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How can I lose weight after having a baby??

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I am a soon to be first time mom. Due next month :)

Before this pregnancy I was 130 and worked out 3-4 a week this included some weight lifting , but mostly Zumba , Yoga and jogging.

I have gained a lot of weight for some reason. Duh I'm pregnant lol but seriously more than the recommended amount I am 190 now !

I contined to work out until month 7  of my pregnancy ( Zumba , Yoga) 1-2 times a week. BUT I did over indulge in foods I would normaly pass up so I think thats what did it..

I am stressing out trying to figure out how I  let myself gain so much! How can I lose this weight in a healthy , realistic way with a newborn? I have no energy and just the thought of hitting the gym at the rate I used to is exhausting.

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First of all, congratulations on soon-to-becoming a Mommy! That's so exciting. 

I, too, was around 130 lbs before my pregnancy two years ago, and the day before I gave birth, I weighed 187 lbs. I'd lost 45 lbs just before getting pregnant, so it was pretty difficult watching my weight creep up and up for the 9 months.

Don't worry about having gained a lot of weight. After all, you've gained it for the most wonderful reason - to nourish your little miracle. In regards to losing the weight, there are a few awesome things to which you can look forward:

First of all, once you have the baby, you'll lose at least about 15 lbs instantly! It's going to be the most awesome weight loss day of your life. 

Secondly, there's the breastfeeding issue. I don't know whether you're planning to breastfeed, but if you do, about 50% of women lose weight like crazy when they breastfeed, while being allowed to eat much more than non-breastfeeding, weight-conscious mothers (milk production burns an insane amount of calories). Some women actually gain weight while breastfeeding, but they're few and far in between. And some women, like me, don't lose a single pound while breastfeeding - what can you do. However, statistically, there's a good chance that if you do breastfeed, the weight will just melt off. 

And thirdly, I don't know how much of a support system you have at home, but hopefully someone can watch the baby for an hour while you go to the gym, if you feel like it. I suppose that for the first few weeks you'll be too exhausted to summon the energy to work out, but I hope you'll be blessed with an angelic baby like mine who started sleeping through the night at 2 months old. I'd actually been able to keep up with my newborn's demands and doing two on-line university courses, so once the initial exhaustion abates somewhat, you should be good to go. Oh, and Zumba and Yoga can be done at home, too, when the baby's sleeping - so you wouldn't necessarily have to go to the gym.

Lastly, you have an enormous advantage over someone who's never been at a healthy weight or having a healthy lifestyle: YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW TO DO IT! You know you have it in you to work out and have a healthy diet. You don't have to learn anything. Most of all, you know you can do it - because you've done it before! This mindset really helped me when I finally made up my mind to lose the baby weight. It was no mystery, and it took exactly what it had taken when I had lost weight before my pregnancy: healthy diet and exercise. I'm 144 lbs now, and well on my way to being back at 130.

I wish you the best of luck, and once again, congratulations! 




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Thank you so much Aga , your words are very encouraging! I plan on breastfeeding so that's a plus! :) I'm glad to hear from someone who has been through the same situation. I didn't really take into account the fact that I have an advantage because I have been at a healthy weight before and know the type of work that it takes to lose it. I guess 9 months of weight gain shouldnt come off too quickly :)

I would tell you my story, but its exactly like yours! Same pre pregnancy weight, same weight gain, and first time mom. My daughter is turning two soon :) 

I beat myself up a lot about my weight gain while I was pregnant, but the best thing I did was breastfeed. Breastfeeding burns around 500 calories a day, which is a godsend! Remember though, that when your breastfeeding your body naturally keeps a little bit of fat in your tummy for storage purposes. I was miserable for a bit because I thought I was going to have mummy tummy for the rest of my life, but it shrank up within a couple of months of stopping breastfeeding (I BF'd for a year). 

Something else I did was babywearing. I got myself a good wrap, and carried my little one around with me everywhere. As she got bigger, I had to carry more weight and I became stronger. I went for walks with her in the wrap, and did housework with her on my back. In all honesty, I was drained of energy during the last couple of months of my pregnancy and felt the same sort of dread as you about getting back into exercising, but around six weeks after my daughter was born I felt pretty fantastic and had my old energy back.

I got down to 5lbs above my pre-preg weight within 10 months. Then I went back to university full time and my weight loss stalled, but I didn't gain.  I'm back on the wagon now and seeing results again. It honestly wasn't has hard as I thought it would be! I eat better now than I ever have, because I wan't to be a good role model for my daughter and I don't want her seeing me eat junk food. Congratulations on having a baby, feel free to message me if you want to chat more about weight loss with a new baby :)

You are most welcome! I forgot to add two more positive things that can help:

I have watched my pregnant friends and family members, and I've made an important observation which turned out to be in true in almost every case: the women who were slim before pregnancy returned to their pre-baby weight with seemingly no effort whatsoever, while the chubbier ones struggled a lot with the weight they had gained. Seeing that you were at a healthy weight before, I'm willing to bet that it'll be a breeze for you to lose the baby weight! Seriously, take a look around and see if you can't agree that slim and healthy women seem to become slim again almost the moment their babies are born :)

And secondly, yes, it took 9 months for the pounds to pile on, and it'll probably take just as long to get rid of them, but trust me, the first year of your baby's life will pass so quickly it'll make your head spin. I always get impatient for faster results when I'm losing weight, and it should be of some comfort to you that if you implement your weight-loss techniques from before-baby, the months of losing weight will go by in a blink of an eye! 

I hope you have a quick and easy delivery, and that you enjoy breastfeeding. And if I may offer a bit of advice, don't listen to all the horror stories out there: giving birth is not as horrible as some women would have us believe, breastfeeding doesn't have to be painful (lactation consultants are such treasures!), and you will sleep again :)

All the best!

Ok. I am a second time mom already. With first pregnancy I gained 60 pounds with second I gained 55 pounds. I was breastfeeding first baby for 9 months and second baby still breastfeeding ( he is 6 month right know) with my first baby I could not lose any weight till 6 months old. Then I started to run and crunches and I lost 15 pounds like in a month. After. 9 months I went back to university full time and joined gym there and lost 5 pounds like in 2 months. When my baby girl was 11 I got pregnant again. Again so much weight. But know I was smart. I started to eat right and eat a little bit less then I usually need. ( do not cut lots of calories because will lose your milk) and then after one month I started to do exercises. Started with running for 5 minutes and added few more minutes each week. As of today I can run 5 miles and eating from 1300 to 1600 calories a day. Doing longer walks , crunches, running with faster speed and breast feeding I have to loose 5 more pounds. But I changed my goal I want to be not 125 I want to be 118 so 12 more pounds to go. Do not get into depression for not losing weight, you might gain weight. Instead of thinking that your weight will come off just like that of doing nothing, do more excersices. Good luck. Do not worry about delivery. Yeah contractions are painfully but delivery is not. I gave a birth to my kids without epidural and it wad ok. Nothing to scary. Be brave and enjoy your bundle of joy :) :) :)
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Thank you!! Yeah I'm getting pretty scared about delivery. About the pain, the healing after and then my new life with my baby! But I can't wait to have the whole world wrapped in my arms! The weight gain will be worth it to have a healthy little boy , I just dont want to lose my self esteem in the process. :)

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cartwright_shawna - Thank you twin! lol I messaged you .

Here's a recent article we did on eating after baby arrives!  Enjoy ladies.

http://caloriecount.about.com/eating-after-ba by-arrives-b556648

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I breastfed my baby and within 9 months of breastfeeding, I had lost all of the weight I gained during pregnancy (which was 27 pounds). And when you're breastfeeding, you have to increase your caloric intake to make up for the milk production - so you get to eat more when you're breastfeeding. Plus, breastfeeding provides SO MANY health benefits for the baby, even as it grows into adulthood.

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Congrats! I am a mom of an almost 4 year old and a 14 month old. I too was 130 pre-pregnancy weight- with my first it took a good year to get back within 5 lb of my pre preggo weight but with this second it's been much harder! Just be realistic- it took 9 months to put on the weight, so it will take you at least that long to lose that weight in a healthy manner. Also (not to be a debbie downer) don't rely on breastfeeding as a cure -all for losing weight. I was that small percentage that didnt lose any and I have several friends just like me! Just eat healthy and track your calories and make smart decisions. Take baby out for walks daily- it will be great exercise for you and the fresh air will be nice for the baby. Here's to wishing you a happy and healthy delivery:)

Congratulations! And relax. Laughing. My friend went through this recently. She didn't have time to get to the gym, started working out at home with videos - mostly during nap times. Don't put a lot of pressure on yourself - just start with baby steps (no pun intended), and be consistent. If you want a full post-baby program, try FFIT at home (www.FFIT.tv). Otherwise, I bet there are some great Zumba videos out there. If you meet any other new moms, you can have a play/workout date at home.

Congrats! I share your story same beginning weight same weight gain during pregnancy. I lost it the same way: nursing. I also began to go to the gym starting at 2xweek and then increased , after a 6 months, to about 6 times a week...pilates, cross training and spin classes. I have found some amazing products that are from a company that's been around for over 100 years. They have one new product that is called SLIM. It's from Unicity and it's safe to take while nursing...it's incredible. I am in the process of trying to get pregnant and this is something I am going to try once I deliver. I think this is a good alternative to try if for some reason you happen to be in the 50 percent that does not loose weight while nursing.


Good luck! and blessings to you!



I agree with the breastfeeding crowd. Within 7 or 8 months I was actually below my pre-pregnancy weight.

Congratulations and good luck!

Congrats- I agree with what is said above about breastfeeding! It really does help loose the pregnancy weight. Here is my favorite info source for bfing and diet advice.

http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/mom/index.h tml

Good Luck!


Congratulations on being a mom! Those times will be exhausting but exciting! I'm a dad and we have two children...a 2 1/2 y/o son and a 7 month old daughter. I'm not telling you anything new, but my wife was able to lose the weight through walking and breastfeeding...mostly through breastfeeding! It's amazing how much weight you can lose by doing something so natural without lifting weights or running miles on end.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor and may you have a beautiful, healthy child!


God Bless!

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WOW! I really hope the breastfeeding helps me too!! This is slightly unrelated but will it affect the shape and size of my breasts?? I'm not too worried. Boobs are for supplying food but I just want to be prepared ! :)

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Thank you jermainebg! I'm glad to hear your wife had luck losing her weight while breastfeeding :) I am a bridesmaid for my best friend's wedding in May and I need to squeeze into a dress :)

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Very informative and helpful website!! Thank you! I will have to share this on my babycenter forum for the rest of the breastfeeding mommies!

The changes that happen to breasts happen during pregnancy so it is not related to breastfeeding at all. In fact breastfeeding reduces your chances of getting breast cancer big time! 30%-40%!!!

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I'm trying to bounce back after having my third.  Gained quite a bit of weight with him and it's been pretty stubborn coming off.  I'm one of the few too who actually gained weight while nursing because I was so dang hungry and tired.  Now, after nursing for a year, I'm ready to get back to a healthy weight.

Also wanted to mention that you need to be careful about too few calories while nursing.  I noticed that when I tried to cut back on calories at all my supply went down.  Guess that's nature's way of telling me that I was meant to be "fluffy" when nursing.

Congratulations and don't beat yourself up too hard if you don't feel like doing much of anything the first 3 months or so.  You'll be going through a lot.  Take your time, there's no rush.

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