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where do you lose weight first?

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which part of the body?  i'm interested to see how different people are.  

for me, i lose first from my stomach, and then my face.  

it is hardest for me to lose weight from my thighs.  they go from fat to big muscle, not fat to skinny :(

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To my dismay, my boobs went first :( But now my waist is starting to nip in nicely. Same with the thighs though, they refuse to budge!! I think a lot of women have this problem.

boobs Cry

I'd always heard that the boobs are the first to go, but I guess that depends on how amply-endowed you were to begin with! My body doesn't store a lot of fat on my boobs, so there wasn't much there to disappear on me. My stomach and hips shrank first, closely followed by my waistline.

It seems like each time around I lose and gain weight differently.  Someday I'll understand my body and get MY special formual down right.  :)

As for your question, usually I lose weight first in my face or breasts...it's a tie.

And when I gain, it puffs my face out and then goes to my stomach.

Arms,upper back, shoulders, ribs.

boobs (small in the first place, can't afford to lose!) then face (not an area that needs to lose)   then i boobs again, and i don't think anywhere else :) but when i gain, it goes to the places that weren't small in the first place Sealed

My boobs were the first noticeable part, which I was happy about because I hate my big boobs!

And my face for sure. Strangely, my feet have gotten smaller (from a 9 to an 8 or 7 and 1/2). My arms are still the same size and my legs have only shrunk a bit (I've lost almost 25 pounds).

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boobs, then sides (love handle area), then front-belly. that's it, though. my ass just says "no thanks" and i never notice a difference in my face.

Stomach (really put me out of proportion) face and after 56lbs is it only NOW that my ass is starting to shrink. >:S

I have notice my whole body losing weight, as well as inches. My thighs are taking their sweet time, but there is a change in them. My stomach was the first I noticed from. I have a (true) hourglass figure, so I think our bodies lose the weight evenly even if a few areas are lagging. Correct me if I am wrong, but this is my observation.

And to #9, I wish my butt would stay, but it is shrinking. I loved my butt, but it has left me.


I have been working out and dieting since the end of February.  I have lost 10 lbs.  Not sure where.  I have also lost 2" in the hips and stomach.  1" on my chest and arms.   I haven't noticed any loss in my face.  I know my back is getting more defintion which is awesome.

I typically lose weight in this order: mid section/stomach, face, arms, hips, butt and then finally my thighs.

EDIT: and along the way, yes, the boobs shrink too - I've lost 15lbs and have gone from a 36D to a 34/36C.

My thighs always appear to be "thunder thighs" in proportion to the rest of my body, but they do get more toned and muscular looking. Also, there is more of a definition on the back of my thighs (so my butt appears more lifted?) and the cellulite dimples are less noticable.

Unfortunately though, when I lose weight I am always bottom heavy and I get a bony upper body - ribs showing, hip bones sticking out, collar bone being visible. Guess no one can be perfect, right?

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Tummy always slenders first, then the arms.  Thighs and tush are my nightmare, they will hang on for dear life, I think I'd lose an entire foot or hand before the ole hinny would start to go!!

I first lose weight in my face, waist, and back.  Then I lose around my hips.  The first time I lost weight I lost in the chest which I was very happy about because I was a little too well endowed.  But, when I gained weight back it didn't go right back to my breasts which I was happy about.

i lose in my tummy first then my legs then my behind and last for some reason my arms. my breasts never change. oh also my face loses weight pretty quick which is weird because i have a really small face. when i lose weight there, i look sick.

I always notice the difference in my face first, and I'm happy about that.
I already have a round face and bulbous nose, so a puffy round face with a round nose is definitely not attractive on me.
Next to go are my boobs, and while they're not exactly big to begin with, I don't mind. I think I look strange with big boobs anyway.
My butt/hips/lovehandles always seem to be the most reluctant to GOTHEHELLAWAY, and that's kind of frustrating. Even at 125lbs, I just look silly in the trendy skinny jeans- Not that I'm dying to be trendy (eyeroll), I'd just like to be a little more proportionate.

my tummy then my butt and then the legs, never my boobs and I could lose some there

BOOBS!!! Considerably. Before at 160 I was a 36C (coming out from everywhere) I could not move for 2 minutes without having to put the sisters back into place!!! Now, I'm a very loose 34B (even went for a strapless 34A)!!! I'm not sure if I'm happy or not yet!!!

The last part: my tummy and arms.

The unexpected part: feet

The glad-it-did part: hips (very hourglass shape) and collar-bone now always visible (in a good and sexy way)!

The-not-so-happy it did-part: none! When I put on weight I put it equally (boobs first though!) so I was pretty disgusting from all angles :)

my face followed by my ribs....I would love to see the booty and thighs disappear though....I feel like I am always fighting just to see a small reduction in that area

my face followed by my ribs....I would love to see the booty and thighs disappear though....I feel like I am always fighting just to see a small reduction in that area

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