes!

Original Post by moesha23:

hey, I have celiacs disease too...honestly I barely ever eat rice or potatoes but most of my carbs come from fresh fruit.  Just make sure to eat a lot of veggies and if you have a meal plan I'm sure your cafeteria has some healthy choices for meals. When I lived in the dorms I drank ALOT of V-8 reduced sodium to get my veggies in me.  Anyways, since I was diagnosed with celiacs I have lost 40 pounds.  It's so easy to stay within your limit when you arent eating pasta and bread because they account for so many cals.  There are a lot of amazing gluten free pastas and bread but I only eat them maybe once every six months.

For losing weight this is the best advice.  I started having severe stomach problems after having my son in 2005.  Also I have fruitlessly been trying to lose the same 50lbs since I gained it almost overnight BEFORE I got pregnant.  I got tested for celiac’s and it came back negative.  They took my gallbladder out in December 2008, I self diagnosed with lactose intolerance, wheat intolerance, now I am cutting out sugars.  Gastro doctors are the worst -- it's like being on a very long episode of "House", they do not know what is going on.  Anywho, in trying to control my blood sugar I have recently cut out carbs except for fruits, veggies and yogurt (I think it’s carby??).  Some days I have oatmeal or brown rice (very healthy carbs).  I have been feeling great! Not to mention I have lost weight too (thank God!).  Good luck and just up your fruit and veggie take; for good ideas google or research low-carb recipes.  


What ever you do just DON”T start buying all this gluten free stuff.  I used to buy this delicious bread, it had like 120 cals per slice! If you are trying to lose weight forget all the sweet stuff too.  Start with the basic, unprocessed, natural foods and work your way up to building healthy meals that incorporate gluten-free alternatives.  Good luck!


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Hi! I was diagnosed with celiac almost 6 months ago, the gastro never told me a thing about my condition, he did not explain it at all. We discovered I had celiac because 1. I had never liked anything made out of wheat, never! 2. I was getting a rash in different parts of my body that would not go away. I went to many dermatologists and they all said that it was eczema. But I had a hard time believing that, so I did my homework and somewhere along the road I read that some celiac have some sort of rashes that itched a lot. When I read this I went to my doctors and asked for a celiac blood test. Of course, it came out positive.
I started my gluten free diet (though nothing much changed since I never used to eat or like gluten) but the rash has not gone away entirely. The gastro told me that my rash was not related to celiac at all, he said that the celiac type of rash was only on the elbows and knees, and since I did not have any of those serious redness in any of those places he did not pay attention to it nor did he tell me anything useful about celiac (he assumed that since i had never really eaten gluten no harm was done) i don’t know if there is something else I should know or do. Any advice? (sorry for the length of my question / story)

Everyone you need to read The Glutenfree Bible!!!!  I don't know the author off hand.  It was requimened to me by my new endo who is diagnosing me with C.D.  Confirmation to follow via my blood test.  Did you know if you are not eating gluten you will not test postive for gluten!  I have been tested twice and came out negative.  She does not care what the blood test say I have most of the symptoms, so she had me read the book.  Which I am in the process of reading.  It has everything you need to know. The why, the where to, and anything else you need to know.  It is a manuel for C.D.

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