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Weight Loss
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how to lose thigh and stomach fat?

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I'm 16 years old and I weigh 185 lbs. My height is 5'5 and I want to lose my thigh and stomach fat please help me.
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Carido and strength training!  Get rid of more calories than you eat.  Gotta burn the fat. 

Put on some dance music and dance for 20-30 minutes each day. Dancing is fun and burns pretty good calories. You can do it in your room with your earphones on so no one can complain about the noise.

You should go on a diet, do cardio and weight train.  The diet will be what causes you to lose weight.  The cardio will be good for your heart, lungs and will boost your endurance.  The weight training will improve the fat loss.  If you diet without weight training, you will lose approximately 75% fat and 25% muscle.  If you diet and weight train, you will all more fat and gain muscle.  Ex. if you lose 20 lbs w/o weight training, it will be 15lbs fat and 5lbs muscle.  If you lose weight w/ weight training, you will lose 20 lbs and gain 5lbs of muscle, which means you lost 25lbs of fat.

Zumba!! It's really entertaining and u can get it on wii (and xbox ect.) for about 20-30 bucks (get it used at gamestop and it's even cheaper). Or just go to a gym and cardio like crazy. You'll always feel great afterwards because working out makes ur brain release dopamine into ur body. Hope this helps and good luck!

Unfortunately you can't spot reduce fat, so there is no magic exercise to lose from these specific areas, you need to lose weight and it will come off everywhere.

The previous commenters are right to suggest you should include exercise and strength training, as with only diet you do risk losing muscle mass, and lowering your metabolism, which risks easier regain of fat, which is unhealthy.

For cardio try the Couch 2 5K programme. You can download an app for it, and over about 2 months it will increase your stamina and is good cardio training.

I like Jillian Michaels 30 day shred for getting resistance training in, it combines strength and cardio circuits.

Your bmi is 30.78. A healthy bmi for you height ranges from 126lbs to 150lbs (21-25 bmi) depending on your build, so maybe just aim to lose 35-40lbs first?

Calorie count is a good resource for tracking your food, you should aim to eat no less than 1200 cals a day to stop damaging your metabolism, but you could go a little higher to say 13 or 1400 if 1200 is too low for you. Most of all try and eat healthy fresh options and ditch fast food, and processed junk. At 16 are there sports or clubs you could get involved with at school? Or in your area? Find something that you find fun, as you'll have more motivation to get involved :) 

I agree with the wii fit! Dance mat and Hottest Party are really fun and they get your heart going. Or if you have a friend who would do it with you, jogging with someone else is really motivational. You could aim to complete this: g/the-couch-to-5k-training-plan/


If you eat a lot of junk food like pizza or Subway, you could look at nutritional information for their companies and choose the healthiest option. You will notice a difference just by doing things like this.

If you crave chocolate, a low calorie hot chocolate drink might do it for you. Or if there's a new chocolate bar you want to buy, you could just have half and offer the other half to whoever you're with. You will get to try it with half the calories and feel pleased with yourself for treating yourself while being disciplined. 



I hear Zumba is really fun. I'm about to get back into Jazzercise myself. I remember it being really fun.

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