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Weight Loss
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If you lose a lot of weight slowly, will your skin go back to normal, or will it still be loose?

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I have about 80-100 lbs to lose and fortunately (i guess) it is coming off super slow.  Maybe around 1 lb a week.  I am 20 years old too.  If I lose all the weight at such a slow rate will my skin be like a regular skinny person's skin (other than the stretch marks), or will it be loose no matter what?  I keep seeing all these weight loss shows where people lose 100lbs and have to get plastic surgery because of crazy loose skin, but then again all of those people had gastric bypass surgery.  What happens to skin after slow, natural weight loss?


Edit:  I also try to drink lots of water and put tons of lotion on.  I try to exercise, but...ya know....

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Well there is really no other way to get rid of extra skin, it does not go away like fat does. Some people are just lucky and some are not. I have lost over 100lbs and I have little loose skin, I just stretched the heck out of the skin I had, so I have stretch marks.

It all depends on your genetics, so dont get down and out about it just loose the weight and then deal with the skin issue if you have one when that time comes. The most important thing is to loose the fat.


Chris R

I second the "it's genetics" response.  Some people seem to be lucky enough to never really have the skin issues, while others seem to have it no matter how careful they are.  If you continue losing slowly, you're probably going to be less likely to have a big issue with it than if you were losing more rapidly.  Water and lotion should help too, as will being young, but a whole lot of it is just up to genetics.

I lost about 70 a few years ago but I did it fairly rapidly and it's pretty bad... I also have 50-60 more to go so I'm guessing it's just going to get worse, but hey, I'd rather be skinny with loose skin than fat!

I'm 43 yrs old, I have lost 70 lbs and have just 10-15 to go.  The only loose skin I see is on my inner thighs.  So I guess that's not too bad.  I've been losing slowly too, so maybe that does help.  Good luck!  Hope you lose all the weight you need to lose.

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Yeah, unfortunately there is no way to tell if you'll have it or not.  I'm in the same boat - I've lost 45lbs and have 55 to go, so after my 100lbs loss, I'll forcus on maintaining for about a year to give the skin a chance to stretch back, and if it hasn't, I'll have surgery.

Bottom line, there's no point in stressing about it now - be prepared to maybe need the surgery, and if you don't, you're one of the lucky ones. :)

I actually asked this question a while ago and I got about half and half responses, so I'm guessing the chance at having no loose skin at the end is about 50%.  However, you're young, so that increases your chances.  I'm almost 30 so not sure what will happen with me.  I'll cross my fingers for both of us. :)

I know it isn't exactly on topic, but I have seen people who have lost weight via the bypass, and need to have the skin removed, and they "donate" the skin to burn centers, for skin grafts.  It becomes a very humanitarian gift.  Skin grafts are always needed for burn victims, and often skin (compatible skin) is not available.

So if you do have to have it removed, check with local burn (trauma) centers about how to go about donating the tissue!



I have the same problem. I have loose skin under my chin which now looks like a turkey's neck. Weight training seems to help in other parts of my body where the skin sags.

I was about to say the same thing. Definately do some weight lifting and sit ups. Even if you don't do it all of the time, any little bit should help some. Other than that I have to agree that it just depends. You are only 20 so age is definately on your side. If you do need surgery, because of your age you will have plenty of time to get that done so don't worry about the cost of it, etc until you know if you will need it. Plus a lot of the time they remove a lot of the lower part of the tummy, where the stretch marks usually are, so you will definately get the "skinny body look" by the time you are done. Good luck!


Hi Jessica, my name is Lucy, in january of 2007 i joined the gym and i was a size 26, i lost 45 lbs the first year and plateued and gained like 14 back after i started dating my fiance, then in 2008 i joined this site, lost another 45 lbs or so, so actually right now i have lost a total of 83 lbs slowly, averaging 40ish pounds per year and i don't have extra skin, and i hope i never will maybe if i get boney i might but i don't want to be boney i just wanna go down to a 10/12 size. So my next goal is to actually lose another 45 lbs by august cuz my wedding is august 1st this year, i am down to a size 16/18 and i figure losing another 45 lbs will get me at least down to  a 12.

Good luck to you!

Dang, my 18th birthday is in 2 months, im certainly glad i have time on my side!!

I've already lost 54 lbs and hope i dont get saggy skin :(

Though i have heaps and heaps of stretchmarks.

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I also have TONS of stretchmarks. However they don't bother me because most are so light you can't see them. I have a ton of stretch marks on my belly and I'm kind of worried that it won't tighten because of the stretchmarks.

Has anyone had skin snap back that had a signifigant amount of  stretch marks on it? GAHHH!! I really don't have money for a tummy tuck.

Age and diet are a large factor in your skin's elasticity. I've never had an issue with loose skin, but I don't smoke, I'm young, and I try to get my RDA of vitamins and nutrients from food on a daily basis. Also, I drink at least 1.8L of water a day, which might be unnecessary, but whatever. Judging by your age, you'll probably be fine.

I'll just give you my standard answer. Not any of this 'depends on this, depends on that' crap.

WHO CARES?! Really. What's more important? The elastically of your skin or preventing high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes/heart attacks. I'm just saying... Pick your battles.

PS: I've lost 175lbs

I have lost 93 pounds over the past year and the only place I seem to have loose skin is on my inner thigh.



I've read that if you work very hard to drop to a low body fat percent (I want to get to ~8%) and do lots of strength training and build muscle to replace the fat that was lost to give the skin something to 'cling' to, it will help.  That is what I plan on doing.  I have lost ~115 lbs in the last 14 months and I have a droopy pooch that I am hoping to minimize.  But I still have 10-15 lbs more to lose I think, so that will help to. 

Don't expect it to be fast though.  Now that I am getting to the end of the fat loss portion of my journey, I am prepared to work hard at weight training for the next 3-5 years to get where I want to be.  I spent 22 years neglecting my body, but now it is my priority and I plan my life for my body, not abuse my body to live my life.  If that makes sense...

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