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Weight Loss
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can i lose 11 lbs in 1 month for the prom?

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i really want to lose 11lbs/5kgs in 1 month for my 'prom' (in australia we call it our 'formal'). my current diet give or take is:

oats: 150
apple: 100
yoghurt: 84
popcorn: 90
dinner: approx. 400-500 (depending on what mum cooks)
dessert: 50-100

so the calories per day are around 1000...i know everyone says it shouldn't be less than 1200 but it fills me up just fine. i exercise 3 times a week at the gym for 90mins and have netball training and the saturday game. i'm about 60kg/132lbs and a little under 5'3 (159cm)
how can i do it?
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Safe weight loss would be 8 pounds in one month. Some people, though, lose extra weight in the first week, sometimes two weeks, so 11 pounds (counting the drop in water weight) is possible, though 8-9 is more likely, assuming you keep a deficit of 1000 calories a day.

Seriously, losing 9 and losing 11 is going to look about the same.
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but what should i do?? i've been doing that and not losing anything...should i up exercise or down eating....?
Well you're not eating enough for sure - what's happened to lunch? You need to keep yourself topped up with energy during the day ESPECIALLY if you're excercising 3 times a week.

Go up to 1200 cals a day and spread them throughout the day rather than just one big meal at night and you'll feel better for it and you'll definitely lose the weight.

Whether it's 8lbs or 11lb, it's worth doing it healthily as you're more likely to keep it off
You will ruin your metabolism by eating such a low amount of food each day which ultimately will just stall your weightloss. Search for threads on starvation mode and you will understand what we mean.

What I suggest is that you plot your information into the tools on this site to calculate your expenditure. Then use exercise and diet to maintain no higher than 1000 deficit making sure that you eat at least 1200 calories and it's likely maybe a little more (to prevent starvation mode). 11 lbs for someone so small who isn't so overweight will be tough. I think 5lbs is more likely. I started out similar to you and my largest drop in a month was 4 lbs.

In either case good luck!
liv4aco ..If this is how you've been eating and you're not losing weight it could be due to you not counting calories CORRECTLY.

You said dinner is 400-500 (depending on what mum cooks).

And dessert is 50-100. Oh really? What are you eating for dessert that happens to be lower in calories than yogurt or an apple?!

Try being more precise, don't just estimate. Sometimes if we estimate how many calories in a meal such as dinner someone else has prepared we underestimate. It sounds like you are seriously underestimating how many calories in your dessert.  What if dinner is actually 800 cals and dessert is 300-400 cals?? I mean guessing how many calories we are actually eating could result in big dissapointments on the scale.

Anyways, the solution to your problem is to be as accurate as possible with the calorie counting. The solution isn't to simply increase calories!!!! You'll find on CC this is ALWAYS the only "solution" they have to offer anyone...GRRRR!!!
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what i meant by the 400-500 or 50-100 is that it differs. it's true w the dinner...i mean i don't really know so for all i care i AM eating 1200 a day or more because of dinner, but mum is a health nut herself and doesn't buy fatty stuff for dinner and she also gets diet desserts...all under 100 cals so it just depends which ones in the fridge on a particular night.
like we have chocolate mousses - 65, or mini ice cream bar things - 53, or splices - 77....that kinda thing. how will eating MORE make me lose weight? and i've looked @ the starvation mode, my mum says its bull and you basically eat when you're hungry and expel the energy u put in.
EAt and work out more and you may not lose 11 lbs but by exercising and eating right you will slim down.  I know for me personally I weigh 170 but can wear a size 10 and they are getting loose - but 10 years ago when I weighed that Iwore a 14 but I never worked out.  Lots of people can't believe I weigh as much as I do.  So eat right exercise more and you will look thinner in no time.
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