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how to lose weight with rope jumping?

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Hi! I need to lose 20 pounds! Im 5'4 and my weight is 160! I heard that rope jumping is very good for weight losing! Can anyone tell how many time do i have to jump everyday? I am jumping 12 min each day!
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Hi! I jumprope very very regularly for the sport I play, I jump rope 3 min straight w/o stopping and rest for one min and I do that for a total of 30 min! I started out with 1 1/2 min jumping and 30 sec rest! Good luck and jump on :)
That sound pretty hard! It takes me a lot of effort to do 12 min! I cant imagine how hard it will be to do 30 min! Thats for the advice!!! And do you know if it is an effective way lo lose weight?

Just keep gradually increasing the time. I would recommend doing jump rope some days but other types of exercise other days. Or a variety of exercise within each day. I went through a jump rope phase where I was doing it for an hour each day but it got boring! I need variety.

It's just another aerobic exercise, nothing magical, special, or unique.

12 minutes is a very short period of time for any aerobic exercise to have much significant effect.  Try at least 20-30 minutes of sustained activity, but if jump-rope becomes too much of a strain on your ankles and knees, it may be worth trying another, lower-impact exercise that will still get your heart rate up and make your lungs feel like they're working hard.

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Hi, jump rope is a very good way to exercise but it might take a long time to burn a good amout of calories. I recommend it as a good warm up or cool down activity before some other type of exercise, e.g take a run around the neighbourhood or in the park for atleast an hour if you can, or you can swim and ride a bike or play any good-work out sports that you know. Stick to a healthy not scary diet and try to make a schedule of exercises that you can do within your free time.
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