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loose skin on stomach after weight loss?

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Hi everyone,

I'm 5'5 and 220 pounds and am looking forward to loosing weight.  I've always had weight issues growing up but my stomach was always flat.  Then I got pregnant and after having my daughter my stomach is so gross.  It's like jello.  When I lose the weight will my stomach have loose skin on it?  Will it be flat?  Or is that not realistic after this much weight gain.  Anyone out there that has lost alot of weight and still has a saggy belly or has anyone lost weight and their stomach's firm again?  I'd love to know. 
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You can't completely get rid of it unless you get one of those cosmetic surgery. However, you can significantly firm it if you diet, exercise and lose weight healthily. Other wise, your skin can't catch up with the amount of your body losing weight and will sag.

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well, I can tell you my heaviest after my daughter was 209, and my lowest was 123  a year before pregnancy, so I streached out quite a bit, dont have a ton of streachmarks though and they arent all that huge, but as im losing the weight my belly is wrinkley looking  im down to 156 right now, and just hoping as I lose the weight my belly will adjust.  but im thinking im gonna have that "extra" skin left over.
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I lost 75 pounds (high was 225) in a healthy and slow way doing exercise the whole time and I have loose skin on my stomach.  It has been five years so I know it isn't going away until I get the surgeon!
Aug 21 2007 04:03
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Yay! Another loose skin thread! Finally, something for me to talk about! (Search for "loose skin"or "excess skin" or "sagging skin" in the forums and you will find lots of discussion about this.)

To keep it short: I'm 5'6", my highest weight (at age 13) was about 236 lbs. I currently weight 114 lbs (at age 35). I lost the majority of the weight (about 80 lbs) in about 9 months.

I have never had a flat stomach. I have always had loose/excess/saggy/jello skin (not a huge amount, but enough). I don't know if I could have done *anything* to have prevented it, but I do know that at this point, the only thing that will get rid of it is surgery.

I'm of the firm (ha!) opinion that even if it might be possible to prevent excess skin (and I'm not at all sure it is), once you have it, there's nothing you can do but cut it off. Or, y'know, live with it.

Oh, Tamara...
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