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Not losing inches from my waist

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Hello Everyone!

I know this might sound nit-picky, but it's been bothering me and I don't know what to do about it. When I decided I needed to lose weight, I also took my measurements because to me that's more of an indicator than weight alone.

I began as 38 - 31 - 42 (bust - waist - hips). In the first month I lost 10 lbs, which translated as losing inches from my hips (Woo hoo!!!). I was then 38 - 31 - 38.

Second month I lost 5 lbs, which translated as losing inches from my bust. I'm now 35 - 31 - 38.

I'm losing weight, and I feel fitter, but my waistline has not budged!I started this whole thing because I had developed a little beer belly / pooch, and it has stayed. Only now it looks even more prominent because of my slimness elsewhere.

How do I make it go away?!

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What kind of exercise are you doing??

Secondly how are you on carbs?

Sounds like you are "apple shaped" meaning that the waist is a pain in the rear to lose. Usually one of the last places the weight comes off.

I run 2 - 3 miles 3 - 4 times a week. I do Cross Fit for strengthening twice a week. And I've been avoiding carbs (but not denying them completely) mostly my diet is high in fiber and proteins.

It's rough because most of my life I was spoiled with one of those fast metabolisms so I was 35 - 25 - 36 no matter what I ate or how lazy I was! But now those days are gone hahaha. Since I got a desk job all the weight sticks to my belly.

I really don't believe carbs make a difference, or at least not nearly as much of a difference as genetic body type, age, etc.

I lost inches from my waist last, and it's still not as small as it was when I was younger, even though I weigh less now and am in better shape overall.  It didn't really start to get in line, either, until I started doing push-ups to help my arms (but they also do a little for your stomach muscles).

Try a couple days of Interval or Tabatta training to your sessions. If you do these with a very high intensity you WILL see results.  It seem like you have the calories dialed in pretty good. For infomation of the training that I mentioned go to TNATION.COM.  Go to the TVIXEN section or use the site searc engine.   Keep up the great work!



For me, my stomach is looking to be the last place I lose anything from with my lower stomach being the very last. I think it's genetic/body type. I do know that you should avoid ab exercises like crunches because they just make your stomach look bigger. It's called the "Britney Spears Syndrome":

http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/s ports_body_training_performance/sexy_female_t raining



Omg that's it! I do 8 min abs twice a day! I hadn't even thought about how I'm gaining muscle in my legs and arms and I must be in my waist too!

Thanks everyone for the responses! I'm going to cut out those ab workouts hahaha! I'll do a 10 min run in the morning instead!

There's also the order of where you lose weight; I apparently lose last around my waist and lower abdomen - thighs, hips, bottom, calves, arms- all were areas where I have lost quite a bit over the last 3 months. But alas, my waist still measures the same. Doesn't need to mean other than that your body decides where the fat goes off from first

Also, someone said earlier that they don't believe carbs have an affect, but I'm an apple shape and carbs definitely have a HUGE effect for me... Eating very low carb makes my stomach significantly smaller.

Hmm yeah I'd say the best thing you can do is keep up with the cardio, weight training, and small deficits. Put your focus into burning fat rather than cutting calories. Maybe HIIT?

I'm in the opposite camp myself. From the hips up, I look like I have a BFP of less than 20%. Including the chest. I have NO boobs left. Oh well.

From the hips down, I look like closer to 30% body fat. Bluch. Little to no change in appearance has happened there despite working on my goals for well over a year now. I guess this explains why my BFP is still closer to 25%. Undecided

Oh, and anything you eat that makes you retain water may attribute to tha belly, even good-for-you stuff, like whole wheat bread.


Hey Guys!

I just thought I'd give you all an update. I started loosely following the Paleo (low carb) diet, I cut out ab exercises and I upped my cardio.



Original Post by katiemurray:

Hey Guys!

I just thought I'd give you all an update. I started loosely following the Paleo (low carb) diet, I cut out ab exercises and I upped my cardio.



 That's awesome!  Good for you!  Cool

I have the exact same issue. I've lost weight from my legs and arms and toned up noticeably. But my waist and stomach are the same! Aarrghh. Same body fat % too.

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