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loose skin... help!

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ok so in the past five months i've gone from 160 to 125lbs. I look ok in terms of muscle tone, i think.. except: my skin sags!

this is a disaster, seriously! smack in the middle of beach season too (not that i care all that much), but still: i have folds of skin on my back, stomach.. worse still- my ass that's gone from a size 6 to a size 2 or 0 is now covered in little white stretch marks and when i jump around there's ton of sagging-bouncing action. i'm not crazy, it can't be fat. so what do i do with it????

i know this sounds incredibly vain, pathetic and insecure but my boyfriend comes back in exactly one month and i do want to look great for him. is there anything i can do to tighten this mess up? creams, specific exercises?? anything? thanks!

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i'd like to know too!  :(

Unfortunately skin takes time to shrink.  Lots of time.  There are products out there that claim to help, but I don't know if any of them really work.  The only things I know work are exercise and hydration.

Exercise will fill you out again with something that is not fat.  You will look better.  You can find exercises that will target your problem areas and help some.

Water will keep the skin looking healthier and a bit less saggy.  I would make sure that you use some kind of lotion (I am fond of Aloe Vera) to make your skin look best.

Have you ever heard of dry brushing? Basically, it's getting a soft natural fiber brush to brush your skin from toes up to your neck daily. You could do it more than once a day, it really helps tighten up your skin.

I found this web site that talks about it, just head to your local health food store and get a brush, and start brushing.

http://www.naturalhealthtechniques.com/Healin gTechniques/Dry_Brushing_Technique.htm


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I'm a big fan of skin firming lotions- I'm practically religious about applying it on my legs after every shower, and I actually have seen a difference in my skin over time. Really take the time to rub it in and use an ample amount. The cheaper versions, like Jergans, work just as well as the more expensive ones. Also, products with caffeine can help with short-result improvement- great if you're getting ready for a one night special occassion. It sounds crazy, but I used to exfoliate with used coffee grounds. It acutally does help. Just make sure you rinse them off so they don't stain your skin. As for stretch marks, there aren't really any at home remedies that will get rid of the suckers- I have them on my right thigh from losing 15 pounds over the course of a whole year. If they really bug you, there are laser therapies that help, but you can imagine the cost for that kind of thing.

Hope this helps!

I have a friend who lost 130 lbs on the Atkins diet and she is now a distance runner.  She had encountered that same problem and I was able to help her.  You need Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar.  It is strong so you take one tablespoon and mix it into 1 or 2 cups of water. Do that in the morning and evening.  Sweeten it up with a tablespoon of honey.   The high potassium helps to draw up the skin.  My friend lost all of her sagging belly skin in about 6 weeks.  She also discovered that it gave her more endurance in her running.  don't just buy any kind of apple cider vinegar.  Go to a health food store and get the Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar.  Any other kind is a waste. 

My mom also recommeded it to a friend of hers who was morbidly obese and suddenly began losing weight.  Her skin never sagged and looked great after she was done losing.  Hope this helps.

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