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Weight Loss
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Why am I not losing inches?

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I have lost 26 pounds in 8 weeks but still haven't lost any inches from any part of my body and I measured everything.

I see these programmes on telly about people who have lost 5 pounds and have dropped a dress size, rubbish, they must be wearing a corset.

Maybe I'm losing the inches from the inside and I'm just a hollow bag of wind.Cry




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Hard to pinpoint your problem.   It took right at 25lbs before I noticed clothing loosening up.  In a strange way I lost my first pounds from my rear, whereas I wanted to lose it around my mid section.  Inches will come.  You may want to add some exercise, to tone up, it may encourage you.

My advise is turn the tv off, and stick with what you are doing.

Congrats on the loss so far.

Maybe it was almost all water? I'm not sure. But I can tell you that sometimes when I'm discouraged, I will look at myself and feel like I've not lost anything, but I really have. My clothes were so tight at the beginning, I've lost 40 pounds but I still can't fit into a 6, I'm still an 8 (just a looser 8, not a barely fitting 8). You have lost major pounds, so obviously you're doing something right! Stick with it and you will start seeing the results you want soon.

Also one other quick thing, even if you've measured, if you inadvertently held the tape tighter last time you measured, you could have lost inches and just not know it.

It also depends on your size.  It takes a lot more pounds for someone who's 250 pounds to gain/lose an inch than for someone who's 150 pounds.  When someone *really* small (e.g. 110 pounds) loses five pounds, that could well be a dress size.  When someone larger loses five pounds, it's not necessarily as visible.  (I don't look any different at 140 than I did at 145.)  As a rule of thumb, expect to see visual progress when you lose 10-15% of your weight.

I keep the tape measure quite loose at all measuring times, which is once a fortnight. Clothes are not getting any looser and ones I have which are a size smaller are still tight, so I know I haven't lost any inches. Most exercise is impossible for me as I dislodged my pelvis in an accident 3 years ago and am still in severe pain. I work a nightshift, walking around a warehouse for 9 hours, 5 nights a week, loading boxes of cd's onto shelves, even though I'm in pain constantly, but someone has to pay the mortgage.  I used a pedometer for a week and was doing 16,000 steps a night, so I think I am getting in enough exercise.

I don't care about the weight loss, I want to see the inches gone. The weight loss is just a bonus, getting smaller is my priority.



The inches will come.  Since you've lost 25 pounds (which is awesome, BTW), you've lost fat.  It may just not be in obvious places.  e.g.  A lot of people lose fat from their face early in the weightloss process.  And you've likely lost fractions of inches that are just hard to see at the moment.  As you keep going, the inches will start to show and to come faster as you get smaller.  That was the main point of my previous post.  Keep up the good work!

if you're like me it's also possible that you lose inches evenly over your whole body. some people lose in 1 place at a time making it much more noticeable but when you lose evenly all over it's more difficult to see when both gaining & losing weight.

I have to lose about 13lbs to lose a dress size. As other posters have mentioned the more you have to lose the slower the inches come off, or it takes a long time to notice it. You belong to the want to lose 100 plus lbs group so I asume you have a fair amount you would like to lose.

Its only been 8 weeks, so just give it time and things will happen :) When I was 165lbs it took me a couple months to START to notice differences. If you are losing the weight then the inches will follow really soon.

Great work on your loss so far!

When I noticed inches coming off and not just lbs was when I incorporate strength training into my workouts 2-3 times a week. A friend of mine and I do our measurements once a month (to stay on track) and over the holidays she only lost two lbs, but she lost .5-1inch everywhere. She is very consistent with her strength training so we think that is why.

Hi All,

Well it's been almost a month since I last posted on here and I am another 7lbs lighter and still no inches lost.  Getting seriously depressed now.

It's just not possible to lose this amount of weight and no inches. I don't get it. The scary thing is, where am I losing it from?

You just imagine what 33lbs looks like?  Apparently, a car tyre weighs 14lbs, so I have lost 2 and a half tyres, but from where.  I'm becoming really worried about that.

There is only one thing I have noticed is that I have become very soft, now don't laugh. My body used to be solid all over,  now I feel like a marshmallow.  My body is a bit odd whereas I haven't got rolls of fat, I've always had a flat belly, I'm just twice the size I should be, so maybe I was right in thinking I am losing it from the inside and the fat is breaking down. Sounds horrid, just hope it's safe and nothing important is breaking down like muscle.



Hi Pampurred puss

Personally, I don't really see a drop in my clothes sizes until at least 25 lbs down and I'm only 5'0 tall. I lose weight off of my face and back (just under bra strap line, so I don't lose inches there at first) first, and everywhere else really evenly, so it takes a long time. I started at 190 at a UK size 16, and even when I got down to 165, I was still a size 16, though I looked better, esp round the face. You should just stick to it - you'll get there and the inches will come off.

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