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Weight Loss
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Will I loose more weight if I stop drinking coffee?

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Myth of fact?

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It depends.  If you are putting a lot of cream and sugar in your coffee, then yes.  Other than that, I would say no.  Caffiene is a stimulant and an appetite suppressant.  Most diet pills on the market today are made mostly of caffiene.  The coffee itself is probably helpful in attaining your weight loss goals.  Just watch what your putting in it.

Since black coffee is only 2 - 5 calories, I doubt that's true.  Now if your coffee drinks are about 5% coffee and 95% cream, sugar, chocolate, whole milk, ect.  Then cutting back on drinking "coffee" will probably result in weight loss.

I always wonder about this! I know that cream and sugar obviously add to weight gain, but black coffee? I know that the caffeine makes me feel like i have more energy, therefor I move more. Sometimes I feel like i'm consuming too much, even though there's only about 8 cals a cup!

Also, what does Dunkin Donuts put in their coffee to flavor it (french vanilla coffee for example)? If it's like cream then I'm screwedEmbarassed

Good question...

it really depends.

if you drink a lot of coffee and not enough water, you may loose water weight by cutting out coffee and drinking more water.

coffee it self has very few calories, I think its something like 5 calories for 16 oz., so if you drink it black and drink plenty of water too then probably not.

if you add a lot of sugar and cream though, you could cut out calories by cutting those things out.

Black coffee has very little calories - like tea. Its sugar, milk, cream and all those other wonderful things you get at places like Starbucks that add. I just had a Starbucks Mocha (tall, skinny, without cream) and it comes in around 200 kcals! Today was the first time since I've started my diet that I've had a coffee like this (its been 5 months!)

So coffee can be a problem if you add all the trimmings. It is also true that caffeine is used as a stimulant to increase your metabolism along with various other products.

Here is a BBC News article regarding coffee: Morning coffee is "a meal in a cup"

I only had the coffee because there is glorious sunshine here in London and walking over to the nearest coffee shop seemed like a great idea and also because I could spare the calories :)

I drink 60 ounces of coffee a day and I've lost 50 pounds in the last few months. So there you go. Mind you now, I drink it with no cream or sugar; just a wee bit of skim milk.

Ah, 60 oz!  Do you sleep at all?  I drank about that much over a summer vacation and only had to sleep every other night.

haha. I'm addicted to the stuff. It helps with my weight loss too, greatly! It curbs my appetite. And has no impact on my sleep patterns. I actually have a surprisingly healthy sleeping pattern. I have 0 problem going to sleep. It surprises me actually, 'cause I have quite a bit of stuff to stress over (health, bills, school, work, love, family.) Actually, maybe my weight loss has lead to better sleep...

When I hop in bed, my mind will typically start to race and I'll start to stress; but a few minutes later, I'm knocked out.

I read that there is an enzyme in coffee (not the caffeine) that raises your cortisol level which could contribute to fat storage around the abdomen.  I tried to stop drinking coffee to check this out but it lasted one day.  By 3:00pm I felt so terrible (headache, lightheaded, etc....) that I gave in and had a cup.  Sad I know.  I drink a big cup in the morning and that is it.  The rest of the day I drink green tea which is caffeinated.  My hope is to totally switch to green tea sometime soon.

Original Post by lam7:

Myth of fact?

Who cares? If i stopped drinking coffee I would get such bad headaches I wouldn't be able to get out of bed, which would definitely cause weight gain ;)

I've been a caffeine addict since I was a very small child (I'm 38).  I only took a break when I was pregnant-it was harder to quit coffee than alcohol!

That said, I've cut down on my coffee as part of my fitness plan.  Why?  Because drinking coffee interferes with drinking water and eating a good breakfast before working out.  I absolutely can't get dehydrated at all.  Been there, done that.  I drink water last thing before bed and first thing in the morning. 

I don't believe in "abstaining".  that will make you angry and burn out for no good reason.  But drinking water first replaces the pot of coffee you'll go through.  Working out first, will get your blood pumping.  It works. 

On rest days, I drink as much coffee as I want and then I find that my tolerance has dropped and I don't need as much.  It's really fun.  I don't miss drinking a pot a day. 

For me, coffee is my big treat of the day.  I drink two cups -- with 1 tablespoon half and half and 2 tsp sugar.  That is 80 calories, and completely worth it.  Not just for the caffeine stimulus, but for my well-being.  I study medicine and see no physiological reason why caffeine would equal increases in cortisone in the body or fat storage (stress does, for sure) -- but 200 mg of caffeine (i cup of coffee) has been shown to improve mental clarity and athletic performance. 

I guess the bottom line is, don't deny yourself every little pleasure, or you'll end up on mocha binge. 

To answer the question what does DUNKIN DONUTS flavor their coffee with.  It is a syrup and most of those syrups contain 100 calories per oz.

heres a rant lol.... flavor shots are usually calorie-less unless they are mocha or caramel ( i used to work at honey dew in high school) they used to be flavored coffee beans which were a lot better and less harsh. the flavor shots are made up of chemicals; really bad for you id suggest not even touching them.

when we were first given them to use in exchange for the flavored coffee beans i squirted one of the flavor shots into a cup to taste by itself- my tongue went numb and there was a slight flavor but nothing compared to when you mix it with coffee or milk or sugar- although if you taste search-fully you can taste the chemical after math in your mouth gross right?!. the other women i worked with did the same to see if i was joking and all there tongues went numb too. so that is what you are putting in your coffee- sure its good mixed in but health wise anything that makes your tongue numb by itself is not something id use.

starbucks uses sugary flavor shots- which id go to before dunkies or honey dew if i wanted a flavor at least i know what sugar does rather than a chemically made flavor!

Black coffee should be a food group if you ask me :)

Original Post by elizaannfred:

I read that there is an enzyme in coffee (not the caffeine) that raises your cortisol level which could contribute to fat storage around the abdomen.

I heard something similar as well. Caffeine does something to insulin levels; keeps them artificially high so your body keeps grabbing calories long after you normally would have stopped using insulin. I have no proof of this; I just heard it a while ago and was horrified.

I was never a big coffee drinker BUT I loved soda (I'd drink about 1 a day). When I gave up caffeinated soda, I had horrible headaches for about a week. But if you can survive the week, you'll be able to kick the caffeine addiction. I now feel better, I sleep better, drink more water, and it also knocked about 150 calories out of my daily intake.

Coffee is a diuretic, so you'll certainly get rid of excess fluid, and it is an appetite depressant...So'll lose weight, and you're likely to become incredibly bitchy if it interrupts your sleep cycle because you drank it ALL DAY LONG.


I'm not 100% certain, but I think DD uses a sugar free extract/additive (it doesn't add sweetness if you notice, just flavor)  But it is definitely NOT cream or milk based n/ProductList.aspx?category=Beverages


dunkin donuts coffees do not use 100 calorie flavored syrups.  Take a look and see.  Just be smart when you order and get one of the flavored coffees, not a cream-rich flavored coffee drink!

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