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How do you lose weight in your feet? lol

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Hey Guys,

Im a mother of 3 girls a 4 year old and 1 year old twins. Since my twins pregnacy, it seems I gained weight in my feet, ankles and calves. My feet got wider and ankles fatter and the same for my calves. What do I do? I can no longer fit none of my shoes and as a woman thats almost like death lol. I need to fit them again some of them were very exspensive and I really do not want to give them away. Please help me?

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Buy a pair of high heels that you can fit into.
Walk in said heels.

The shape of the heels REALLY exercises the muscles from your hamstrings, to your calves to your ankles.
lol. before kids i had size 51/2 feet. after three kids: size 7. i bought new shoes to go with the new jeans. bodies just change.
I'd like to GAIN weight in my feet.  I've been doing awesome with my weight loss, and the only place I've even noticed it is in my feet.  They're all boney and gross now, whereas the rest of me is still chubby.

I miss having smooth, pretty toes.  Not these ungodly points everywere.

HEY! i've always had skinny, pointy feet and.. yeah i'll admit they're WEIRD looking. lol.

I know that one guy who was on Dancing With the Stars lost 2 shoe sizes or something? So I guess it's like anything else; no spot toning.. unfortunately.. 

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i figure if you can gain weight in your feet why can't you lose it?
Well, you CAN lose weight in your feet, but everyone is different.  I personally went down at least a shoe size when I lost a lot of weight.  I also went up at least a shoe size plus a wider width after having my baby 2-1/2 years ago.  I am waiting to see if my shoe size goes down again with my current, ongoing weight loss.  I also have tons of expensive (hard-to-fit foot) shoes that I can no longer cram half my foot into anymore.  Others on this site have commented that they did NOT lose in their feet when they had a significant weight loss.  Others, like myself, have.  Everyone is different.
It's not true.

I asked my doctor about it because I had the same difficulty. I wear a 5 1/2 shoe pre-baby. However, I had water retention when I was carrying my baby. ( The doctor couldn't give me anything for it because it would've caused birth complications. ) I ballooned up as big as a house. My fingers and feet were huge. I had to go in to have my rings cut off because one day they just wouldn't budge. I took them off daily to shower and put them back on. However, one day they just wouldn't come off. The doctor said less sodium and just wait. Give the swelling time to go down on it's own. Don't stress it. Then... I waited for the swelling to go down. But, it just got worse and worse and worse. Till my hand actually throbbed. I showed my doctor and he said it was time to have them removed. That we waited long enough. They were cutting off my circulation. I have a lil nick in the back of my rings, because they started to cut them off. But, the tool they were using wasn't working. So instead they used tourniquets.. It was the most painful experience.  ( Good though, because that lil nick is such a good story. Or I think it will be in the years to come for our baby. )

Anyhow.  After baby... I couldn't fit into any of my shoes. I was a size 7shoe. Wearing big old boats on my feet. I went back to the doctor and asked him. He said that womens feet do not grow during pregnancy. They swell and get fat. Start walking. Walk walk walk walk walk.

So I listened to him. There was no way that my feet grew. My feet hadn't grown since fifth grade. It made sense. So I did as directed. My feet are now a 5 1/2 again.

 ( Do not walk in heels it's bad for your feet. It breaks down the arches over a period of time. So get some nikes that fit your boats, and just walk. I promise... If you dedicate yourself to walking daily, it will come off. )

When you're pregnant, your body secrete hormones that loosen the joints, and then there are also growth hormones floating around your body too.  That combination sometimes leads to permanent foot growth.  I've had 3 kids, and with the first one my foot grew 1 whole size, and after this last baby i need a wide shoe.

But the person who suggested heels might have the right idea.  It will tone up your calves for sure. 

Hi Nydia80,

I used to be a size 6 1/2 before I had kids. I had lots of cute shoes too. Then the kids came and over the years I gained about 50 pounds. My feet got huge! Size 8 to 8 1/2! No more cute shoes. 

Then finally, when my third child was 15, I decided to lose the "baby weight" (not soon enough, right?) After 2 years and a 50 pound weight loss, one day I just walked right out of my shoes! I'm still a 71/2 to 8, but my feet got a lot skinnier. More like what they used to be.

So, now I buy cute shoes in an 8. Life goes on. :)

I notice that my shoes are a bit looser since losing weight, and my ankles look better.  I was retaining fluid and it's not so bad now.  My feet have gotten wider over the years, but it's not from fat.  they've just spread out.
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i would not like to lose  weight on my feet although  they r not  thin.. what about all the preety shoes i have bought!! they call me a shoe-a holic!! haha

After having lost almost 30 pounds, I went from a size 9 back to a size 7 1/2.  Yes, I had two babies which contributed to the foot size, but in my case they did return to pre-baby size.
I know that when you are athletic, your feet can change size. I lost a size and a half when I stopped running. This is because running and other activities where your feet are stressed cause the tendons to stretch. This is important to avoid injury, or so I was told by my doctor. It made sense to me because I always had to "break in" running shoes. I have also notice that when I wear flat canvas shoes for a while its harder to get back into my heels.
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