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Weight Loss
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losing in specific areas

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I'm not a complete idiot. I know you can't just zap fat from wherever you want, but I'm wondering if there's a good way to target your stomach. I just spent a few days with my mom who called me fat and lumpy so I'm a little self-conscious. Im pear shaped. 5'3 1/2", 142 lbs, 37/29/40, in between size 6 and 8, 32d... Since I was born practically I've had this stupid belly like a pregnant woman. No matter what I do it won't go away. I also have these little blobs (that's the best way I can describe them) under each boob... Drives me even crazier. I walk up to 35 miles a week, but I can't run because of my knee and hip. I watch what I eat. But as my legs tone up, I feel like nothing happens to my stomach. That's not supposed to happen to a pear. Any ideas?
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Original Post by jordifaria:

I'm not a complete idiot. I know you can't just zap fat from wherever you want, but I'm wondering if there's a good way to target your stomach.

You've already answered your own question.


Have you tried lifting weights? Among other things, it can help posture, which can reduce the appearance of a belly.

It sounds crazy, but apparently if you use saran-wrap on your tummy (wrap it around a couple of times) before you go to bed, and wash the sweat off in the morning for a couple of days, you will see a reduced appearance of cellulite. 

It doesn't really make you lose weight, it just takes out some of the water content of that specific area. 

Good luck! And your mom is mean for saying that to you. 

My clavicle-area is so thin. I feel it, and almost think that I'm at a good weight (just 20 lbs more to go), but my stomach, legs, and upper arms beg to differ :p

So, I dunno. It's kind of annoying, 'cause I know when I lose this weight off, I'm going to look really thin on my upper chest area. Oh well.

Anyway, I suggest yoga and resistance training that's knee-friendly. Getting yourself fit should solve everything all out. Some yoga poses are said to help with belly fat, plus, certain poses can tone your core, like plank and dolphin. Hope this helps!

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Have ur spine checked by a doctor. Sometimes a protruding belly can be caused my lordosis, which is an exaggerated curve in your lumbar. There's not a lot than can be done besides correcting your posture and making sure ur abdominal and back muscles are strong. I have lordosis and have always had the same problem. It can also cause back pain. So make sure to strengthen those abdominal and lumbar areas! Good luck and I'm sorry ur mom would say such a mean thing!

Good suggestions from the others.  

I'm pear-shaped, too and it drives me NUTS!  I just have to share my favorite (though dated) home exercise machine.  I got a Nordic Track on Craigslist for $ works your abs almost unknowingly (you don't feel it) while giving you a good cardio workout.  I have knee pain as well and it is very kind to your knees.  It also folds up nicely in your closet.  And, exercising on it feels more natural than an elliptical.

Good luck to you--you should feel confident.  It sounds like you have a good fitness level.  That's a lot of walking!

I have noticed a peculiar thing as I get closer to my ultimate goal weight (10lbs away), that losing weight isn't going to be enough to get rid of my belly fat alone. I have been reading up on others' frustrations, thoughts and examples and I came right back to were I started it is body fat %, if you have fat weight stored somewhere that is where it will be and only by reducing body fat % to minimize it or show definition of the muscle beneath. I am sure you know all this (so don't worry, I am not saying you don't know this) and that is how I felt about it too, it just something we have to think about objectively, at least I think :P the more I look it up/research back at bf% again.

At this moment when I wake up in the morning my stomach is relatively flat (slight protrusion just enough  to jut out past my hip bones but you can note I have hip bones too) my hips 36.5inches and my stomach about 35ish inches, my waist just under 30 inches and my under bust 32 inches (I am 5'8"/145lbs/female/age 27). I am sure it is the fact (in my case, cause I am not a pear shape) I have narrow hips that make it look like I have such a big stomach in comparison for being in an healthy weight range. And of course by the end of the day I feel the pregnant woman persona too : /

Now, I have realized, I have wanted a flat stomach and I almost have one... it isn't what I want, I want a defined abdomen, which again back to the body fat % for the look, I believe I want and I think most ladies want is their stomach/waist to appear in a 16-19% body fat range (which is roughly 11 shaped abs/toned (bad word I know sorry :P) to 6 pack abs) and unless you have the genes you might have to work very hard for them.

I use (just as a guideline I know it isn't accurate) online cals to determine a range of body fat % for me, at this time 23-24% (rough) and if I want about 18% (rough), losing 10lbs of weight isn't going to be enough unless I get lucky in the randomness of weight loss and get down to 27inch (about 3inches away) waist when I reach 135lbs (10lbs away).

So I am contemplating how I can achieve my goal now, I may need to lose more fat (ok, no brainer right) but I may need to gain muscle to, and it is very difficult to gain muscle while eating at a deficit (it can be done, some have experienced but it is more difficult). But I think I have to get to my goal weight first and see what I end up with measurements and such and then may not have to go the weight loss route at all, instead fitness only but with eating well.

So, when I am done losing, I think my life will be eating right (doing my current 'cutting back' but still not eating the best won't do any favors), eating enough (you need +600 cals for a pound of muscle growth), strength/weight training for muscle growth with a combination of cardio (some people really swear by having both cardo and strength/weight training not just one or the other). The road/journey to changing body composition through fitness, here I come, basically.

Sorry, I went on and on, but I really know what you mean on this, a sort of 'I know you can't spot reduce... but what now then?' I have been thinking this over and over and that is my results described above. I am still in a planning stage this isn't proven it worked, it is a Frankenstein rough draft of advise and such. Hope this helps gives some insight. 

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