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Weight Loss
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How much did you lose the first week?

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I lost 4 lbs the first week - did not expect that.  Five of the last seven days my intake was around 1100-1200 calories.  I lost count on Saturday & Sunday but think it was between 1600-2000 Calories both days.

I started I was 148 lbs. - today 144 lbs.

Is this normal?  Am I eating enough calories?  I don't want to sabotage diet by not eating enough.

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Gotta be at least 1200 every day(plus any exercise you do).  Need more info to tell if even that's enough.

People sometimes lose more weight in the beginning.  It's nothing to be concerned about.  But make sure you get the 1200 calories.
I may not be the most qualified person to answer, but there is a place here at CC to determine how many calories you should eat to lose based on your current weight, height, activity level, etc.  I've read articles that we women require 1200 just for the body to function and could be too low.

I am 5' 5", weight 168 and moderate exercise.  Based on the research I've done I try to stay at or around 1450 on average and I'm losing. 

PS foods or shakes high in protein help you not feel hungry!
It is normal to lose more weight during your first week.  It is usually water weight leaving your body.  I lost 5 lbs my first week.  After a week or two the weight loss will slow down depending on your deficit. 

I agree with the above posters that you should use the site's tools to calculate your calorie allowance for weight loss.  If you provide your stats we can also make suggestions.  We would need to know your height, weight, age, and activity level.

EDIT:  Oops! Sorry, I see that you have already posted your weight-- just need the other stats to make suggestions :0)
Thanks for responses.  I did the calories needed thing and it says 1300 per day - so, I was focusing on not going over 1300.  I'll focus on getting at least 1200 and not over 1300. 

That leads me to next question - which is if I get alot more exercise during the day am I still okay with taking in 1250 calories?  Do I need to increase my calorie count on days when I am more active?

If it helps with the advice I am Female - age 47 - 5'2 - 144 lbs (as of today). 

And, sedentary normally - but, was very active this week.  I seem to have more energy than usual now - may just be excitement about this website. :o)
Yes, it is reccomended that you "eat back" any calories burned.  So, if you eat 1300 cals and burn say 250 cals through exercise you would need to eat 1550 cals total that day.  Hope that helps!
I only lost 1.5 lbs in the first week.  I eat about 1600 calories a day.  Is this good progress or should I eat less.
I lost 4 my first week and 5 the two weeks after.. but I have a lot to lose so it's normal for it to come off a lot at the beginning. 
I made a similar post after losing 7 pounds in the first two weeks.  But I think everyone loses fast when you first start.

Also, just make sure you're eating enough.  Everyone on here will pound in the 1200 guideline, but really, it's just that.

Some people need more, some people can actually get by with less,  but unless you have it medically tested, you won't know.  It's best not to go under that w/o medical supervision.
not me!  i've embarked on three minor weight loss journeys in the past year and a half (and no, i haven't yo-yo'd) and each time i've started, nothing has happened for the first week, while my body adapts to the changes. 
I agree, for my first week (last week) I lost nothing.  I am supposed to stay at 1333 calories.  I was over a smig each day but also did have some activity over the normal amount that happens. I figure my body has to adjust. So I am still trying, but my activity level will go up starting next week as I got a new job and my job per hour burns like 324 calories.   I will work a 4 hour day, so I should have at least 3 hours of calorie burning activity at work.  So somewhere around 1000 calories I will burn.  I didn't know I needed to increase my 1333 to account for it though. I really don't want to increase to that many calories a day I think I will stay at my current weight if i do that.

Ok, I must be tired I am rambling.

hey yes its normal you lost a fast dramatic first four pounds on the first week becuase its fluid. on your next week you will start to loose a steady 2 pounds. ;) thats fat! good luck girl x 
Okay so this is probably going to be a long post because I have a few questions:

1.  I have never heard of "eating your calories back".  Why is this?  Don't you want to burn calories to lose weight? 

2.  This site says to eat 1700/day for me.  I am currently 5'7" and weigh 138 (everything is in my rear and thighs so I wear a larger pant size...this really bothers me and is the focus of me losing 10 pounds).  I normally eat 1200-1400/day and exercise a lot.  I lift 2 days a week and cardio (high intensity) another 4 with one day of rest.  I would think I would be losing like mad because of this but still hold steady at 138.  I fluctuate between 138 and 140 but I think everyone fluctuates a few pounds.  So how much should I be eating?  Should I stick with 1200-1400/day and eat the amount back I give out during exercise?  For weights, that wouldn't be hard because it's only 150ish but for my cardio that would be almost impossible without commiting glutney...we're talking like an extra 450-650 calories.  I find this a little hard to believe.

3.  My main motivation is I am going on a cruise in 35 days and would like to have the 10 pounds or close to it off by then.  Any suggestions are requested.

4.  I only lift 2 days per week and it is just maintenance because I build muscle like a man...and not in a good way.  Should I cut back to one or keep with the 2?

5.  Do you base your calorie deficit on a week or on a day?

Thanks so much for any help you can give!!!


PS Below are my measurements:

B: 34/ W: 25.5/ H: 40.5/ Weight 138/ Height 5'7"/ Age 27/ Female

Let me just add too that I have tried just about everything under the sun and nothing helps...Nutrisystem, Atkins, 6 week body makeover, coubting calories...maybe exercising too much???
You = Female

Minimum calorie intake 1200 kcals ?? this is the number of calories your body needs for normal, every day functioning, blood pumping, lung expansion, kidney efficiency and so on.

You burn according to your stats 1700 kcals per day.

If you ate 1200 kcals per day and did nothing else then you are likely to lose weight based on this 500 kcal daily deficit.

However, the general rule is this??..

If you go under 1200 kcals your body will begin to struggle with normal functioning.  It will grab hold of all of the nutrition, good and bad fats that you intake and be very reluctant to let them go.


You eat 1200 kcals you should put your body under no more stress than normal functioning.

If you exercised off 500 kcals as well as your normal daily expenditure of 1700 kcals then you have burned 2300 kcals in one day.  If you have only eaten 1200 kcals, you have left your body with -1100 calories to keep you alive, you could have eaten 1800 ?? 2000 kcals on this example day and still expected to lose weight.

Calories are not bad, calories are fuel!! 

Aim for a minimum of 1200 kcals + whatever you plan to burn off.
Thank you but I am still really confussed

1.  Can I exercise as much as I want as long as I eat back the calories? How do you get a deficit bigger than 500 then?

2.  Will more exercise increase the weight loss or keep it the same? 

For instance, say I normally do a lifting session and burn 150 calories and I eat it back.  Then I do a cardio session on the same day burning 350 calories and eat that back too so I am still at 1200 calories but I burned 2200 calories that day (1700 + 150 + 350).  That would make my deficit for the day at 1000...yes?

3.  Or exercise or no exercise my deficit will still be 500/day?

Thanks again!

I lost about 4lbs the first week.
Sunnylee - I believe what Kathy is saying is that you need a minimum 1200 calories a day if you are pretty much sedentary -- if you burn 300 calories working out you should eat 1500 calories.  If you burn 750 calories working out you should eat a MINIMUM of 1950 calories.  Otherwise, your body thinks it's starving and stores fat while burning muscle, etc.

That brings me to a new question.  So, if you burn 70 calories an hour sedentary - and, three days a week you work out --- say your work out burns 350 calories -- do you then want to add 350 calories on top of your minimum?  Or, do you deduct the 70 you would've burned anyway?  So, 350-70= 280 calories on top of your minimum?

Hi spikeybluemunki - Everything I've read in here says you should expect to lose 1-2 lbs a week, so I'd say you're right on. 
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I'm a little surprised to see so many people aiming for the 1200 calorie mark. What are you actually eating to only consume so little?? Then your exercising too!!! This method of weight control won't last for 40 years!! That's pratically a starvation diet!! You can't keep that up forever!!

The website says I should consume 1800. Which is down from what I was eating before, but perhaps more that I actually want to eat.

Now that I have been doing this for a week and a half, I have lost 3 pounds. But 1800 is starting to feel like a lot for me. Shortly I want to try and cut down to 1500 or 1600 calories, but definately not 1200!

Remember, that's your bodies MINIMUM requiremets. Meaning that dipping below that will effect your body's ability to function. Not just physically, but mentally too!

Eating only 1200 calories and exercising off 400 is the equilavent of only getting the benefits of 800 calories per day. This puts your body into starvation mode. Its going to hold onto every single calorie you consume just to survive.

While it may help you lose weight right now, your long term weight loss will be effected. This type of dieting may cause you to eventually balloon back up to higher than you were to begin with or be too weak to do anything.

So 'nanobriga' if you are eating 1100 - 1200, that's low (unless you have to force yourself to eat more - which isn't good). But the 1600, sounds OK. You shouldn't have to worry about "Eating Back" your calories after exercising, unless you aren't eating enough calories to begin with. If you eat 1600 and exercise off 300 - 400, then your doing very well for the day.

Some people may be more willing to eat at the minimum border, but that doesn't mean it's actually safe to do. What's the point of being skinny if you can't lift your keys, or add 2+2? I'd rather lose 1 pound a week - slowly - then lose a lot fast and gain it all back plus more.

It's your body, so do what feels safe to you.
andiem, I'm only 5'2 so my intake should probably be lower than someone who's 5'6.  The calculator says I should consume 1300 calories per sedentary day, so you're right I should consume probably 1500 on a day when I get more exercise or workout.

Thanks for all the responses - very informative and good advice.  :o)  
My first week I lost 5 pounds, and the same with my second week.
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