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If I lose weight- will my cup size go up?

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That sounds an odd question, sorry if im being silly.

but ive always been way out of proportion. I used to wear a UK 16 on the bottom (now a 14 woo) but ive always had a 36A chest. And only because it was the closest I could find. All those websites that measure you say im not any bra size- im like a 38AA or something!!

My under bust measurement is 33 and round my bust is 37.

But if I lose more weight and it comes off my back- could my cup size go up?

Thanks in advance!

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My bra size actually fluctuates a lot - But unfortunately, I think, in the wrong direction... In my experience the more I work out, the smaller the cup size... I generally settle at about a 34C... But have gotten up to a 36DD while not working out... with about a 15lb weight gain.

The good news, however, is the smaller the rest of your body is, the bigger your bust looks :-)

unlikely, but good luck :)

mine appears to be going up :( i have no idea how this is possible, though.

You're not going to grow... but since your bust is very small and has ALWAYS been very small, that means you don't have a lot of fatty tissue in there to lose - they're probably almost all 'functional' milkducts etc that won't shrink. So when the rest of you shrinks, they should theoretically stay the same size, and therefore look a lot more proportionate.

I've lost a couple of inches off my bust... but many many inches off my stomach and waist and hips, so what I do have looks much more 'ample'. (the size-determiners always tell me I don't need a bra either, which is embarassing when you're a C cup! lol Their 'equation' makes what I have magically disappear.)

Well, yes, it can, but if one were to go from a 36B to a 34C it can be pretty much the same thing size-wise. Many women in fact buy bras like that. If they can't find a 32C, for example—which can be difficult, as I know myself—they might buy a 34B. That doesn't work for me, but stores always recommend I try 34B when they don't have my size, so it must work for somebody.

As has been said, losing weight may make you look larger naturally, if you manage to lose more on the bottom half of your body than the top. You can also build up your pectoral muscles, which can give the illusion of increased size.

I always found (pre-boob job) that if i lost wieght i lost my boobs too ... when you lose fat you lose it from everywhere sadly including our boobs.

I was asked about any plans to lose weight before i had my boob job and ive been warned by my plastic surgeon against losing to much wieght because of the effect it can have on my boobs (ie if lose alot of weight my breasts will shrink and the implants will show and stop looking natural....  very victoria beckham...yuk) anyway he warned that when women lose wieght we quite often notice in in the boob area as our breasts are mostly made up of fat.

Anyway tbh your an A cup i wouldn't worry too much you probabally don't have too much fat to lose in that area most of what you have won't be fat as kajikit said it wll be the functioning part of your breasts and if you slim down your waist etc you'll generally just look much more curvy.

As for building up you pectoral muscles i have no clue can't hurt to give it a try though :)




Building the pecs can make your breasts sit higher and more even on your chest. This can give the illusion that they are larger. But it will not increase your cup size.

Regular cardio will not increase your breast size.  The breasts are made up of mostly fat, so you might lose a very little.  However, pectoral exercises will build up the muscle under the breasts and give the appearance of an increase.  Good luck!

I have lost well over 100 pounds, and my boobs got bigger.  I always have myself measured to make sure my bras fit, and there was a big difference.  I thought I was crazy thinking my bras were getting tight.  Turns out, I went up a cup size, and a number.  I am now a 44DD.  My friends think it is SO funny.  I am almost 6 feet tall, though, so I still look in proportion.

It happened to me!  I've lost 30 pounds since January, and went from a 38D to a 34DD (and could probably go up another cup size).  I'm 5'6", so I think I look disproportionate.  I'd trade my saggy DDs for a perky B any day of the week. 

hate to burst bubbles but going from a 38D to a 34DD did mean your boobs got smaller.

  • 38D = 36DD
  • 36DD = 34E 

So if your breasts where to be the same size as it were you'd need to be a 34E ...

Granted they look bigger on your frame which may look much better but the physical size of the breast has shrunk, it just so happens you've shrunk everywhere and you've shrunk in proportion so it looks better (you where lucky you didn't lose alot of your boobs most girls do)

The whole bra cup size thing is very confusing but every time to shrink a back size you have to up a cup size. the size of a 28D cup is much much smaller than a 40D cup and if someone with a 40D was to for a laugh try and fit one boob into a 28D cup (no point trying to do it up) the breast it's self wouldn't fit evern though it was a D

I for example fit in a 32F, 34E or 36DD and a 38D (although the 32 would cripple me and the 38 would be abit baggy)  trust me i have a major bra addicition i really really know about bra sizing hehe



I was just really hoping for the 34C I wore the last time I was at this weight (BC - before children)!  :-)

I think I have a messed up shape too.
With the bust and bust line thing.
I use to be a  40D 38 Bust line.
Now I'm a 36D with a 32 Bust line.
I am okay with it now. I just hate that they are not saying HELLO BOYS on there own.. I have to get a great underwire bra for that to happen, and don't let it be padded.. Like I need the extra boost. I'm a pear, so the boobs match me, but sometimes I think... I would do better at a C.. That C will never happen. I've lost 60 pound in over a year, and I'm still a D. Sometimes we have to live with what we got. I do all kind of chest workouts to get the boobs to say HELLO BOYS again.. I don't think it will pay off. Maybe it will.

It's also sort of worth noting that it depend's on the condition of your breasts, i had saggy C cups, if i'd have lost weight they wouldn't have got smaller because there was noting to lose i had very very little fat in them.

When we gain weight and fat our skin needs the stretch to accomadate it, sometime perticually if you've had kids your skin stretches but then doens't shrink back again, which means as you lose wieight your skin remains the same size but because you lose fat instead of the whole breast losing size in proportion you sag and just lose volume.

Before my op i had a 34C however i probabally only had A cups worth of breast tissue ... my boobs looked like deflated balloons it was not attractive.

younger women with no kids have a beetter change of keeping boobs that look like boobs as thier skin is still quite elastic for older people your more likely to sag but really it all depends on the quality of your skin ..

however as you lose weight you boobs arn't the only place that can suffer from excess skin many people find they get it around there legs, arms and belly's too. The good thing is that at least with boobs you can shove it in a bra and pretend.  

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