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Will I Have Loose Skin After Losing 60 Pounds ?

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im just wondering if i will have loose skin after losing around 60 pounds?  im so scared that after all of this hard work that i ll have to face this problem...has anyone lost a bunch of weight and was fine ?
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Not a sure thing but one thing you can do to help offset the likelihood is to do some weight training. 

You look young so you probably haven't had this weight on for that long,  The sooner you can get it gone the better, and weight train at the same time that will help

I'm concerned about this too.  Doesn't how quickly you lose effect this too?  If you lose slower doesn't the natural elasticity in your skin have a tendency to work with you a bit more?  I think that's why the folks who have gastric bypass and lap-band surgery almost always have the baggy skin problem.  More info from someone knowledgeable would be helpful here!

I believe weight loss effects are a very individual thing.  I have lost over 90 pounds and have skin issues on my mid section.  Every were else the skin shrank along with me. After 6 months of maintenance my mid section has improved a bit.   The speed of loss, age, and genetics all play a part.   

Regardless, the improved health is worth it.  I wouldn't trade my extra skin for fat ever.

Good luck


When I lost my first 40 pounds or so I did it only by adjusting my diet.  I believe this is why I have loose skin on my arms and belly.  I have since added exercise and it hasn't gotten any worse and I have lost 30 more pounds.  I think as long as you are slow and steady and getting in some weight training it will help. 

It will also depend on how fast you put the weight on and how long you've had it on.  But as most above stated -- losing slower and exercise will help, as will your age.  The younger you are and the shorter period of time you have been this far overweight the less like you are to have excess skin

Hi well, I am no expert. I can only tell you what I have experienced. I am 41, and was 280 lbs. I am a very busty and vuluptuous girl to start with before gaining the extra 100 lbs or more.  I  have had my weight on more than 10 years. ( came on over time.)  I worried some about the excess skin, but had back problems ending up in back surgery in  feb o8. I had to have a major fusion and this opened my eyes to the fact I might end up in a wheel chair if I didn't change my life drastically.  the dr. made me promise to lose at least 100 lbs. whatever way it took. he suggested gas. bypass, or lap band saying if i hadn't done it my now that I probably wouldn't ( this is my spinal surgeon).  I put my foot down and said no-- that I was going to do this the old fashioned way with hard work determination and  change of life all around and changes in my eating habits portion sizes counting calories all. plus lots and lots of exercise. I am 6 months post back surgery ( fusion at L5-S1) and began walking in earnest 2 days after back surgery working up to a mile with in 3 weeks and adding 1/2 mile nearly every week.  this summer I have swam, walked did aerobic type exercise and stretches and back strengthening exercises ( some are like pilates.) the abdominal strengthening has been the key to getting my huge hang over belly to come backinto shape. it is still big by most peoples standards but less than half what it was when I started. I have lost 65 lbs, and have 55 more to go. ( or so).  my breast, well once they are as big as mine they will not completely go back into place. that is where smaller chested women have better luck.  I can not stress enough the exercise esspecially parital situps ( you do not have to get into terrible bind to get the good out of a sit up. I have learned this. talk with a phys therapist or someone knowledged in target exercises for you problem areas, maybe a personal trainer( keep in mind though that they may not be aware of phys limitations if you do not tell them.) walking is wonderful also and when you build into say 2 - 3 miles then add strap on weights on arms and legs. this will help to tone up areas also.  I can not believe that I actually have a lap now. I didn't use to. breasts have gone from 48 to 42, but still DDD. at least they don't sit on  the table now when I sit down. they actually look normal.    I have known  many people that did not do exercise with weight loss and did not have as good results, as the exercise helps the toning of the muscle and the skin elasticity.  hope this helps. and good luck. remember, no matter how much excess skin there is. every lb off is 4 lbs off your knees. think in those terms. you don't want that weight to wear out your back knees etc. good luck...............lonestarpenny

amandalynngillmor - I had lost at one point 70 lbs (I am down 65 lbs now) the weight that I had was gained in 48 yrs and I took it off in 6 months....so to answer your question in my case the elasticity was an issue in certain areas...my butt and mid section however, the mid section tightened up fairly well...still some work to do to make it tighter.  I have a noticeable 6 pack formation...the butt however has been a challenge...the squats are not fun lol.  Now will this happen to you?  I dont know but lets look at the BIG picture health wise you will be healthier...if you are fairly young then I would say your elasticity and probability for the skin to return in place is greater than mine was...but go slow in your quest to reduce weight and DO add weight training to minimize the impact.



Skin elasticity is such a weird thing. I expect to see saggy skin once I lose a bit more weight. For one, I've  been overweight since about the age of 5. My skin has pretty much adjusted to me being a larger size, as I've pretty much ALWAYS been a larger size.

However, I've been losing my weight pretty slowly (1-1.5lbs a week), and do quite a bit of running around and lifting and pulling and whatnot at work. I've lost a little over 30lbs so far and haven't noticed any saggy skin starting to develop yet. However, when I started losing weight this time around I started at probably the largest physical size I've ever been (though I was not at my highest weight--245lbs--at the start of this; my first attempt at weight loss, I did it incorrectly and gained a lot of fat back on top of losing muscle, so I was physically bigger with a smaller--235lbs--weight), which means I probably won't notice some skin sagging until I've lost probably another 30lbs, when I'm down to 170. I had some saggy skin then, when I used to weigh that much, from unintentional weight loss I had experienced between 7th and 8th grade. My hope is to somehow work around that, this time around. =)

Skin elasticity is certainly an individual thing.  My experience:  I'm 39 and I've lost 55 pounds in the past 2 years.   I've never lost more than 5 in a month, and some months I've actually gained (holidays, vacations, etc).  So far, no loose skin.  I have 25 more pounds to go, however, and I suspect that I will have some in my belly and inner thighs.  We'll see.  One reason I've never been worried about how slow I'm losing is because I know it improves my chances for less loose skin.

On the other hand, my husband lost 70 lbs and he has loose skin in the belly and butt.  He lost it a LOT quicker however -- most of it in one year.

So far, this is not an issue for me.  I'm 25, and started last September at 298.  I've been overweight for a long time, but probably over 250 for 2-3 years.  I've lost 70 pounds and I don't have any issues with loose skin yet.  For the last 5 months I've been alternating cardio with a weight workout and I believe that is helping.  If I do have any loose skin, I'll expect it to be on my upper arms and middle area.  Loose skin beats an extra 120 pounds, in my opinion!

I've lost close to 30 pounds and my belly is droopy, but my skin seems to be adjusting just fine otherwise.  I have 30 lbs to go, though...so who knows?

I think the faster you lose it the more likely you will have saggy skin. For instance on the discovery health channel they show a lot of people getting full body lifts and their story ALWAYS starts out with "So and so lost x-amount of pounds following lapband surgery..."

Toning does help. That and losing weight the slow and steady exercise way. I've lost 90 pounds and things only seem to get firmer, even the boobehs. 60 pounds to go though.

thank you so0o0o00o much guys for replying !  im feeling so much better !!!

I'm worried about the same thing, but I'm trying to remember back to when I was pregnant.  That stretched skin did shrink up fairly fast, but not 100% - too many stretch marks.  So, I'm not expecting perfection this time, but am hoping that it is no worse (considering I weighed 155 pounds the day I went into labor and now weigh 180, but at least it's not all in my stomach area this time).  We shall see. 

I've lost 60 lbs. so far ... 54 more to go (from 284 lbs @ 5'10").  I'm  55 and lost this weight in 6 1/2 months.  So far no stretch marks, so far no hanging skin.  I have my fingers crossed that it continues this way!

I lost 100 pounds and got bad stretched skin on the under side of my arms and my stomach. Everyone is different though. Losing slowly does make it look better than surgery shows where you see someone has gastric bypass and it the stretched skin can look awful.

I've read on the mayo clinic website that most people gain back thier weight lost in about 3 years. That in mind. I'm waiting 3 years after getting to my goal weight before I decide if I will or won't have tummy tuck and or other work done to address loose skin. I've lost 65 lbs in the last 9 months. My stomach looks really droopy but- it's improving just slowing.  Since I think a tummy tuck might be what I'ld get with in a few years I've also came up with a method of saving. lol Every time I got to Wal-mart I fine myself 5$ and 10$ on pay day. So far (1.5 months) I've saving almost most 200$ so, I'm pretty sure that in 3 years time I'll have half if not more of a 8K-10K surgery saved up.

(edited) additional info. I thought I should note that at points in my weight loss I was losing 12 lbs and 13 lbs a month. Which is a really quick so, if your losing slower then, loose skin might not be an issue so much for you.

I've lost 50 pounds since late January and am 41 years old.  I have had some loose skin crop up along the way, especially around my neck, belly and thighs, but I've noticed that over time it generally shrinks back somewhat.  The loose skin on my neck is almost completely absorbed, although under my chin is still a problem, at least I don't look like I'm wearing a cowl-necked blouse anymore. Laughing I expect the skin under my chin to pull back up somewhat in time, but it may need intervention of some sort in the future.  The loose skin on my thighs is getting less and less noticeable as I do more strength training, probably a combination of tissue resorption and simple toning. The belly flap is still a problem, but less of one than it was a month ago, so I'm hopeful about it as well. 

My advice:  take it slow and easy, get plenty of exercise with strength training as well as cardio work and be patient.  The weight will probably come off much faster than the skin can rebound, but chances are good that it will, especially at your age.  Personally, I'm planning to give it a year or so at maintenance before I start looking at other options.

Best of luck,


Over the course of the last 17 months I've lost just over 80lbs. I've worked out religiously- including fat burning interval training and cardio/weight/sculpt workouts and I too have loose skin.

I spoke with my doctor about it and he said that for the most part, it would remain loose in the area's I carried/stored the most fat. I have about 35 more pounds to lose to reach my weight loss goal, and at that point I am considering some cosmetic surgery to reduce the amount of skin. MY worst area's are the underside of my upper arms (I call them my lady wings!), my stomach, and the VERY top of my inner thighs.  I won't even get into the toll this has taken on my boobs... I call them "tube socks" at this point. THANK GOD FOR GOOD BRA'S!!!

I completely empathize with the frustration of this issue... when you do all of this work to improve your body you want the reminder that you were much larger at one point to be GONE... but just keep working on toning up your muscle structure and speak with your physician to see if they have any input. It all depends on your individual body type and where you tended to store your fat the most significantly, but chances are it will never be as firm as someone's skin who did not experience weight gain and loss.

Wish I had better news. Keep up all of your hard work, it pays off. Remember... "If you don't sqeeze your butt, NO-ONE WILL!"




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