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Where do YOU lose weight first?

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I start to see weight loss in my face first...then upper body...arms, chest, back...then legs & hiney finally my abdomen. 

Wish I could lose that stubborn weight in my waist area! GRRR!!!!!

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Same here... See it first in the face and last in the waist :(

It makes me crazy! I can feel my abs under this lovely layer of fat...they're rock hard! I just wish I could find out how to let them shine in all their glory!

Face but besides that it seems pretty balanced all over my body (except I have no butt even when overweight, I suppose it is the apple shape thing) but when I am in a healthy weight range I still have that tummy and bountiful cheast. I believe exercise and toning will be the only way to get rid of it/lessen it, not just watching and counting what I eat.

I don't really see the weight loss visually, except around my neck. Mostly I know by feel, measurements, clothes, etc, that my body is changing - others have noticed and commented on the look but I simply don't process it myself yet.

I'm chest first, waist last......wish it was the other way around!! :)

Mine is always in my stomache first but everyone's body is different:)

Hmm my shoulders/neck/chest... And then my arms. I don't really know the rest because when I was losing weight last time I was rather ED'ish in my mind set and couldn't look at my self rationally. Oddly if I look at photos of myself I still cant.

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