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Losing Weight without Losing Breast Size

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I've been trying for a while to lose weight, mainly targeting my stomach with exercise (as I'm generally alright with the shape of everything else.) However, I've noticed that as I've been losing weight, my chest, shoulders, and breasts have been shrinking, without the desired result of a smaller stomach...I'm bony in my shoulders, there are places where you can see my ribs, and I've a cup size or  two. Still holding onto that stomach.

So I've been curious, is there any way that I can continue to try and lose weight and maintain my cup size (Or even bounce back to the old one)? Alternatively, if I decide to relax my calorie restriction, would I gain back the weight I lost where it was, or would it all just pile up where I don't want it?

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Weight lose is like LIFO accounting, it tends to come off first where you gained it last.  So chances are if you gain weigth you will return to your old shape.

Edit: for non-accounts, LIFO = Last In First Out

Wow, love to hear references to accounting in everyday conversations!  :)

Unfortunately, you don't really have much control over where you lose, it is based on your shape.  I'm a pear at all sizes.  Now that I've lost weight, I'm SO thin in my upper body (my boobs, are literally non-existent now), and I can see ribs.  However, my gigantic ghetto booty and thunder thighs are still there.  :(

I had that same problem, but maybe not as drastically as you seem to. I lost my weight first in my butt (one of my prized features if I do say so myself), then in my breasts, and needless to say I was very concerned! I've always been proportional, even at my heaviest (200 lbs). 

The more I dropped the more evenly it came off and underneath it all, I was still the same shape. I think there will always be awkward stages, but if you keep losing you'll still have the same figure/proportions you always did, just smaller. If you tend to be top heavy and carry your weight mostly in your breasts and stomach, (or vice versa), no matter how you lose you can't change your natural shape.

And, as my jazzercise instructor once told me, you can't target weight loss. Even she had a little belly "pooch" when he job was doing workout routines 3x a day! It's just the way she is shaped. When you lose fat you lose it where ever you got it, and there's no way to hang onto the fat you like (unfortunately).

So don't despair. If you keep losing, you stomach has to come off some too, and you'll have the same proportions you always had, just healthier (and sexier!). Laughing

There's no way to spot reduce when losing weight unfortunately, your body takes the fat from where it wants to take the fat and it doesn't really ask your permission first. It kind of sucks because I'm just like you- I'm all skin and bones from right under my breasts up. You can see my collar bone all the way and it sticks up like a giant knob on my shoulders, my chest measurement is 33" and I'm almost 6'2"....I would  make people think I was too thin if they couldn't plainly see the giant gut I'm sporting right underneath. Genetics are a b*%$h, nothing to do but plug away at it and hope for the best.

I like to call it the "Boob vs Belly dilemma" (or Booty vs Belly depending on your favourite part!!).

Unfortunately I'm fully aware that if I want to attain the stomach I would like...the boobs are going to disappear!!  It's a choice I have to make...evil genetics!!

Yep, been there done that....

I have lost 20 lbs since middle of August, and I could literally go without a bra and no one would notice.... I mean Nearly A bras are too big,Surprised


But its ok to laugh... I am skinny, and feel good about myself.  I just wish the boobs didn't go first. 

I figure there is always plastic surgery if it comes right down to it. 

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There's no way you can control the fat balance on your body when you are losing weight. Some people lose it easily from their thighs, or their bum, etc. 

However, there is nothing wrong with small breasts that are in proportion to your body, which I'm guessing since it has gone down in proportion to your stomach, it will be. 

You can keep the boobs toned, and perky (this claims to stop them losing anymore fat aswell, though I can't be sure of that) is to work the pectoral muscles below the breasts. If you are unsure what they are google them or ask your trainer. I will also help you to gain toned arms (Don't worry, guys like some muscle on a girl ;) )

I wish there was some way to trade. :D  I haven't lost much yet (a little over 5lbs so far since June 1), but so far, I seem to be losing from my arms (which I'm happy about), my ribcage (still have the belly pooch, but the sides are getting better), and my hips, but my boobs and my butt aren't shrinking and I'd look quite a bit smaller overall if my boobs were too!

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Hey, I have the exact same problem. But sorry i saw that you said thunder thighs and i thought I was the only one who said that. I thought it was too funny. And I have a bigg butt for my age so I was wondering what you did for exercises. If you could let me know that'd be awesome. Thanks kaffwynn!(:

ROMANCOAT ME TOO. the butt gets a bit smaller but no matter how thin or fat, the 36g's remain

We don't get to choose where it comes from unfortunately.  I definitely have the thunder thighs as that's my last spot to lose.  My chest has suffered also and the way I see it there are 3 options:

- Live with it and accept the new you

- Do more chest exercises (pushups, weights, etc) to build the pectoral muscle and it will give them a bit of a lift and they will seem larger

- Surgery to "refill" the skin

The first one is not an option I'm satisfied with.  I'm working on the second option and if it gets things to where I want to be then great.  If it doesn't do enough I fully intend to look into option 3 (though to be clear, if I take that option then it will be because *I* want it and not anyone else).

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