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Can I lose weight by just walking?

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Can I lose weight by just walking? I'm horrible with exercise. my plan is to get more into pilates and yoga just because im interested in both, but i suck with cardio. 


Also, is 1700 calories too much a day if my BMR is 2100? im having a hard time staying at or below 1300 calories, which is what i wanted to do initially. :/

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I pretty much do walking daily (for total 30mins-60mins) for Jan and lost 5lbs and did daily walking with some light exercising and lost 5lbs in Feb (so yes I say it works just fine :D). I am not the best at exercising either and intense exercising wouldn't be done for long if I tried :P I am terrible that way. 

Are you sure your BMR is 2100? or is that your daily burn? if it is your daily burn 1700 is fine, if it is your BMR you should eat at least that (2100). If you eat lower than your BMR long term your will have a harder time losing weight (plateauing for example) and you may lose more muscle than fat.

When I quit smoking 18 years ago, I gained 20lbs.  I went to Weight Watchers and walked 3 miles a day and lost it in 6 weeks.  Now, I'm 58 though and the weight tries to hang on for all it's worth!

oh yes, its from the burn meter calculator :P

its 2110 actually. 

what exactly is the BMR then? i guess ill look it up. *lazy*



Basal metabolic rate, I think I wrote that right (feel free to correct me, I am on the CC app ATM, can't open another tab), basicly the amount of calories you need for your body to function. For me at 5'8" and 150lbs female my bmr is 1500.

yes, I an many others have lost weight by walking...in fact the Dukan Diet plan recommends walking...


I personally gain back some of my weight when I stop or lessen my walking in the winter...

Now I find I have to do some strength/cross training to keep the weight off...

But if you are just starting out then walking is great...and much better than nothing at all.


Keep in mind my weight, height, etc is different from yours: I lost about 20 pounds within about 4 months by walking as well as some light weight lifting last year. Although the weight lifting contributed to my weight loss, I felt I progressed my walking much more.

I'd say, and anyone feel free to correct me on this, that walking will certainly help you lose weight. I would just recommend gradually pushing yourself as time goes on by either increasing your distance or by increasing your speed. Or, you could do both.

Original Post by doowahdiddy:

oh yes, its from the burn meter calculator :P

its 2110 actually. 

what exactly is the BMR then? i guess ill look it up. *lazy*



BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate - Is the average rate at which a person of a certain sex, weight, age and hight burns calories if they were to lie in bed whole day. 

So if you were to eat at your BMR your body will have a deficit even if you do not exercise as it will burn calories doing your day to day activities over and above the BMR amount burnt. Eating below your BMR is not a good idea.

Any exercise will add to your weight / fat loss assuming your food eaten is below your calories burnt for the day and does not increase.

Different types of exercise burns calories differently. A treadmill shows you fat burn and cardio heart rates. At fat burn heart rate at the time of exercising your body take a higher % of energy from fat than at the higher heart rate of cardio. That is to say at rest your body may be getting 60% from fat. At cardio level 40 %. But since you burn more energy in total by cardio your overall fat loss is higher. In any event over the day your body will replenish the energy burnt from your cells therby have less to store as fat. 

I read if your BMR is 2100 that is how much you need to stay at your current wt. But to lose subtract 500 cal. you will lose a lb a week. to lose more subtract more. But don't go under 1,200 cal. a day. Exercise 30 mins. a day.  You should do fine.Smile

Walking is an excellent low-impact calorie-burning exercise.  When you do walk try to maintain a pace slightly higher than your comfortable stride, this causes a bit more exertion from your muscles and higher oxygen demand, resulting in better cardiovascular use.

Target walking time should be 30 minutes min, which is about 1.5 to 2 miles for the average person.  Depending on your size and fitness, this equates to about 100 to 200 calories burned (really it depends greatly on your weight).  Stretching your walking time to as much as you can comfortably fit in is best.

Walking is also a great training program if you hope to progress to jogging or running as a future cardio technique but you are currently out of form.  Spending several weeks concertedly walking will help condition your legs, especially your feet/ankles, to regular use and reduce the likelihood of injury.

If after a time you find your walks becoming to easy/boring, incorporate short intervals of slower paced jogging to up the exertion.

Walking is very much a viable form of exercise.  It can also be quite relaxing.

Original Post by kimdelacreme:

I read if your BMR is 2100 that is how much you need to stay at your current wt.

No, BMR is what you would need to consume to maintain if you were in a coma.

Even a sedentary person burns approximately 20% more calories than their BMR, so eating that much, even without exercise, would lead to weight loss.

Anything you do to move around burns calories and walking is a great way to do it. I enjoy walking and suggest you invest in a pedometer if you are serious about it. I walk 5-6 miles a day at 3-3.5 mph and usually burn 400 +/- cal a day doing it. Also make sure you get the right shoes, worth a trip to a store that offers more than boxes of shoes on the shelf. I learned the hard way after suffering arch/sole problems. A visit to Road Runner Sports fixed that. Turns out I can get away with neutral shoes but I must have a custom insole to get proper arch support. It was pricey at $50 but my feet thanked me. I also find it to be a great stress reliever and it helps me focus as I use the time to sort out my day.

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It works to a point. I walked off 50 pounds, but I think I'd need higher intensity exercise to lose weight lower than 25 BMI, which is where I am. It looks like you're already lower than that. You can give it a try - I count 70 calories burned per mile walked to maintain (M, 165 lbs, 5'8").
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