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Losing stomach fat! Especially after pregnancy!

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I just want to hear from any other women who have a lot of stomach fat compared to the rest of the body, especially after childbirth.

My son is 10months now & i have lost 23lbs (so i have lost the baby weight) but i get paranoid about my belly! I just want to get rid of it!

I go to the gym, try to eat healthy although I love sweet treats!I am going to start a food journal to monitor my calorie intake.

Would love to hear from other ppl!


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Hi Penny, thanks for your message too! Well done on the 23lbs lost.. my goal is 24 lbs so I find that quite inspiring. Have you tried callanetics? Im always banging on about it and its really 80s and dated but I swear it works! It really toned up my baby tummy.


See you over on xmas challenge xx


Although, my son is almost 2. I've lost 50 pounds since he was born (40 of it within 4 months postpartum) but still have an unusually high amount of belly fat. I mean, it's really the only place that I'm disappointed with. And I'm not exaggerating, either. I can literally grab handfuls of fat around my belly button. My obliques are in great shape but the fat in the middle of my stomach is out of control!

I'm not really trying to lose weight. My focus is gaining strength. We're going to buy adjustable dumbells this weekend and I should be starting NROLFW. I don't expect much fat loss through the program since I won't be eating at a deficit.

I can feel really defined muscle under the fat--it would be nice if it would show!

Congratulations on the weight loss already!

I lost 35 pounds in almost 4 months, now is when I'm seeing improvement in my midsection ( I have another 14 pounds to lose). I'm doing Turbo Fire ( I'm on my 5 week) and in one month I lost 6.6 pounds and 9.5 inches!!! overall, 2 inches from my midsection!!! I been doing some research about HIIT (Turbo Fire is a combination of HIIT, Cardio and toning) and I read the the HIIT make you burn more fat , HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training (from: http://www.badrunner.com/2006-12-08/hiit-a-be tter-way-to-burn-fat/:

1. HIIT increases your body’s metabolism for over the following 24 hours, causing you to continue to burn calories at a higher rate. It has been suggested that for maximum benefit, it should be done in the morning on an empty stomach, and if possible, food should be avoided for 60 minutes afterwards to increase the amount of energy burned from fat stores. (Read here.)
2. HIIT is up to 50% more efficient in burning adipose tissue (fat) than low-intensity exercise. (Read here.)

3. Exercising at 65% your maximum heart rate will burn a higher percentage of calories from fat versus carbohydrates, but HIIT exercise will burn more calories overall, resulting in more fat burned, even if it’s at a lower percentage. (Read here.)

4. While exercising at the same pace for prolonged period of time, your body goes into what’s called “Steady State” and begins to adjust itself. It then attempts to preserve energy (calories) while maintaining the same effort. HIIT causes your body to continually change its exertion levels which prevents your body entering the “Steady State.” This causes your body to continue to use maximum calories for its energy needs. (Read here.)


This is very interesting:

Lose Belly Fat Fast With HIIT Cardio

http://www.oaklandcolleges.net/lose-the-fat/l ose-belly-fat-fast-with-hiit-cardio

You can find more information if you google it. I think HIIT is working for me.

I have had 4 c-sections and lost 65 lbs since Jan and my stomach is still my biggest problem area :(  I still have about 22 lbs to lose so I'll just have to see where I end up.  I do exercise with weights and cardio so I am hoping this helps.

bierorama I have the same problem! I have lost all 42 lbs of the 47 that I gained while pregnant with my 1 year old. I am getting great obliques but have a big clump of fat around my belly button and and lower stomach area. I can feel hard muscles underneath too. Ugh, I have been training harder to get it off and also putting self tanner on it makes it look smaller! Have been doing TurboJam to lose the weight for the last two months, now I'm switching to 30 day shred to mix it up and confuse my body. I would never get one, but I can understand why some women get Tummy Tucks...that area is so stubborn and I think a lot of it is loose skin that just hangs and isn't going anywhere! Good luck to all of us mommies!

I had loose skin and fat after my pregnancy that was a little tough to lose. Even when I got down a little bit lower than pre-pregnancy weight I still had that bulge. It was very depressing for me. I found that lifting weights as well as doing the cardio helped a lot to tighten the skin and get rid of the bits of stubborn fat, but it took a while for me.

You may be seeing skin as well as fat and it does take a little while for that to tighten up, but for some reason the weights really help. Congrats on losing the baby weight! Hang in there and keep up the great work!

BTW- I had my daughter almost 12 years ago. Taebo was very popular then, and now they have all sorts of kick box cardio DVDs, which I highly recommend. It really does wonders for post-pregnancy bodies!

Original Post by losinglaura:

Hi Penny, thanks for your message too! Well done on the 23lbs lost.. my goal is 24 lbs so I find that quite inspiring. Have you tried callanetics? Im always banging on about it and its really 80s and dated but I swear it works! It really toned up my baby tummy.


See you over on xmas challenge xx

 Is Callanetics like Pilates & yoga? I used to do yoga before I had my son, I should really think about going again! Its just hard to find the time!

Bierorama - Congrats on losing 50lbs! I know what you mean by grabbing a handful of fat! lol

Joleny - Thanks for the info, seems very interesting. Well done on losing 35lbs. I measured myself back in Jan when I started weightwatchers & me too have lost inches! Just need to get back in the swing of it!

Tina - I am hoping too that with a bit of exercise & watching my calories I might end up a bit slimmer! I am kinda at a plateau now so need to watch the calories. Your weight loss is amazing!

Sharia - God i'd love a tummytuck! Its hard losing weight with a young child. Well done on losing 42lbs! That little 5lbs is a bugger to shift!

Pumi - I do weights & cardio at the gym & ive recently started a high impact aerobics class, so I will see if that will start to pay off!

Finally - thanks to all your replys, i really appreciate it xx


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