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Weight Loss
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losing without exercising

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I know there should be a good balance between diet and exercising. At the moment my diet is horrible and my fitness is fine. but we don't have to really go into detail on that. 


The thing is I'm going to study abroad this fall so my time at the gym may be very minimum. How can I lose without going to the gym?


Some people may say I don't have to lose, but again, I had a really hard time last night looking at pictures when I was happy and looking at pictures now and how I've changed in a very short time. So while I'm abroad, I'd like to do something about it. 

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If you're going to Europe and will be in a largeish city you will probably find that you get plenty of exercise just getting around and the food will be better.

Where in Europe are you going?

Europe was assumed. No Europe. Asia. 

you don't need a gym to get exercise.  you can get exercise laying in bed.  :D  you have a million things that you can do instead of going to the gym.  just think about it...

crunches, squats, lunges, wall pushups, twists, walking, stretching...  i dunno.  it's all about what YOU want.

Use the calorie calculator on her to find out how many calories you should be eating on sedentary(sp?) Then only eat that much. I don't go to the gym to excersize. I dance in my basment with weights to a one hour cd and then every three songs I hula hoop to cool down, but to keep my heart rate up.

I don't know how necessary exercise is for weight loss. I think it's more like calorie intake vs calorie outtake. I sometimes have off-weeks where I don't work out, and I end up losing the same amount as my extra-super-workout weeks. Also, where in Asia? I'm part Indian, and whenever I go to India, I always lose a ton of weight, mostly because I'm wary of eating any of the food, haha. Also, I end up walking around a ton (mostly photography, wandering, cultural absorption, and shopping - everything is so cheap!). Unless it's the summertime. But no one goes to India in the summer, anyway. It gets all gross and humid and rainy and hot. All at once.

Original Post by asphyxiac:
But no one goes to India in the summer, anyway. It gets all gross and humid and rainy and hot. All at once.

I think I've been to India twice in the summer :P Unavoidable timing though - I wouldn't if I'd have been able to go at a different time of year! Plus, some parts of India are humid, rainy and hot all year round anyway. Just like my current "home", Malaysia. Oh the fun of living in the tropics! Wink

I agree that doing lots of walking will be good for weight loss. Also, plenty of places in asia you can cycle around. Just watch that traffic!

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