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Weight Loss
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lose it by THANKSGIVING!

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Let's look amazing by thanksgiving!

picture yourself at your family party or thanksgiving dinner at your goal weight...

Give your stats and one piece of good advice, no sagas 



5'4"   119,  GOAL: 107



my tip: i like to save myself one treat, under 100 cal for my LAST item to eat for the day, that way i have something to look forward to eat, and i know it's the last snack. usually a 100 cal bar or vitamuffin. 

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You can't lose 20 pounds in a month.

Olivia  ( :

31, 5'6, 153.8 this morning.  I would be stoked if I made it to my original goal of 150 by Thanksgiving.   

Beyond that, even better. 

my tip:  work out as many days a week as you can, drink lots of water, and eat well and often. 

I have to agree.

I actually think losing that much weight by thanksgiving is a bad idea because you are going to eat ALOT during thanks giving, gain some of it back, and feel like crap. Or least I would :/ I would shoot for a more realistic goal or keep it the same and then shoot for christmas.


I'm not going home for thanksgiving since its across the ocean so I'll be here by myself. But I guess I can lose some weight :D!

111 right now, want to get to 105-109 by then!

I'm trying I had 10 pounds to lose 4'11" started at 116 goal is 105. I've been stuck at 110 for about 2 weeks.

I think in order to lose I need to eat 1200 calories a day and it's really difficult.  I don't have much time to exercise so I've been doing a quick 20 minutes in the morning. 

When I was losing I was eating lots of salad it fills you up and has little calories. I suppose I'll get back to that.


dmp -- on workout days, you can usually safely up your cals a little to compensate.   feed that bod, girl.  ( :

I am all about a HUGE spinach salad.    daily.    I also try to snack on fresh veggies like cukes and celery, cauliflower and brocolli, and BABY CARROTS>  my savior.  

I also -- just since I did it today -- make a mean veggie soup in the crockpot.  EASY, 4oish cals a cup, and DANG good for you.    



Current Weight: 140

Height: 5'7

Goal: 130

I just started and I am new to everything but I do know one thing...drink water! I need to take my own advice too!

Good luck!

welcome, valerie  ( :    your wedding pic is gorgeous.  

wanna do a weekly challange or something?   food or workouts or water or whatever?   I find it helps me.   ( :    Just a thought, getpretty!

That's a really unhealthy weight for 5'4" to be shooting for too.

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