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Losing more weight when I stop working out?

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Why is this...?

I normally lose around 1-2 pounds a week and I exercise every single day (run 3 miles)

I went on vacation for a few days with no exercise, ate normally like I usually do, and lost like 2 pounds (and it stayed off too...)

so I continued to exercise, and I just didn't have time for the past 2 days, ate like I usually do, and lost an entire pound... and it can't be water because I really did have a lot of sodium yesterday too!

Should I just not exercise anymore? haha

I know they say exercise makes you hungry but not me, it makes me feel sick to my stomach sometimes and I usually just go to sleep after I run.

Can anyone explain to me the science behind this?

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I can't explain the science because that is not my forte!  I can tell you that your body might be appreciating the break you are giving it.  If you workout 7 days a week every week, it's good to give your body a break.  You may be creating enough of a defecit the days you don't exercise that it's not affecting your loss.  Don't quit exercising, it's good a for a lot of reasons other than weightloss, which you already know!  Keep up the good work.

It's more likely than not more than one reason. A couple of possible explanations come to my mind. First, it could be that your body retains more water when you are working out than when you give it a break. Second reason could be that you aren't as hungry when you don't work out. I don't know what your diet is like but if you get overly hungry when you work out and it causes you to eat more you may loose weight at a slower rate. Lastly, weight loss is not linear. It could just be that these are natural jumps in your weight loss and they are coinciding with your rest days (this seems to happen to many people).

That said, I do not think you should stop working out. Working out has more benefits than just weight loss. If your routine is working, stick with it. If rest days are helping to allow faster weight loss then incorporate some into your schedule.

I agree with liseey. I work out 4-5 times per week, and I can tell you that my weight is ALWAYS up the next day because my muscles retain so much water to repair themselves. I also know that I am less hungry when I'm not working out - I eat a little less AND I have the muscle I've built burning through the food.

Your metabolism is just the rate at which your body burns calories. If you have a lot of muscle, your metabolism is higher. Your burn, even at rest, will be higher than someone with more body fat. For that reason, I would not stop exercising. It'll keep your burn higher (even when you sleep), and you'll be able to maintain your current levels of consumption :)

I had a friend who was following a wedding diet. It called for healthy eating and intense workouts for about 2 months and then a month of healthy eating and NO exercise. In that last month, she slimmed down considerably because she lost a lot of that muscle she'd built up and wasn't eating enough to replace the fat she'd had previously. As soon as the wedding was over, she get off of her "diet" and was out of the habit of working out, so she'd lost her muscle... and the weight went right back on her, above where she'd started. Good habits are better for you and more sustainable than a single-event goal. (Of course, if you're going to make an exception to that, I guess a wedding is a pretty decent excuse... as long as you are ok with going back to normal once its over, or at least picking the exercise habit back up!)

Your body probably needed a break.  If you are running everyday, with no breaks, the muscle fibers that are broken down cannot fully repair.  Especially if you are running hard enough your stomach doesn't feel well (can't eat). 

Obviously your current method is working, so I wouldn't change it!  You might consider taking 1 weekend off every couple of weeks, just to give your body a little down time. 

If you've been working out for a while now, than more likely than not, you have increased your metobolism & so can take that break for a day or two. If you continued to not work out or missed more than worked then your metobolism would start to wind down & you'd stop loosing. If you're getting sick running then maybe your body just needs a diff work out or keep track of how close you eat to your running & see if there are differences.


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