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Weight Loss
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how can you lose 2 pounds a week with still being able to eat light junk food???

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So I'm young and I love junk food people used to brag at how nice my body is but I'm short n I'm starting to get some fat how can I lose at least 2 pounds a week with still being able to eat light junk food???
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What are you considering light junk food?
If you are wanting to lose two pounds a week, this would mean burning 1000 calories a day.

So for example, I'm 16 and weight 115 pounds and I'm 5 feet. my BMR (basic metabolic rate) would be around 1400 calories. Meaning if I did absolutely nothing all day, that's how many calories I would burn.

Now, it is important to know that you really should eat atleast 1200 calories a day to maintain recieve as many vitamins and minerals you can. So if I only ate 1200 calories a day, I would be burning 200 calories a day (Doing nothing)

Now, If I add exercise. Say running for 30 minutes (300 calories), walking the dog for 30 minutes, (100calories) and playing basketball, or backyard football with friends for an hour (roughly 400 calories) I would burn an extra 800 calories!  

Eating 200 less calories, and exercising enough to burn 800 calories can add up to 1000 calories. But remember, I would have to repeat this everyday to burn 1000 calories a day.

What you eat does matter. I would suggest you eat as healthy as you can all day, about 1000 calories worth of healthy foods and after your day is coming to a end, have yourself a 200 calorie light junk food. Maybe a little lunch cake, or a small bag of chips. You can do this everyday as long as you exercise and watch your calorie intake.

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Thanks that really helped:)...yeah I eat fruits more then anything but I just have to eat hot chips I tried stopping but I can't

Lol, girl I hear ya! That's like me with peanut butter. If I'm not careful, I could down a whole jar with a spoon in an hour. So just try to pay attention, start writing down what you eat and eventually it'll just come naturally. You got this chicka.

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I don't get hungry at all it's just like u see it in front of you and can't resist you start eating you can't stop!

A reasonable rate of weight loss is about 1% a week.  So unless you weigh about 200 pounds, 2 lbs a week is probably not realistic.

It sounds to mean like you might be better off trying to exercise and tone up a bit.  But I don't know your height and weight so that is just a guess.

sportybabe and loraaaaa please be advised that on this site the calculators for calorie targets are for anyone OVER 21 y/o.

You will find an appropriate calculator for teenagers on the Young Calorie Counters forum (there is a link to it in the Forum Rules thread).

Also note, that the bare minimum for a totally sedentary teenager is 1500 calories per day. The 1200 minimum applies to small OLD ladies - not you. 

This is because not only are you still growing and developing but you also have much faster metabolisms now, than you will as an adult. Yey for you because you can eat more and still lose weight (make the most of it!).

Eating too little (or the lowest possible amount) at this stage of your life is risky for your future health. You are both still growing, if not in height then your body is changing inside, your brain is developing still, muscles and bones should be getting stronger .. all things you will need to be strong and well developed before adulthood and you need a proper amount of calories and good nutrition for all of that to happen.

If you are lightly active then your minimum daily intake to lose weight should be around 2000 calories and if you do a sport (or several) or exercise several times per week then your intake to Lose weight should be nearer to 2500 per day.

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