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Weight Loss
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Lose 3lbs a week??

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Hi all. So ever since I've started my weight loss regimen I've been posting up here with my comments and concerns. I started back in about mid-late March and so far have lost about 10 pounds (woo hoo, I'd never lost weight before so it's a huge accomplishment). I've been tracking my progres and it seems like I'm losing about two pounds a week. I've increased the cardio and lowered the food intake. Will that help me to lose three pounds a week or is that unhealthy?
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Healthy weight loss consists of 1-2 lb per week... So yes, 3 lbs would be unhealthy... If you strive to cut too many calories, you may throw yourself into starvation mode and it up losing a whopping 0 lbs per week...
I've been told that anything from .5 pounds to 3 pounds a week is fine and possible, but any more than that is not possible.  I have been steadily losing about 2 pounds a week for two months or so.  Some weeks I lose 3 and some I only lose 1.  Who knows why certain peoples bodies do what they do?!  I do about an hour a day 5-6 days a week of cardio and I keep my calories below 1600.  Just remember if you are really upping your cardio you will need to eat more.  I am speaking from experience.  Your muscles will get tired and you will start to "drag ass"  I am not saying you have to eat a whole lot more just a few hundred calories at most.  Good luck and try to incorperate weight training.  That has also helped me a lot.  I have lost 24 pounds.  Only 32 more and I will be at my goal.  Keep on truckin' and remember not to go below 1200 calories.
Just remember that you did not gain the weight overnight so you can't lose it overnight :)

A healthy weight loss, as previously mentioned is 1 - 2 lbs a week.  Some weeks I've had a 3 or 4 lbs loss, which is great, but striving to doing that every week could hamper your weight loss.
I forgot to add that 2 pounds a week is still great.  Don't get down on yourself for 2 pounds a week.  If it is working and steady stick with it.  My goal is 2 pounds a week.  I think if you start striving for three pounds you may be disappointed to only lose 2, which I say again is great.
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2lbs a week is great, so is 3. Thing is, bodies fluctuate ALOT and I've personally had 5lb differences within 1 day. Because of this I ignore weekly weight loss, and I look at long term goals more. Really, starvation mode doesnt happen as easily as oftentimes people think. Excercise in particular can ward off starvation mode as you are in burn mode. I think alot depends with starting weight as well. Someone with 100lbs to lose would have a big difference to someone with 10lbs to lose before hitting the low- BMI range. 3lbs a week over time for me would be dangerous probably, but for some people its a perfect number. Doesnt matter if Im consistant with time of weighign either- my schedule is very free and fluctuating as well, so its always goign ot change.
it is generally recommended and considered safe to lose 1 - 2 lbs a week by the medical community and reputable sources like,, and the Bariatric groups like at Harvard Medical.  If you want to lose faster than that, it should only be done with the supervision of your doctor to make sure that you are not hurting your body.  They would do periodic testing and watch for stuff like kidney failure, kidney and gall stones, loss of bone density, hair loss, or other signs of damage or malnutrition....

Hope this helps :)
libradiva, I encourage you to be satisfied with your 2 lbs per week weight loss, and go back to the calories you were consuming.  It's okay to add the extra cardio, but your body needs calories not only for energy but also for nutrition.

Just cutting back 100 calories per day unnecessarily deprives your body of valuable nutrition. 
To be fair, if you're already rather large I don't see how wrong it is to lose 3 pounds a week seeing as if you have a 1500 deficit, they wouldn't be in the scary 'starvation mode'.    
Not really, k8iemay.

The way that I read libradiva's post, she wants to purposely eat at a 1500 calorie deficit to aim to lose 3 lbs. a week, and yes, that will eventually lead to metabolism slowdown (aka starvation mode).
I personally have been losing 3 lbs a week, and some only 2, I guess it just depends on how your body can handle the loss and all... I would only add the extra cardio and not decrease your food intake though, because adding the extra exercise, your body will require the fuel to keep going.
1-2 lbs a week is an average. Some weeks you may lose 5 and others maybe only 1/2 a pound. My mother is doing weight watchers and has quite a large amount of weight to lose and has lost as much as 7 piounds in a week. Everyone is different and everyone's starting point varies so to say 1-2 pounds is the safe zone is saying it is the average safe range for the average person.
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