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when you lose weight, do your boobs have to get smaller??

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so i've recently lost a little more than 12 lbs.. i used to be a size 2 and my boobs were liek a small D, now i'm a size 0 and i think my boobs may have shrunk to a C! i'm kinda upset about this because i didn't want them to shrink haha but i don't want to gain the weight back.. in fact i want to lose a few more lbs even, is there any way to control where you lose weight from? i really don't want to go down another cup size...
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OMG,Well I'm not gonna go to another subject(eating disorders)but personally I think it's much better to be a size 2,I'm a size 4 and SOME people tell me I look sceletic!The thing is you still wanna lose weight after being a size 0,I mean ARE YOU DOING THIS HEALTHILY?!I'm not sure about that =\

Anyways for your question,you just CANNOT lose weight from a part and keep another part's fat,you dont choose,thats what a trainer told me and I also have much smaller boobs =(

So,super skinny body AND super small boobs,or curvy-ish body and boobs! =)

My boobs are deflating too...It's no fun!

yup, def happens.... boobs are partly fat so when you loose fat you loose it there too.  It sucks, I went from a C to a B... I'm getting implants :)



Not that I have ever heard of.  Breasts have a lot of fat in them so when your body loses fat you lose your chest.  If you are a C though that is pretty good.  On a size 0 a C would look like a D anyway.  It sounds to me like you are pretty blessed.  Anyway, the fat loss in the chest is why so many women in hollywood/pageants/fitness competitions/etc get implants.   I wouldn't recomend that option though as implant manufacturers only expect their product to last 10 years = possibility of multiple surgeries in a lifetime.  It wouldn't be a wise choice for a one cup size increase.  Also, don't buy into those pills that increase you chest size.  I knew a girl who used them and her chest did get bigger, but when she stopped taking them her chest shrunk to smaller than it was before and her nipples inverted :-|  Sorry to say, in this area you are kind of SOL, but I wouldn't say being a size 0 with C cups is less than ideal :-)

I'minterested in what kind of diet you're on. WHen I was losing weight just by eating less (healthy but way  less) I noticed a big difference even when I ha donly lost like 7 lbs, I went from a D cup to a C and started to "deflate". (That was a couple years ago). With this new diet AND EXERCISE program I'm on I see less of a difference I've lost about 10 lbs and I see minimal difference, I'm more of a small D full C.

Unfortunately breast ar MOSTLY fat, and when you lose it you lose it everywhere (except wher you want to most, it seems like).

I have two sets of bras for when I yo-yo up and down. Boobs go up and down very easily on most women with their weight.
Sadly, most women lose size on their boobs when they lose weight. So far I've lost 18 pounds, three inches off my stomach, and an inch off my boobs. DH thinks they actually look LARGER because they're not fighting so hard against the rest of me!
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My body doesn't seem to be working properly in my mind. With the 30 pounds I've lost, my arms, belly, & face have shrunk. My legs have stayed the same (more or less). My boobs have gotten BIGGER. It's frustrating because I was happy with a C cup (I'm 5'4, by the way) so having a DD nearing on whatever comes after that (DDD?) looks incredibly awkward on my frame.

I was thinking it was because of the birth control pills I went on, but after I went off them they didn't shrink (& now that I'm on a new prescription they haven't increased).

So while my case may be an odd way - I've gotta throw in my 2 cents and say that - no, losing weight doesn't necessarily mean your boobs will shrink.

My boobs shrank ALOT! I have like nothing.
How tall are you?  I just want to remind everyone that there are some people out there who are perfectly healthy at a size 0 or less... I'm one of them, but I'm only 4'9.5" with a small frame... At my heaviest weight I was a size 2 but that's not healthy for me (according to me and my doc).  It's all a bit relative.  Granted, most people are not quite this short and do not need to drop below a 0.

Ok, all that said, on to the original question.  I happen to be lucky I guess, I have a C bordering on D, never seems to drop lower than a solid C no matter what.  Even when I was at about 13% body fat (I was an athelete) I never dropped below that.  So it is possible, unfortunately, if you're one of those people that is going to lose in that area I don't think there's much you can do about it.  Everybody who's said that when you lose you lose everywhere is correct.  There's no way to spot reduce and therefore, not really any way to keep certain parts from reducing... Sorry!

You also should make sure your goal weight is a healthy one, if you are trying to go below a healthy weight chances are you'll lose more of your chest than if you're just trying to be healthy since the chest is one of the few remaining body fat stores once you've lost the rest of it.
My MOOBS are gone, does that help? :p

Oh man! You're lucky. I went from 140+ and a 34B to around 130 and a 32/34A. I would LOVE to be a C and there's no chance of implants for a while yet (wont be qualifying and getting a job for another 4.5 years) :(

And now Im wailing bout my lack of boobs in public!

Duck: You are...18? I think. I'm horrible at telling age from birthdates. Anyways - you may not have to get implants. Female figures don't totally fill out until mid-20s, if I've got my info right.
Am I the only one who got BIGGER boobs with weight loss?  I mean, perhaps they aren't bigger but rather the fat on my chest around my boobs went away, so now the ladies are standing out a bit more.  I've definitely filled out my cup since losing sixty pounds.
you're a size 0 and a C??? a C is NOT small. be happy, you have like the perfect body. don't worry about your boobs shrinking. i'm 5'9, a 0, and can barely fit into an A. lucky for me ballerinas are characteristically flat ;)
NO! Not at all. I will ALWAYS have boobs, even if I weighed 3 stone I swear. When I was very ill I got down to about 6 and a half stone (90ish lbs) at 5'7 and my boobs were still a 30 C. I went up to 135lbs in recovery and they went back to their original 34D-DD. Then I have lost weight to 114 again, and for some reason I am a 32DD, which is like a 34E. It is RIDICULOUS. Probably a factor is going on the pill, so a lot of my fat has redistributed to my boobs too making the rest of me look even thinner. I have been asked 5 times in the last 2 months if I have had implants, I actually look like a porn star. I like it in some ways but in others I feel I will never be taken seriously, especially as I am blonde too.
I'm jealous of your boobs : (

I had no boobs to begin with and now they're even smaller.

I have heard that there are some chest exercises that can help to make your chest look fuller. I used to think that doing chest exercises will cause you to loose more in your chest, making you flatter. Since doing a full weight training routine I can say that my chest is actually filling out. It's kind of cool that I can flex the chest muscle. I have still lost a size since loosing weight but I was barely into the D to start with. I have always been a C until I gained all that weight. The C is still just a little tight but the D is too big.
wow i didn't realize so many people had responded haha i usually wait for the email telling me that someone responded to my post, i dk what happened with that.. anyways, to whoever asked my height i am 5' 6''.. and to whoever asked about my eating habits/diet i'm not anorexic, but i'm also not on a "diet" i'm still kinda trying to figure out whats going on.. somewhere between disordered eating and ED-NOS is where i am i guess.. and i guess you are all giving me the answer i was afraid of haha that you can't control where you lose it.. what if instead of eating less i ate more but increased exercise as well? so overall i was taking in the same amount of calories, but just by eating more and burning those off.. if that makes sense... would that be a possible way of losing weight but not from my chest area?
Im nearly 20 and my mums barely bigger than me nor either of my grandmas.
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