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Weight Loss
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Losing 40 pounds on 1200 calorie diet

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Hi all,

I'm embarking on a weight loss plan to lose 40 pounds.

I would like to know whether anyone has managed to do that on a 1200 calorie diet.

Please help.

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Cute icon! I like SNSD too :)

I have lost that on 1,500-1,800 so losing it on 1,200 is possible.

No doubt - you will lose it! :)

I suspect I am quite a bit older than you, and I have yet to lose 40 pounds.  In fact, I am thrilled with the 11.2 pound loss I've had in the six weeks since I joined CC.  However, I have tried the 1200-calorie/day approach, and it did not work.  I was miserable, and basically I was starving myself....leading to an emotional eating binge. 

I entered my personal information here on CC, and the recommendation was 1600 calories/day.  I am satisfied, I am learning a lot about my attitudes & misconception, and I'm finding I can be satisfied with food without harming myself.  I expect some of the more experienced people around here will be along shortly to advise you to eat more than 1200 calories since I've read similar posts.  Good luck to you, though.

My guess is that if you have 40lbs to lose, you would do better on a higher level of calories than 1200. Especially if you are planning on exercising.

I too am on a goal of losing 40 lbs. I joined CC about 3 wks ago and have lost 5 lbs on a 1500-1600 diet with vigourous daily exercise. Good luck to you Sequin88!

I need to eat 1500 calories/day to maintain, so I would drop to 1200 if I ever wanted to lose more weight. But! That's only if I was to sit on my butt all day and not do a single thing. If you're planning on exercising you will definitely need to up that number otherwise the weightloss will be unhealthy and you'll likely shred muscle along with fat (which is not good).

Good luck!

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We need some more information from you first before we can help...




Time You'd Like to loose the weight in



If you need to loose 40 pounds.... I would suggest you take your weight and then figure out how much you need to maintain that weight... the formula I use is (weight x 13 = Maintain) then subtract 500 -750 from that number and you are done. That is the total number of calories you should eat to loose 1 to 1.5 pounds and it is going to take you 30-45 weeks to loose the weight properly. 



If you are under the age of 21, unless you are overweight by 20 pounds or more, dieting is not advised. Also, without the consent of a doctor, ANY DIET UNDER 1400 CALORIES IS NOT ADVISED.

If you weigh 140 Pounds then 1820 Calories are needed to maintain (just sleeping all day).... I would add about 400 Calories for just a simple day of work and housework with  no yardwork or workout. That means that 2220 is needed to mantain your current body weight....



Eating 1700 Calories a day and you will loose 1 pound a week. Its not that hard and you can do it!

If you weight 

I lost 40 pounds at 1600 calories a day with light exercise.  Two pounds a week, like clockwork.  You don't need to go that low.

good luck! i've lost 26 pounds on a 1200 calorie diet. it's definitly do-able

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