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Lose weight eating white rice??

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Okay, I dont diet anymore. I just got off a diet for a month and a half consuming 1700 calories a day and I barely lost any weight at all! I still do cardio 6 days a week and weight train 4. My "diet" now consists of

Breakfast- 1 cup oatmeal, small fruit (apple)

Meal 2- 2 cups white rice with turkey breast and 2 fruits

Meal 3- 2 cups white rice with turkey breast and 2 fruits

Meal 4- 2 cups white rice with turkey breast and fruit and nut Nature Valley Bar

Since eating this way, the lbs began coming off. It equals about 2500 cal a day and I feel full all the time. Is this normal with eating all this rice? I always here that too much rice will make you fat but it seems to be working for me, why is this? I also take a multivitamin and fish oil supplements.

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You don't want to miss out on vitamins and nutrients that a varied diet gives.. for starters, where are your vegetabes? Are you getting enough iron?
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I work a 12 hour shift and it prevents me from preparing alot of my meals so I usually just pick up a few fruits a the grocery store and order white rice from a chinese store on my way to work. I usually stay on eating like this for 3 days and then I vary it by adding some veggies when I have time to cook. I just replace one of the rice meals with a plate of uncooked vegetables or I keep the white rice and add in V8 vegetable juice. Like I said, I stay full and I'm loosing weight!! Oh and I only put in enough turkey to give the rice some flavor, which is similar to the chinese diet!
Original Post by jtuto09:

I always here that too much rice will make you fat but it seems to be working for me, why is this?

I can't answer why but all I can say is, you don't see a lot of fat Asians do you? And rice is their staple food.  A billion Asians can't be wrong.

God I love rice!  That definitely doesn't sound like a "healthy" way to lose weight,  but I would enjoy it very much! :)

When I have rice with my meals, I always cheat and pick up a pint at the Chinese place....already cooked, steaming hot, and only like $1, LOL.

But that's true, Asians eat rice with every meal and they are itty bitty!!
I eat rice at least 5 days a week but I measure to make sure I am within my calorie range.  Also cold white rice is an RS or resistant starch.  If you haven't read about that google it, it's interesting.
it isn't the rice that makes us fat...that is low calorie and low fat,...it is oil, fat, sugars, if you are gettnig your veggies, and are losing, go for it.
you've given me some hope.  for a very long time, i've cut out rice from my diet.  today i had some and it taste so good, i just hope i don't overeate or binge on them.

You can lose weight eating the right amount of anything.


White rice is all right as a source of carbs, but brown rice is much more nutritious and has fiber to boot.  Takes a bit longer as it needs to soak before cooking, but it's very tasty.



When they remove the hull of the rice to make white rice, they also remove most of the vitamins and fiber.  White rice and brown rice have almost the same calories,so you may as well eat the brown and get the nutrition while yo're at it.

Eating white rice is totally fine. I'm from Thailand....my country's main export ingredients is rice...have you ever herd of Jasmine Rice???...That should be from my country!!

It's not that rice will make you fat..it's the AMOUNT that makes you fat. Billion of Asian don't get fat after eating rice is because they eat in a good portion and did NOT put butter on it. We eat steamed white rice with soy sauce or we stire fry them quickly. Many American people OVER EAT the portion. Those EXTRA TOO MUCH white rice will be the thing that make it hard for you to lose weight! 


Back in Thailand...eating rice almost EVERY MEAL...I even lose weight or I can maintain eating whatever food I want (except butter, cookies and fast food...I still eat a lot of ice cream and chips, though---did not gain any weight)

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Hi! It depends on the way you cook your rice, and on course what kinf of rice it is...

I personnally prefer white basmati rice (long grain, fluffy texture and aromatic flavor are followed by great nutritive aspects). Either with fish or chicken, vegetables, soups... basmati long grain rice is really appreciated in asian countries, and see how they are thin! 

I started buying Diamond Pearl Foods' great basmati rice, it's a company based in India that grows a basmati rice that once cooked reaches 8 or 9 mm long! Haha it's not rice it's pasta! But their basmati is really good. Two or three bowls or Diamond Pearl basmati rice every day and i've lost 3kg in two months... easily!

You can't cook at all?

I eat a lot of rice (mostly brown rice, in my case).  Rice can be cooked in large batches and then frozen, so you could easily cook a large pot once a week at home and then eat it all week, which would probably be cheaper. 

Ditto vegetables: Buy vegetables and then prep them all at once, and keep them in sealed containers in the fridge.  Also, frozen vegetables are very nearly as good as fresh, since they're frozen quickly.  It doesn't take long to cook them and they obviously keep a long time in the freezer.

I don't have anything against rice but I would think, also, that you're missing on a lot by filling up on it.  Cultures that eat a lot of rice also tend to eat a variety of vegetables and often fish, and I'm not seeing that in your meal plan.

If it's working for you, why change it? If it was me I would try to add some veggies, maybe replace the rice in at least one of the meals with a salad.

zzzzzzzzzzombieee postttt 3 years

Just wanted to say that I also love rice and have it all of the time with whatever else I'm eating.  Doesn't seem to cause a problem unless I'm eating too much of it.  One of the nice things is that even a cup of it feels like a lot of food.

My favorite thing right now is actually a cold rice and black bean salad.  I made a big batch of jasmine rice... Get a large can of black beans (rinsed), and make a vinagrette with 2 times as much rice vinegar as oil (the opposite ratio as most vinagrettes), a little bit of sugar, and a bunch of chopped fresh cilantro.  So good, and you can keep it in the fridge for days, cause it just gets better.  The black beans add taste and nutrition...

You need to change Meal 2, tweak it a bit and have it for breakfast.  After sleeping for 6 or 7 hours or more, your body is in catabolic state therefore you need faster digester carbs and a some sort of complete protein.  Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate that will prolong your catabolic state.  Good luck.

*sigh* I'm a fat Asian!  Wait, I don't like calling myself that - but I have never been thin a single day of my life past infancy.  Trust me, there are lots of us out there.  And believe me, Asian/Chinese food is not really healthy - at least the good stuff isn't! :P  It's just my dumb luck that the natural thinness gene and the math talent gene both completely skipped me. :P

I very rarely eat white rice when I'm trying to lose weight because it doesn't contribute to my fiber tally at the end of the day, and also, it's not even so much the rice itself that is the main attraction (although it is delicious & comforting), but all the sauces you slather it with, which are often LOADED with oil and other fats and salt!  And the dishes that the rice accompanies are often the same - super rich and savoury dishes mean tons of sodium, oil, and fat, and often lots of starch as well.  So I try not to have any white rice unless I've been craving it really badly for a while - which means I have one meal with white rice in it every, oh, 2-3 weeks or so.  Also, I seem to have a really hard time limiting portions and servings sizes when I have white rice because I love it so much - which is the exact same case with pastas.

I think the OP here is finally seeing some results because she's never hungry anymore.  I find that I lose weight more quickly when I never let myself go hungry and I fill up on healthy foods, because it means that I'm fueling my body properly for it to get the full benefits of the exercise I'm doing.  When I undereat (which happens sometimes accidentally), I find that my body seems to want to hold onto every bit of weight it can because I feel like it's panicking at the possibility of not having enough food for a long time. :P

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But that's true, Asians eat rice with every meal and they are itty bitty!!


I'm 99% sure a lot of them are small because of genetics and not because they eat rice lol.  But hey, I have Fibromyalgia pretty bad which makes exercise nearly impossible so I'm going to go on all rice diet and post the results in 90 days!

Hey there! I eat quite a bit of rice myself... I have lost about 15 lbs since i started eating healthier... I try to make rice my "carb" intake, if i do eat any,because most pople associate rice with high carbs, therefor being a bad thing to use in a diet. I dont beleive so, you just have to use it in moderation. Once a day I usually have 1 cup of cooked rice out of a rice steamer, with some cooked veggies ontop (uaually water chesnut, peppers, onions, carrots, broccoli) which come in a frozen bag at the grocery store... try to whip them up in a pan with about a tblsp of VH sauce. I usually eat bismati rice because the texture is nice and I am unable to eat it without soya sauce (god i have a weakness for soya sauce) Basically 1 cup cooked is the recomended value on any bag of rice... its not as small of a portion as you may think. Just dont overeat it, and if you do it it try to be concious about other carbs you eat during the day.

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