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Weight Loss
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Losing 50lbs!

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Hey everyone! My name is Shelby, I'm 20 years old, I'm 5'5" and currently weigh 195. I'm getting married in 9 months and really want to lose 50 pounds before then. I have started eating healthy but haven't seen much weight loss. I want to start exercising but don't really know where to start. I need people to help me stay motivated and stick with it!! Any tips or suggestions would be great!! :)
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50 lbs in 9 months is a very acheivable target. But it will require more than just eating healthy. You have to eat a limited amount of healthy. Calculate your BMR limit you calories to that level. To start with just add on some simple exercise like walking 30 min a day and some light dumbels for 15 min. You should start seeing a weight loss. Once you see this your motivation will pick up n you can start increasing your exercises and making adjustments to your eating to go further.

All the best.

I agree!! walking is a great way to start weight loss if youre not a regular! i have friends who started talking an hour walk in the evening at around 7ish and the weight fell off them along with cutting down on sugar.

Best of luck!!

Hello I am Jen, I was 237 lbs when I started my weightloss. I have lost 63 lbs and lost the majority of the weight in 5 months. I used the CC religiously and logged everything I ate. I stayed at a strict 1200 calorie diet. Exercising was foriegn to me I didnt know where to begin. I started walking, then jogging, and eventually was running. I subscribed to fitness mags and started reading different execises and purchased bands and a ball for home. I would sit on my ball and do the exercises seen in the issues. I added weights and strength training once I became more comfortable. Hope this helps. Also, I cut out alot of white flour based products. Bread, Pasta, Rice, and Potatoes were eaten in small amounts. Actually I ate NO bread. Best of luck! Jen

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