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Loose skin?

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Anyone else have problems with unsightly loose skin after losing a lot of weight? Ive lost about 78 lbs and i notice on several places but specifically my stomach areas of just skin that hangs off me.  It's possible that it's that theres still some fat there, but in parts you can see how it is actually shriveled up a bit and that it is just skin. I'm sure it will take time, but does anyone have experience with this to know how long it usually takes for skin to shrink and adapt to the new body size? Thanks so much.
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fun times huh? I just lost 117lbs so I feel ya. But I do have a ways to go still (37 more lbs) so i dont know what my body will look like when its done.

Lots of skin massaging, lotions, and situps all help firm the skin back up especially if you are young.  I am 23 so I hope some of this bounces back.
I'm 34 and hoping (against hope?) that my skin will recover.  I won't be surprised if my baby-stretched tummy needs help at some point - but I'm going to do all I can.  I think age, diet and degree of stretching are factors.  I heard once that eating more of fresh foods (fruit and veg) helps with skin when you lose.  We'll see if it's true.  Z
What kind of lotions and massages are you using to help aid this? I've been doing the crunches and cardio to try to get rid of some of the fat that may still be on there, but I can tell by the shriveling and hanging look of it that it's mostly skin. I'm only 22 so hopefully my age helps the skin adapt. Does anyone know if there is a way of speeding it up, or at least know for sure that over time it will firm up??? Im patient so I dont care if it takes time, but its discouraging to look at, because after losing nearly 80 pounds I guess I always hoped that I'd end up looking good as opposed to having loose skin everywhere. This has definitely been the one big downside to losing weight. But I guess loose skin beats the heck out of health problems and lots of body fat :)
@ zeebi - how long have you dealt with the loose skin situation? I hadnt heard the fresh foods solution. I do eat quite a lot of fruit so hopefully that helps. I can tell my skin was strecthed quite a bit, since there are old stretch marks everywhere.
iam turning 24 and iam dealing with this problem also. I am praying tho that this is temporary and it will go away. i was 175 and now 134, i have 15 to go. Iam almost there, but my problem has to do with deleivery and the streching of the stomach with pregnancy. I do cardio and ab excersises every other day and i eat healthy. I hope i dont have to do a tummy tuck or anything. Anyway, good luck!!
i hear that mainly the massaging is what helps the skin.  my skin doesnt look loose yet, only because it still has fluff in it.  my breasts on the other hand are going to the dogs.  its just horrible :( but I try to keep my spirits up knowing that im becoming healthier.  Will i ever wear a bikini?  NO!

So try some palmers cocoa butter and massage it into your areas you need most every night.  that has like elasticin in it that should help it out.  However, I have not dedicated my time to doing this.
If you've got loose skin, there's a good chance you need to do more cardio to burn the fat layer under your skin.

Skin is an elastic tissue that regenerates very rapidly. Often the reason why skin is loose is because there is subcutaneous fat. Try adding more cardio to your workout and you'll likely find the loose skin goes away.
@cmillington - I actually do quite a bit of cardio, so I dont know if adding more would be helpful or not. I run 5 - 7 miles per day right now and it seems like im burning fat and skin is tightening in all the places except my stomach and upper chest.
After going from 280 to 190 I too had loose skin in the stomach area. I had a tummy tuck and as painful as it was I would do it again in a heartbeat. My stomach hung so low it would hit the top of my thighs when I would go up and down the steps at home. I did all the ab workout and cardio I could think of and asked personal trainers as well and no one could tell me how to get rid of the excess skin. The rest is history. I had this done I think in 2003 and the stomach is still flat in spite of weight going up and down on occasion.

I just googled loose skin and it seems the experts disagree on how to lose it, but all agree it's subcutaneous fat.

One site suggests toning (strength training specifically) to get rid of it.

Having said that, at the gym today, I saw a woman with a six-pack. Being envious in a way that's almost creepy, I couldn't help but stare. While I was checking out her abs, I also noticed she had quite a bit of loose skin, so perhaps in some cases, it's just the way it is.

There's a pinch test I found on one site: pinch yourself. If the loose skin is less than a few milimetres thick (a dime is a milimetre thick), it's loose skin; if it's a centimeter or more thick (ten dimes), it's subcutaneous fat that needs to get worked off.
I am the manager of a cosmetic laser center and wanted to let you all know about a fabulous new treatment that is FDA approved for skin tightening. It's called ReFirme Skin Tightening and we are having phenomenal results with it. Excersize is huge, obviously. It doesn't tighten the skin. It may help the health of it but once the epidermis is stretched it's going to take more than cardio to tighten it up.

To check if it is in your area go to www.refirme.com

The other option you have is called VelaSmooth for cellulite and it helps with skin tightening as well. www.Velasmooth.com

Hope this helps! If you have excessive amounts of skin you may consider a tummy tuck.  
im 21 years old, when i was 19 i starved from 320lbs to 180lbs, then lifted weights til about 235 or so---i have alot of loose skin in the belly and upper chest. i knew when i was losing all the wieght i knew loose skin would be a problem, but i planned to 'fill back in' with muscle...which i did, but man. i still got alot of loose skin and it totally blows. im young, healthy, male--good diet and excersize...and im telling you, that loose skin just doesnt go away!!! 

i wann hear from someone who has had a tummy tuck--does it work? is it worth it? about how much do they cost?
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