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Weight Loss
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losing weight but not body fat %

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hey all-

i've already lost four pounds by doing 45 minutes of cardio a day, but my body fat percentage is staying the same.  does body fat take more time to reduce?  will it eventually begin to decrease?  i've been told that i should lower my percentage only 5 percent.  has anyone had this experience?

thanks in advance!
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No experience I can only share what I've read about, that sometimes when you've first started a new excercise routine if your caloric intake is too low to begin with your body will actually start to burn lean muscle mass first and not fat.   It's as if the body goes into shock to burn the calories needed for the excercise and can't find enough reserves so it goes for your lean muscle mass first because it's the most excessable.  Just my take on what I've read....
Yes, either what the above poster said, or you've lost water weight from your body.

How are you measuring your body fat percentage?  Maybe the readings are inaccurate??? Just a thought.

I would also think the first few lbs might be water.  I would say to give it some more time.
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i have a scale at home that measures your weight and body fat.  before you step on it you enter your age, your gender, and your height.

i'm actually going to the gym now, and i'm going to ask them about this little problem.  i'll post a reply to let everyone know what they said. :)
freelei this is off the topic but can you answer my questions about Max OT cadio in the other post...........sorry
weigh in the am and check body fat in the eve - check out the following post for more info 7.html
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Most home methods of measuring body fat are inaccurate.  Regarding your scale, it sounds more like a BMI measurement if your only entering height and weight.  At 5'11" 200lbs it takes approximately 10lbs for me to go down 1 BMI percentage point.

Without knowing how much you currently weigh, losing 4 lbs is relative.  If your 100 lbs, you probaly losing Fat, if your 200 lbs ....keep up the good work.

Also, as already mentioned, losing weight the wrong way will lead to losing muscle before losing fat.

Best Wishes,
You may be losing fat, but the numbers aren't showing it yet. Remember that your body fat content is represented by a PERCENTAGE. So, if you're losing weight, you're going to have to lose considerably more FAT at first to see it shown in the percentage. Doesn't make sense? I know. Bear with me.

Let's say you start at 160 lbs, 25% body fat. That means 40 pounds of your weight is fat. But let's say you lose some weight and you're down to 155, but your scale STILL says 25% body fat. But think about it, that means that you have 38.75 pounds of fat on your body, as opposed to the 40 pounds you had before. So, yes, you DID lose fat (proportionally speaking), but it's going to take more time before the percentage reflects that. Hang in there.
Make sure you arnt loosing muscle.  If you loose muscle then your body fat % actually goes up.

Make sure you're eating lots of protein and balancing it with enough carbs to keep you going, because eating less and exercising more SOUNS like it works, and it does, but you need more food when you are exercising than when you're not. 
listen to lizzle!  You're just losing a proportionate amount of fat versus everything else in your body, such that your body fat percentage stays the same.  Yes, that probably means you're losing some muscle, but just hang in there.  It's almost impossible to lose JUST fat and nothing else.
yes, body fat % takes a while to decrease. thats why i really reccomend resistence type training (whats or whatever) to help keep your muscle mass up so you can burn more fat.    and you might need to lose more body fat than you think if it is starting high.   mine is at 28% right now.  I'd really like to have it around 20-22%.    so thats a few pounds, and a lot of exercise to go.

keep working at it, it will come off.
sorry, posted link to wrong thread before...weigh in the am and check body fat in the eve becasue your hydration will vary alot between am and pm...if your scale measures BF via BIA (bioelectric impedence) then hydration is key, as described under Bioelectric Impedence here .html 

which explains the science behind
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