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not loosing any weight and I only eat 1000 calories

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Hi I'm new to this I am only consuming 1000 calories a day this has been for about 2 months an I haven't lost a pound! Please help

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You aren't really eating enough calories do you drink a lot of water? Also exercise!!
I drink at least 2 litres of water a day, I walk for at least an hour as I have horses and walk there and back an then everything I do with the horses is on top of that, should I eat more?

I can assure you right now you are not eating enough e/day.  I would bump your calories up to 1500-1700 for a few days and I bet you'll break through your slump.

It sounds counter intuitive, but I can guarantee you it will work! : )

I'm 26, 5'4, and currently 180lbs
I have fruit for breakfast, sometimes a slice of toast for lunch an maybe a chicken salad for tea or some pasta, I sometimes don't have lunch cos I'm just never hungry and rarely finish a meal cos I feel full
Thanks for your advise, I will have a go at anything right now so if it means eating more then so be it!!, would having maybe some crackers in between meals help?
Thanks will give it all a go!!!

It is really easy to become obsessed by keeping calories to a minimum, however the body goes into starvation mode if it is deprived. Meaning that you will plateau rather than continue to lose weight. The worst diets for this is the meal replacements where you can lose a stone very quickly and then plateau for weeks.

Ideally unless you are obese, you should not be eating less than 1200-1500 calories for anything longer than a week, as this causes the body to slow down.

You need to regulate your diet and have some cheat days, when you consume more calories but work out a bit more, an hour long walk or a swim. That way your body does not think it is being starved, I try to be really good for 5 days and then have treats on 2 days, not over indulging but just being less restrictive. I am averaging only a 2 ounce weight loss per day but it is consistent and on cheat days I may regain a few ounces but the following week the weight still comes off in very small amounts. The ideal way to lose weight is to lose between 1 and 2 pound a week, it is not a quick fix, but a new way of eating for health.  I am looking to lose 7 pounds before the spring, I generally don't go over 7lb over my goal weight unless is Christmas! You just need to work with your body and you should never feel "starving".

I find that porridge in the morning totally fills me up and on those days I just don't feel like lunch or a snack, however the more often you eat the faster you metabolize, so even if you are not so hungry have a regular snack and aim to eat every 3 hours, Yogurts are great if you choose a very low fat one, fruit, veg, small portions of dried fruit or nuts, crispbreads with hummus or even a scrape of jam. My vice is salty snacks, so I have a mid afternoon snack of low calorie savory snack, Quavers or Walkers French fries, anything less than 100 calories is fine if it is just once a day.

Make a huge vegetable soup and freeze in portions, so you can eat that regularly, it will keep the metabolism going and if made without any fat, flour or pulses, will be nutritious and filling but not full of calories.  I make a batch with at least 6 portions of veg, 2 stock cubes, seasonings (not salt) enough water to make smooth once blended and this can be less than 70 calories a cup depending on the veggies that you choose. Freeze it in 250ml portions and will be ideal snacking food and you can keep your body happy between meals and stop fat storing.

Good luck, wishing you well.

Same for me. I eat 1000 on a good day. I maintain. Havent eaten a thing yet today. Habit for me. :/ Hope you get it figured out.

We have all heard people say it, "don't eat when you're not hungry" or "stop eating when you feel full".  Which for people who are healthy eaters is probably good advice!  What I learned about that is metabolism affects your hunger.  For me, when I had my kid at home, I was working a full-time job, a half-time job and going to graduate school, I would often not find time to eat more than one meal a day.  That meal might consist of a few hundred calories or it might consist of 2,000 or more calories.  It depended what I was in the mood for or had the time for, really.  What I learned is that my metabolism slowed down because my body thought I was starving (and I probably was).  Although, I didn't feel hungry ... I was starving.  I learned that not feeling hungry is NOT a good sign.  It is a sign that your metabolism is affected and not in a good way.  That has been my experience.  Just thought I would share. 

Original Post by hayleyg1985:

I have fruit for breakfast, sometimes a slice of toast for lunch an maybe a chicken salad for tea or some pasta, I sometimes don't have lunch cos I'm just never hungry and rarely finish a meal cos I feel full

Also, eating toast, pasta & crackers isn't helping you............the fruit...good, veggies & protein would be better.

Your body isn't hungry because it's found a way to maintain your current weight on the small # of calories you're eating. Which is bad. Next, if you eat 800 calories a day, it will find a way to maintain your weight on that number of calories...then maintain on 600 calories then 400 calories.....see where this is going? 

I'll go out on a limb and say that there is almost no way you are only eating 1000 calories a day for 2 months and haven't lost a single pound. Not that you should be eating that little, per CC posting rules, if your weight hasn't gone down or up in 2 months, guess what you are at maintenance, which is greater than 1000 calories unless you are a dwarf. You are eating whatever your BMR is plus whatever movement you do in the day, which likely is well over 1000. Carefully re asses how much you are eating. If you have trouble counting, try eating foods that are easily counted ( packeged foods) for a couple of weeks, and see if that works.

You can't stop weight loss by eating too small. How much sense does that make? Nobody gets fat by eating too little do they? If that were the case, why are ppl with eating disorders rail thin? From overeating? Obviously not.

I agree.  Eating too little can diminish your metabolism, but it can't totally prevent weight loss.  People on  average underestimate their calories on 20%, so she probably is eating more-whether its everyday or she binges.  Packaged food can also be off when it comes to calories-especially frozen dinners.  

you can go up by eating verry very little, and havin binges once in a while bc your boddy immedietly holds on to every and all calories
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My trainer says to eat every 3 hours .breakfast, lunch , dinner , 2 or 3 snacks . It speeds up your metabolism . He has me on 1440 calories a day I'm 5'4 and weigh Ed 187 lbs (51 years old )I'm exercising too . I started in December . I weigh 178 lbs now . I m eating fruit , vegggies , meat,whole wheat grain breads , lots of water , and 2 diet Pepsi
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Sorry to jump in on this when it isnt even my topic, but I am going through something similar and I was hoping you might be able to advise me too :)

I'm 125 pounds and I'm trying to get back to 120 (or 118 on a really good day) which was my wieght before all the Christmas partying. I've been working really hard for 2 weeks and I'm really frustrated because I cant see any results....is there a possibility that I might be under eating and thats the problem?

My typical day for the last two weeks has been cereal and skimmed milk for breakfast, tuna salad, chicken salad or plain chicken strips for lunch, a low fat yogurt at around 4 if I'm hungry and dinner would be fish or chicken with roasted vegetables, maybe a small spoon of potato if I'm hungry. If I crave sugar in the evening I eat two mints for a little kick. I had been doing 30 mins in the gym every second day but last week work was really busy and I didnt have the time but I walked 2-4km each day.

Can you see any reason why I havnt budged from 125 in the two weeks? Thank you so much for your advice, sorry again for butting in xxx

Eating every 3 hours doesn't do anything for your metabolism.  That is complete nonsense.  

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You are not eating enough your body goes into starvation mode when you don't get enough calories so eat more
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