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Losing my girls?

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I've lost 30 pounds over the last year, and now my boobs are smaller (which isn't a bad thing) BUT they are...saggier. I'm only 23! I should not already have saggy boobs. I do a lot of strengthening, including chest ex with free weights and push ups but they aren't really getting any perkier. Any suggestions, or is this just how they'll be unless I get a boob job?
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I'm not sure how much you can do, besides what you are already doing. I would suggest moisturizing them at least twice a day with a skin firming lotion. I am a size 34D and I started doing this about 6 months ago, and it helps keep the skin firmer. It won't make them all of a sudden perk up though. Maybe someone else will know of something better.:)
Sadly there's not much you can do about this without surgery.  A big chest seems like a great thing to have but, in reality unless they are fake they usually fall pretty quick.  There is one exercise I know of to strengthen the muscles that hold them up.

Hold your arms straigt out in front of you (like a mummy wandering the halls), palms are flat facing the floor.  Now cris cross you arms and hands (palm over palm).

I'm not sure how well this works as I have a pretty small bust that will probaly never fall due to the miniature size, but it's worth a shot. 
:-( My DDDs are saggy and I'm your age. I share in your pain. I haven't found anything that helps, and mine have been saggy basically since they developed. I do know that a good supportive bra makes my girls look nice, but once I take it off, watch out!
Ugh, boobs. I have always had large breasts. I am a very full D right now...breastfeeding. My chest was pretty nice before, but now with the baby they are definitely sagging :(. I have alwways wanted a breast reduction though, since I was about 16. So, when I am done breastfeeding I think I will opt for that route. I am not even comfortable going to sleep without a bra. Hopefully weightloss will shrink them a little, but it will do nothing to lift them. I want them to look good in a bikini and not have to tie the straps so tight around my neck that it gets sore!! Good luck. If you find anything that works, spread the news!
omg! I'm in the same boat! I have 34 Ds. I hattttte my boobs. They are too big. I mean, guys never do think so, but I definitely do. And they are a little saggier than I'd like. Losing weight doesn't help either. I have to wear super push ups to keep them nice and up there. haha. I've recently considered getting a lift...but I'm in college and then off the med school so it will be a good nine years until I'm done with school and then paying off loans...I doubt it's gonna happen that I'll be able to afford new perky ones. Sorry I was no help!
"... mine have been saggy basically since they developed." -- hgielrehtaeh

That's right -- see! It's normal. Everybody thinks that EVERYBODY ELSE has perky, upright boobs but that's not true! If any of you all plan on having children it's going to happen inevitably anyway ... usually. My mother has got amazing boobs -- you'd never know she's had three kids. It's just genetics. No lotions or exercises are going to do much at all, but you can try.
The last time I lost weight and lost 2 bra sizes in the process, I noticed that after a little time of maintaining my weight, my breasts kind of "settled into" their new size. It's usually the first place you lose, so it's very rapid weight loss, and your skin doesn't always keep right up. Yours may do the same thing. In the mean time, take beena1's advice, I think that will help. Look up some good exercises for the pectoral muscles too. Try Shape or Women's Health magazines for simple moves with proper form. In not too long, I think you'll see a difference.
glad to know I'm not the only one! I will definitely try the skin firming lotion, though. Thanks!
I have 38DD breasts that are natural and they are pretty perky. My friends can't tell when I'm wearing a bra or not. I can...

But I am worrying about when I lose more weight if they will sag. I've lost about 13 pounds so far, but my goal is a lot more. I'm trying to get to 132 and I have a while to get there.

I'm more worried about my skin getting floppy. I'm terrified that I willl have saggy skin that I can't even show off once I lose my weight. Any tips?
i dont think there is nething u can do about it without a boob job. Ive learned that once i lost weight.. i lost 1 cup size and now my boobs are barely worthy of being a "letter" ... i should be like a -10 cup or something haha
But wow, you are in amazing shape Kdubya!
my boobs were always big. i'm a little bigger than a c and a little smaller than a d (yup, it's really hard to find the right bra for me). but mine are also quite saggy, especially when i take my bra off (and im only 15!). but i think a skin firming lotion will work well. and if you lose weight, i think it depends on what kind of bra you wear while exercising. my mom tells me that maybe wearing really tight bras that lift my boobs while exercising might help.
That's right -- see! It's normal. Everybody thinks that EVERYBODY ELSE has perky, upright boobs but that's not true! If any of you all plan on having children it's going to happen inevitably anyway ... usually.

True, mine have been saggy since I was about a size C cup, at roughly age 16.  My doctor told me that there is a thin band of muscle right under the breast and it's not "designed" to hold much weight and once it looses its ability to hold the weight of the breast up that the breast will begin to sag and unfortunately, due to the type of muscle and area, it isn't something you can really firm up to help 'support' the breast.  Once its gone, its gone.  I am now a DD (and 4 kids later) so I can understand your frustration.  I have always wanted "perky" breasts but not fake perky ones.  I'd rather real, saggy ones.  You know?
i know how you feel. im a size 34 D and im only 14, and have noticed mine are already sagging. i want perky ones, and thats why im here. i want to know what to do.
I heard push-ups can help make the chest area look firmer. I decided that mine look saggy due to the fat around the boobs (you know, close to the arm pits), so if I could just get rid of that fat faster than I get rid of the boobs, they may look relatively "normal." Haha, oh the science of it all ^_^. Too bad push-ups are so un-fun to do Tongue out!

i'm almost 17 and have a 36D or a 34DD depends on the type of bra. i hate it and my mom says i should be proud... I'M NOT!!! i feel so limited because of it.when my mom was thin she had a B (not really sure on a specific size) over the next few months i'm hoping to lose about 30 pounds. i'm also really hoping to get into a 34 or 36 C at least. i read somewhere that if you're young and lose weight there, there's a chance they won't sag. anyone know if that's true or got any other tips??

i'm having the same issue except its beyond pissing me off. I had breast reduction surgery last year and wet from way way huge, to  a comfortable high d and now i've dropped to a mid c in about two months and the perky breast i got from surgery are saggy now. I dont think that there is a way to make them perk up. Oh i'm 22 so i know what yours going through with the age thing

At 23, there is a chance that they will perk back up once your skin firms up and your body adjusts to your new weightloss.  I lost a great deal of weight as a teenager and had some sag for a while but then it firmed up.  I'm 24, much bigger busted then back then, I'm a bit worried about losing the weight this time around.  I'm gonna miss the D's, but at least my hubby says he won't mind....they were B's when I met him. 

He's always said "Anything more than a handful is a waste"Tongue out

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