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Weight Loss
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Lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks

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I desperately need 2 lose 5 pounds ASAP! does anyone know how i could do that in the most efficient way possible? im up for everything@ even a crash diet!

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you don't need a crash diet! um for 5 lbs in 2 weeks you need to be in deficit of 7000 cals a week. well thats 4lbs but honestly you cant really see that much differnce bodily in a lb. why do you need to lose it?
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Hey thanks for replying! i was actually hoping to lose it in less than 2 weeks. Ive got a few big events coming up, including my birthday and i want to look good! and 5 pounds are easily seen on me cuz im short, 5'2''. Any ideas at all? i think i juts need someone to kick me in the ass!

If you click on the Advice tab, you'll see our Expert's section, and also Ask Mary.  If you read over the material there, you'll find out that 1 to 2 pounds a week is the reccomended safe weight loss.  CC can't support crash diets or unhealthy methods.  Sorry we can't be of help with this.

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My favorite advice for this kind of question:

 1. Put the scale on a rug
 2. Lean on the counter
 3. Weigh

Weight loss is slow. If you cut out things like soda (even diet), refined sugar, greasy foods, excess sodium, etc, you can reduce bloating, and even lose some water weight, so your stomach might seem a little smaller, which I'm guessing is your real goal, but realistically you aren't going to lose fat that quick, especially if you are already small (the smaller you are, the slower it goes). Trying to do so, just because in your head you look better at that weight (trust me, nobody else can tell), can be more unhealthy than just enjoying yourself - it's your birthday - who wants to be thinking about 5 measly pounds?

If you just need to see that lower number for the emotional boost (and we've all been there), try the three step process I gave above.

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Thanks everyone! im still open to more suggestions if youve got anymore! xoxo

Original Post by amaaly:


sex- female

age - 20

cw- 106lbs  

gw- 99

height- 5'2

frame- small

if ur my twin get in touch with me :D

From your other post, you don't need to lose any weight.  Your BMI is already very close to the healthy minimum.  You could do some weight lifting which would help get your muscles looking better.  Two weeks probably won't have enough of an effect to please you, but four weeks should have you looking good.

Although I agree with smwhipple, I know a girl is gonna do what she feels she needs to do.

So considering your already thin, there are probably just some problem areas bugging you.  Here is how to get rid of them:

To shed your excess water weight (total temporary fix btw), get some Ace bandanges.  Steep them in organic green tea (safeway, raleys, Trader joes, all carry).  Let them soak about 30 minutes.  Wrap your problem areas, mid section, thighs, arms - whatever.  Its going to be uncomfortable, itchy, wet.  Either get into a sauna, under an electrical thermal blanket, anything that will open your pores.  Sit for an hour.  For some reason, it shrinks you.  It will last about 24 hours or so.  Its very temporary.

In the meantime - substitute Soda or Diet Soda for Tea with Stevia.  Sun Tea is just as satisfying - try Yoga Teas, there really good.  Stay away from Coffee just for a few days if you can.  NO SALT.  If your gonna use oil, make sure its coconut oil.  Cocunut oil has Medium Chain fats, which is totally different then all other oils, and actually helps lose weight in moderation (2 TBS a day).  Not to mention its totally good for your skin and hair!Kiss

Another Trick I know is wrapping your thighs, arms and waist with plastic wrap and working out for an hour in the most humid environment you can find.  Be careful, if you start to feel yucky, then get some water and sit for a while deap breathing.  Sweating is always the best way to detox and you will lose some water weight in the process.

These are my beauty tricks - strait from the pro's baby!  Good luck!

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Cut way down on sodium, fat and sugar. No soda pop, fruit juice, power drinks.

Read every label try reduce in these areas. Eat whole raw vegis and fruit(Some fruit is high in suger)  as much as possible. Lean meats at least 4 x a day . Plan every meal until the big day and stick to the plan at 1200 calories a day and exercise at least an hour a day.  Half of each work out should be weight training.

I have a family wedding on June 14th. I am trying do the same thing. If my strategy doesnt work. I will be doing the steps amethystgirl suggested. ;0)

And Pray for control in the morning and at night!


the caffeine wraps will definitely work.So will drinking as much water as you can everyday until your goal.It will 'flush' you out by causing your body's cells to release the water they're holding onto 'just in case' they can't get any.Have your water ice cold.Your body burns calories to warm up the ice cold water and since water has zero calories to begin with you create an easy calorie deficit.To your water add a few drops of pure lemon juice,a little cayenne pepper powder and a teaspoon of honey(optional).These are all cleansers,the cayenne pepper revs up your metabolism as well.

Also,switch your exercise to the mornings.Not only are you more hesitant to pig out during the day because you're thinking "do i really want to undo this morning's work" but exercising earlier makes your body rely on fat stores instead of carbs you may have already eaten if you work out later.

lastly,try these quick exercises on the big day to tone up.2 sets of Squats with toes pointed out to zap your inner thigh.and the my favorite,the instant waist whittler.Stand with feet hip with apart,place your hand on your hips and twist your upper body as far right as you can without altering the position of your hips,.reapeat to the,do it as fast as you can for 5 minutes.If you're really good,try it with your arms extended.Like you're a human windmill.

also-salt equals a bloaty tummy.

good luck

Eat some negative calorie foods like green beans and broccoli. They are 25 cals per serving and it takes your body 80 or so cals to burn them. Plenty of water is always good for you.
Eat some negative calorie foods like green beans and broccoli. They are 25 cals per serving and it takes your body 80 or so cals to burn them. Plenty of water is always good for you.
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