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Why am i not losing weight on 1100 Calories!!!

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I am 5'11 232lbs, i am fairly active and have a lot of muscle on me from years of working out. I have recently jumped up to 250lbs from about a year off of weight lifting/cardio and eating poorly. i have gone on diets in the past (mostly atkins) and have lost weight fairly fast (about 3-5 lbs a week). This time around i went on a calorie diet and have been eating around 1100-1500 calories a day depending on how much activity i do (weight lifting, basketball, football, cardio sometimes all in one day!) and for the first 2-3 weeks i've went down to 231.0 which was great. My BMR is 2212 and my weight maintenance is 3375 so considering i eat 1100-1500 calories plus burning 500-2000 calories on most days i should be continuing this right? But the next two weeks i've actually went up to 233 and i don't know what is wrong! I don't eat bad calories i eat turkey on whole wheat bread sandwiches, tuna with a tablespoon of miracle whip, i don't eat cheese or drink pop i don't eat fried foods everything i eat is high in protein. i eat cinnamon cheerio's which are high in fiber in the morning for breakfast or egg whites with a side of toast. I have an occasional cheat meal once every 7-10 days which on those days i don't eat past 2000 calories. i eat carrots for snacks broccoli and salads on occasion. So can anyone tell me what the problem is? i've never had this problem on the atkins diet before but i figured the calorie diet would be a lot healthier. i've also measured my waiste which after 3 weeks i lost 1.5 inches off but nothing since. please someone help me before i crack!!

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http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calc ulator.htm   use that site right there people are to know not to eat small amount of calories its not going to work long term your body thinks its starving eat what ya body needs...i dont know how old u are but i put in ya height n weight u need to be eating over 2330-2500 but ya age in it will give correct amount it is accuarate u can put ya stats in every time it will give u same number i was 400lbs im 23 years old i needed 3200 calories i drop 86lbs but i am eating 2700 calories now because i am different weight my body dont need 3200 now eat your calories that u need make sure ya eating healthy lean means and healthy nuts diary fruits and veggises watch those pounds melt off trust me make sure that heart is pumping..if u dont sweat like u did its time to change it up...gl you can do it

If you are stickin on your plan as you say you are, I would say over time it gets harder to lose weight on the calorie diet but stick to your plan and you will lose the weight. Make sure you have plenty of rest that is as important as exercising and change your exersices to things you don't normally do. Hope this helps
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I am 25 yrs old

I think you probably have a deficit that's too big... if you eat 1100-1500 - and then burn 500+ through exercise - then you're not eating enough.
try upping your calories to, say, 2000 - and stick to it for a couple of weeks, to see how it goes...
I mean, I'm 5'3 and used to weigh 205lbs - and I lost weight just fine eating 1600-1700ish cal (while almost sedentary)... I didn't have to significantly lower my intake until I was actually at a healthy BMI (for those last few "vanity" pounds)

ok well if u workout 3 times a week u need to eat 2268 calories or if u workout about 5 times a week u need 2412 calories...gl hope you get down to where u want to be   http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calc ulator.htm

Weight loss is not linear. I have had my weight go up for a couple weeks on a diet and then it goes down even lower than it was before.

The main issue here is that your caloric intake is not high enough.  1100 calories is too low for a 5'0", 100 lb female.  By restricting your calories so drastically, you are sending your body into starvation/drought mode and slows your metabolism.  This results in your body hoarding what calories you do intake.  The other down side to this issue is your body will stop diverting protien to your lean muscle tissue and redirect it to your vital organs.  This causes a loss of muscle mass, furthering slowing your metabolism.  Try raising your calories to ~2000, which should be well under your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).  Don't focus on losing 3-5 lbs/week.  1-2 should be a better goal. 

I agree with what most everyone is saying here. I would add that you need to increase your caloric intake, but not necessarily with most of the things you listed, but putting even more of an emphasis on fruit and veggies. Veggies especially. They don't take up a lot of calories, but are full of fiber and keep you full because you can eat a larger quantity for the same amount of calories.

I never go off a scale! I use the mirror as my guide.

Like the others have said you've gone into starvation mode.  You need to eat. 

1100-1500 is too low, your body will horde the calories.  Increase your calories and yes, you may gain weight for a while.  But it is temporary as your body learns to trust you again.

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