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Weight Loss
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how much do i have to lose before it starts to show?

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so far since i started logging on this web site i lost about 30 lbs down from 310 which is down from 330 that i was last year.  im 38 yrs old 5'11".  i dont exercise mainly because i have major ankle issues so losing mainly by diet.  thanks

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well done on losing the 30 lbs ! :)

from what i've read (here & there) it takes a weight loss of 10% of your initial body weight to show loss of weight.

it's nice to see or have soemone notice the weight loss, but IMHO it's even better to feel the weight loss. like whenyour jeans feel a lil more loose and waking up feeling your body is lighter and more energetic :D

Several factors can influence how noticable weight loss is. How tall you are, how much you weigh, and if you are replacing "fat weight" with "muscle weight".

The taller and the heavier you are means that you have to lose more actual weight than someone shorter and lighter to achieve the same percentage of weight lost. Even if they have the same BMI, the taller person will have to lose more pounds than the shorter person to reduce their BMI by the same amount.

I lost 40lbs before people really started to notice. I am 6'1" and was 235lbs at my heaviest. Then I started to run and exercise religously. I lost another 15lbs, but I lost just as many inches in my waist and more inches in my thighs than I did with the first 40lbs because I was becoming more muscular as I was losing fat.

My original goal was 165-170lbs, but I amended that to 180 because I'm happy with that weight because I have more muscles. I just want to tone and shape up now.

EDIT: P.S. Great job on your first 30!

Great job on the weight loss!!

I personally don't believe the "you have to lose x percentage before people notice."  What I found is that you need a noticable loss in your face.  People tend to look at your face when they interact with you, so that is where they will first notice it.  They don't look closely at your body for various reasons.  However, while it is nice to have your hard work acknowledged, remember that losing weight is ultimately for your benefit/happiness.


Congratulations.  I was approximately 350lbs when I started to lose weight.  It took me 2 years but I'm down to 242 lbs now.

When I lost around 40 lbs some people would notice I lost some by saying they could tell in my face.  It wasn't until I lost 80lbs before anyone really started to comment.

I think a lot of it has to do with body type but I, personally, suspect that it may have something to do with people not really looking at me when I was that weight.

I don't know if anyone else has come across this, but I found that when I was extremely obese at 350+ most people would avoid looking at one was rude or anything but it was like they purposefully avoided looking at me.  Now that I have lost weight, I've found that people actually return my looks and smiles now...even hold open doors or help me if I drop something.

I wish you all the best.  Never give really does work.  Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or need any support.  I can totally relate. Laughing

I think it just depends on the person, their beginning size, their height, and how much muscle they have.

My starting weight was 225 and I lost 25 pounds at the beginning of the year (I gained some back and am working to lose that now) and I'm 5'8". I didn't look any different except my chest shrunk and all of my too small bras fit again.

Since you had a higher starting weight and you're 3 inches taller than me, it might be another 20-30 pounds before you can actually see an obvious loss.

One thing that keeps me motivated is imagining a pound of hamburger and how big that is. Every time we lose a pound, that is gone from our body. It's spread out a lot and not so easy to see, but it's still a lot.

thanks that helps alot :) hoping to get down to 150 or at least below 200 sometime

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first you have a long way to go - your biggest enemy over the next years is yourself. Be patient and enduring, don't be hard on yourself when you feel you don't see short term results for all the effort you put in. There will be ups and downs even when you do all the right things - your body will fight at times to keep the weight on, your mind will tempt you to bow out. Therefore you need to be supportive of yourself and look ahead two years from now. Diet at a pace that is manageable at the given time.

Your 30lbs are a great start ! However, what if you find out that next week it's only 24lbs ? You are still on the right  path and such fluctuation must not frustrate you or question the effort you put in!! Keep your focus on where you will be in two years. You will be able to reach your goal!

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Original Post by rachelwert:

One thing that keeps me motivated is imagining a pound of hamburger and how big that is. Every time we lose a pound, that is gone from our body. It's spread out a lot and not so easy to see, but it's still a lot.

You actually could imagine a pound of fat which is mostly what you will lose at 300 lbs (after the initial loss of just water weight). Fat has a much larger volume, up to 3x, than the muscle/fat mixture of a burger.

Oh, thanks for the correction. I didn't even think of that.

sweeeet 30 pounds!


for me when i started to notice a bit,was when i lost about 50ish pounds



if you want to look slimmer and really notice a change in your appearance,do a weightlifting program,or just free weights. honestly i dont weight what i look and its from lifting weights. goood luck on your loss!



It depends.  I went from 175 to 160 before anyone noticed, but I also tend to carry weight in areas that are normally covered by clothes (hips, thighs), so the fact that they were smaller wasn't obvious.  My face and arms were pretty lean even when I was at my heaviest, so there wasn't much there to lose in the first place.

some people become so perfect at hiding there imperfect area that when they start shaping nobody is able to see.

i suggest if you feel you have reached a stage where you need to flaunt then do some wardrobe will help immensely.

best of luck

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