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How do I lose my stomach??

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My daughter is now 6 yrs old and I still have the extra stomach.  I have joined Curves and I love it, but my stomach is not going anywhere.  I am 5'1 and I weigh 210 lbs.  My stomach is the first thing you see.  What are some other ways that I can get my stomach to go away.

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stomach is one of the last things to go unfortunatly, more cardio to lose fat overall and eventually ur tummy, sucks but it is d hardest to work on. crunches help shape up too.

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Congratulations on starting a gym! That's a great step. How long have you been going to Curves?

Has your body always been apple shaped? If so, your proportions may always tend toward smaller limbs with a bigger stomach. In addition to cardio, add in some strength training 2-3 days a week. Your goal could be fat loss and muscle gain - once you develop your muscles and lose the stuff on top of them through calorie counting and exercise, you may find that you have more of the shape you desire.

Interval training.

Meaning walking at a steady pase for a mintue, run for a mintue, walk for a minute run for a minute (anything that speeds up your heart rate then lowers it then speeds it up again) best known for fat loss, the higher your heart rate the more fat you lose (so people have said)

I usually do walking in intervals on an incline i.e. walk 5 minutes 3.5 walk 2 minutes 4.0 walk 5 minutes 4.5 then back down and up again not going under 4.0 for about 30 minutes. its hard but its been helping.

I'm with you on this, don't really like that my stomach sticks out further than my chest, but as it is the first place I put fat on, it is the last place I lose it.

What I've noticed works for me is not spot training (proven myth), but as you continue to work out and lose weight, you'll lose it everywhere, not just in your stomach area. So keep right on with what you're doing! :)

The Curves that I go to has some adult sized hula hoops to use after ones workout, and I have heard - although I don't know how true this is - that hula-hooping can help firm up your midsection.  At the very least it's a good way to get more cardio into your day, and it's fun!

I really think it depends on the person in what order you lose from.  I usually lose from my stomach first.  But my hips and legs last.  Either way it's pretty much up to your genetics on when the fat will come off of your stomach.  My advice is to take measurements so you can see the results in writing even if you don't notice right away.  Good luck! :)

I'm having the same problem.  My stomach is not shrinking, like I'd want it to.  I'm seeing the rest of my body toning more but my stomach is still the same.  I do weight training 3 days (with a personal trainer) and cardio 3 days (on my own).  People tell me that you'll eventually see your midsection smaller, but I'm one of those impatient people.  Its so frustrating, some days I'll be really bloated, other days my stomach seems flatter. 

Original Post by maria1215:

some days I'll be really bloated, other days my stomach seems flatter. 

 I have the same stupid problem, sometimes I'm happy and I actually think I'm getting somewhere with this. Other days it just seems like its getting worse?

Maybe it depends how much salt we eat the day before, it's possibly water weight. Still very frustrating though.

Thanks :) glad to know I'm not going crazy.  The worst part is when you're getting ready for some function and ALL your pants are tight in the waist.  Those days I just want to cry.  I'll try to cut out more salt in my foods, see what happens. 


Thanks!!! :)

One big reason why stomachs stick out is drinking carbonated sodas or carbonated waters, or eating gassy foods like broccoli, cabbage, onions, peppers, etc..

Another reason might be your rectus muscle in your stomach was ruptured during your pregnancy, it lies under your navel and 'holds' your stomach wall together over your intestines. Most women never know if theirs ripped or not; it doesn't really affect life usually. You doctor can tell you in your next pelvic exam, or abdominal exam. It can be surgically repaired.

I have spent years yo-yo-ing and I noticed I always lose the weight in the order I put it on, I've lost 13 pounds and it started coming off in my face first, now my arms are getting smaller while my stomach is still big, I know my thighs will be the last to lose, since that is where I put it on first -- many, many years ago!

Exercise tones up the muscles to hold your body in better position so you look better, and having toned muscles use up more calories, so you definitely want to exercise cardio to burn fat and do strength exercises to tone up your muscles, and so stretching exercises for remaining flexible.   Tabby


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Thanks for the encouragement.

Have a great day.Laughing

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