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LOSERTOWN CALCULATOR from losertown.org

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anyone tried it.

I know it goes way off if u input your weight in kg though

as for pounds it seems pretty reasonable.

how accurate or reliable was it for you?

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can you give a link? i tried losertown.org but that is site for a Japanese band.

Here's a link


just click 'try again' when the page pops up.


I've been using it and it's pretty reliable.  My real weight always lags behind a little bit but that's just because I am not so reliable in my efforts :)

Yea, I found it like 6 months ago and I don't follow it exact but it is a fairly decent outline to follow. I enjoy it. If anything for humor.

I dont use it, but I just went to the link and put in my stats and it seems pretty accurate. It calculated that I would reach my goal weight in June, which is what my goal is. So I think if you follow it and you have put in a decent amount of daily calories to eat, I think you should be fine.

I found it about a month ago and played with it (different calorie intakes and different exrecise levels) until I could find some goals I could live with. So far It's been pretty close...it's about 2% higher than I actually weighin at each week - so far anyway.  I love having a target weightloss to beat each week,

I lalso ike the "maintenance calories" column - I use it as a guide for where my burn meter should be each day and then I know I've gotten the right amount of activity.

It's a fun website to play with as long as you realise that it won't "cut you off" when you get below a reasonable weight.  If you enter low enough calories and high enough exertion, it'll tell you how long it'll take you to weigh 20 pounds!  Which, clearly, is ridiculous.

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By next December I'll be at 71 pounds!!!

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