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is losing 10 pounds a month reasonable?

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i would love to lose at least 10 pounds in january, i think once i actually see some signs of weight loss i ll be more likely to stick with healthy eating and exercise...for those that lost 10 pounds right away how did you do it ? how many calories should i be consuming ? on here it says 1750 but i feel like thats a lot....help me !!! LOL
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I have lost and sometimes still do lose 10lbs in a month, however, I started out at 319lbs and I'm down to 260-258 ish lbs now. It depends on how much you weigh, your activity level, age, lean body mass, gender, calorie intake etc. There's too many variables to predict what you are asking and even then, losing weight and keeping it off is not an exact science. It's unrealistic to expect a steady 2lb or more loss every week -- I fully expect the rate at which I lose to slow down; it's higher now because I still weigh a lot. I'm happy with the way I lose weight and even happier that I am doing it in a way that I can live with for the rest of my life. Remember, once you lose it you have to keep maintaining it.
well, i don't know how much you weigh, but i can see from the pick that its not nearly as much as I...with that being said, the bigger you  are the faster you loose (at first). I just lost 20lbs since last month this time...here is what i did: i ate ALL the time, but i stayed under 1350 calories. I walk whenever I can, and I workout almost everyday (nothing strenuous, just a walk at home video). I drink about half my weight in water almost everyday. I try to eat balanced, and I have  tried to cut out any white bread or sugar. and i cheat in bites, meaning, if there is something that i really want to have i take a bite, if it satisfies me to just have the taste in my mouth, i throw it out...that's pretty much it Laughing
well im weighing 230 pounds and im 5'8"
i agree wholeheartedly with J3NN...all in all, you have to work to get results. cut your calories, workout, do more than what you usually do, physically...no fried foods, no junk, and don't expect a miracle, but expect results...key for me has been to eat more fruit and veggies then meat and fats...i like simple things like that.
1750 sounds like a lot but to maintain 230 lbs. you're probably eating around 2750 now.  That would mean an average weight loss of 2 lbs. per week.  Cutting your calories too much is not necessary and will only make losing all the more difficult.  I like to eat the maximum amount of calories I can- that still allows me to lose weight.  As you drop the weight you have to lower the calories to continue weight loss.  I readjust my calories (or try to) with each 10 lb. loss.  Each 10 lb. loss is approximately 120 calories less you can eat.  Best of luck
I lose about 10 pounds a month on 1200 calories a day.  I walk with my dog for about 30 minutes every day and do a pretty intense workout at the gym 5 or 6 times per week.  I also take fish oil supplements so that my body is getting good fats, and take a multivitamin.  I drink 80 oz of water every day, allow myself one cheat meal per week, and never eat after 8 pm.  I'm down from 230 to 188.5!  Good Luck!
luzd i can tell you right off im not eating 2750 calories per day, i dont even get 1500 most days, i think my problem is im not eating enough...my body is probably storing a lot of the stuff i eat

damsell300 i was just wondering how long it took for you to go from 230 to 188.5 ? and what is your workout like at the gym and for how long ? im starting a new job jan 2 and there is a gym right next door, so i was thinking to go there after my shift.

10 pounds per month is not reasonable. You're suppose to lose .5 - 2 pounds per week, that's a healthy weight loss. Also, are you sure they told you to consume only 1750 calories per day? Because that's insufficient nutrients. Women are not suppose to consume less than 1800 calories per day, that's how you become malnutritious and also you'll gain more weight. Your body knows when you're cheating it. If you don't eat enough, when you do eat, your body will store it as fat because it's not getting enough nutrients. 

Also, there are no quick diets. If someone loses 10 pounds in a week, I guarantee they will gain it back one way or the other. The best diets take time, eating right, and exercise.

tennetta i figured out my caloreis on here and thats what i got 1750
I am so sorry Amanda, I gave you wrong information. Your not to consume less than 1200 calories per day for a woman. Anyway, you don't look heavy. Like I stated before, just lose the weight safely and slowly and make sure you exercise, that's the key to effective weight loss, especially if you intend to keep it off. Best of luck to you!

5'8" & 230?!  of course you can lose 10 pounds in a month  :D  i started on 9/4 at 5'8" & 218 AND i'm down to 172 today.

i try to eat around 1200 - 1400 though & often go over  LOL  i also still eat my junk food, but not alot.  just log it!  AND exercise!!!

good luck!  happy new year!

I keep a log that I can track my weight loss by week ? I have had some months I have lost 10, others only 6.  I lost more in the beginning, then slowed down and am now picking up again.  So, yes, it is possible & reasonable!
Starting at 230 pounds it's possible that you'll lose ten pounds in the first month... don't get hung up about it if it doesn't work out that way though - I spent a week in despair because I was one pound shy of my 'target' and not budging, but I'm there now. I've lost almost 22 pounds in two months (starting at 265 in October.)
tennetta its alright lol everyone makes mistake and thanks for the comment about me not looking heavy !
and thanks to everyone else who has replied !!!

all i can say is that it's a slow process, losing weight. you could lose twenty pounds, and there will be no visible difference in your body for a while.

i myself, have lost about thirteen pounds in three weeks. my diet before my weight loss was terrible; i didn't eat breakfast, didn't eat lunch, and when i came home, i binged on junk food, all the way to dinner. 

now, though, i've cut out soda completely from my diet (save diet soda, which has zero calories, and most have zero sodium and all of that stuff), drinking more water, walking more often, i've really felt a difference physically. but food wise, i eat less than 1500 calories a day, which is actually easier than i thought. i already had a habit of skipping breakfast, but now, if i'm really hungry after school, i get a subway sub sandwich, which usually is under 400 calories. and instead of snacking on food when i get home, i find a way to keep myself busy, to hold me up until dinner. it's actually really easy, and i thought i would never get used to it. but thirteen pounds in three weeks is great, and though i haven't made any visible changes exterior-wise, i feel a whole lot more confident. 

It depends entirely on your body. Just focus on eating healthy and exercising, and the weight should come off. If you're really, truly eating healthy and not eating crap food your body will find its natural weight. For me, I can easily lose 10-15lbs in a month but as my weight gets lower it drops down to 5-10lbs per month. 

Focus on being healthy, not the number. I know it's hard, but I have found that I lose more weight when I put my energy into being healthy, than when I put my energy into focusing on "OH MY GOODNESS I NEED TO LOSE 5LBS ASAP". 

Eat healthy, drink lots of water, and find your happy place. Also, try exercising in the morning. I've found that to be a great way to boost your energy throughout the day. 

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