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Weight Loss
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Looking for Weightloss buddies!

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Hi...I've been doing CC for a couple of weeks and seeking some weight loss buddies to motivate me.   I'm 38, 5'6", 215.  I've lost about 90 pounds so far and am hoping to lose at least 50 more.  I'm having trouble staying motivated!  Anyone else having this problem?  Hope to hear from you soon!

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good morning! getting a post in since the little box appeared this time! i get this on my phone & it doesn't always cooperate. LOL too early to weigh in yet, but I have lost a couple pounds this week so far. have a good day and be big losers!

curvymama- I would say losing a few pounds isn't too early then!

I myself had a big drop this weekend...typically I stuff my face over the weekend - In fact I haven't been counting. This medication can cause a decrease in appetite which is has, so I may not be eating enough. Although it was nice to meet one of my weight loss reward goals again (I get to buy shoes now, possibly heels for my friends wedding although I didn't find any I liked online so I may get moccasins). Going to have to keep track of foods to make sure I'm eating enough.

Hope you're all having a good weekend.

curvymama65 - woot woot on the loss!

sehmicor - a nice surprise but make sure you get enough nutrients!!!!  Always so wonderful to get a reward!

Ok, so did the big weigh in yesterday:

SW:  258

LW:  236

CW:  238

Did a wii workout this morning and have a very busy day ahead of me.  So back in the game.  I figure I did ok considering I have been slacking in the exercise department for a month.  Food was pretty good, so no complaints there.  But the exercise was a bust.  Not going to sweat the two pounds, but am sure as hell not gaining anymore!  Fighting a yucky head cold/allergy thing, but it was good as I sweat myself senseless in the workout.  Off to shower.  Have a great day all!


Sarah - welcome back! we have all had our stints of dropping off the face of the world. Good thing is that you came back.

dale - first off, I am happy that you and Allan have worked it out. Your photo of facebook is just too cute for words!  

dori - i will keep that in mind next time I do an insanity video!


Hi all! Had a binge filled weekend. But realized that I am too poor and too fat for that. Am back on track hardcore this week (with raging PMS and cramps so its not easy to ignore the terrible greasy ass food that my uterus wants)... But I am getting through.

Hey all:

Did a wicked wii core workout today that is still hurting me!  Making a big batch of spagetti sauce to freeze for the rest of the spring/summer.  All chock full of veggies and goodness.  Smells heavenly in here!  Now off to clean out and organize a cupboard.

Amanda - thanks hons.  He makes me so happy I can't even put it into words!  As for the binging.  Been there, done that.  Hardcore week for me too, but missed a period (and no, not that kind of missing, just perimenopause missing) and so still suffering the cramps and bloating, but no normal end to it.  YUCK.  I try to substitute for the greasy food I want with better choices (make spicy baked chicken wings and do an extra workout to indulge in them).  But I feel you on that.  I tend to crave grease during that time.  You can do it!

I am still around. Haven't been near a scale. I think the hospitol said I weighed 185lbs. I don't remember being weighed though. I have not worked out in about a month. Have not been very food concious during that time either. When I am sick I basically eat what I want. Problem with that is that I am sick alot. lol

I am posting today to commit to being back. I WILL DO AT LEAST 30 MINUTES OF WII TODAY. i WILL START WITH "PLAYING".

 Beacher= Is that offer of a workout pact still good? I will commit to a minimum of 30 min per day for 6 days a week= 3 hours per week. I think that is not an unreasonable goal. What are your thoughts on it?

Everybody= I have been reading your posts, just until today wasn't up to joining back in.

Okay, posting gave me the courage and motivation to get on the dreaded scale monster. I was very pleasantly surprised. 179.4 and that was after 2 cups of coffee and a greek yogurt.

Dale= Ambien is doing alot for my insomnia. It gets me to sleep about 20-30 min and I wake up wide awake and refreshed 7-9 hours later.

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Hi Fookitty,

Wow 90 pounds so far.  Great job.  This is my first week and third day.  So happy a friend shared this website with me.  I am 46, 5'4, 227 pounds.  Wow, can't believe I just put that out there.  We can motivate one another.  Smile

Hey Maid Marion!  Of course the pact is still in effect!  I have been waiting for you to come back and join me!  I did a half hour walk today, so in like flynn!  Woot woot on the scale!  Being away from work has done wonders for my sleep.  I can sleep a solid 5-6 hours a night of late (no surprise). 

Hi ssosa04 - fookitty is actually on a prolonged break but there are a ton of us original posters here still fighting the good fight.  I am 44, 5"5 and 238.  It is the first step to making a change so good for you.  We weigh in every Friday or alternate Fridays (or heck, when you want).  Marion and I as above will be doing a 30 minute minimum exercise challenge 6 days a week if you want to join us :)  And anyone else for that matter :)


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Hey beacher39 - I would love to join you and Marion in the weigh in every Friday and the 30 minute minimum exercise challenge.  Just what I need to help keep me motivated and moving in the right direction.  

Very kewl ssosa04.  If you want, come and post what you did exercise wise every day.  I find it keeps me accountable :)

Dale - I'm glad he makes you so happy! Thats awesome :D

And Marion - yay for being in the 170s! I hope you are feeling much better, you have been in my thoughts and prayers.

I would also like to join this minimum of 30minute exercise for 6days a week! 

Yesterday's workout= 30 minutes of Wii active games. (Swordplay, table tennis, bowling, basketball) and then later on did 15 minutes on the treadmill. It was my first time to walk in the door at the gym in a month.

Woot woot, Amanda, the more the merrier!  I have done 1/2 hour on the stepper and am now doing some massive housework and yardwork (beautiful day), so that is going to be me for the day!

Maid Marion, way to go on the wii and looking forward to hearing about todays :)


 Today's workout= 35 minutes of Wii Fit Plus.  I am super tired today.

Dale= That sounds like fun.

Woot woot Marion!  Just need amanda and ssosa04 to weigh in on their workouts today!

It was most certainly NOT fun and I am sore from head to toe, BUT, I did my entire chore list for today.  Have another one for tomorrow :(

Happy Friday all:

Weigh in:

SW:  258

LW:  238

CW:  236.4 (Think all those chores yesterday did it, I worked like a dawg!!!)

Nice to see the scale going in the right direction.

I think either today or tomorrow I am going to do a longer workout, so I can have Sunday as a day of rest :)


Congrats on the loss Dale! :)

Well, I haven't worked out this week, but I lost weight solely by this medication reducing my appetite (also could have lost some muscle from not working out, who knows). I even skipped dinner one night. :S

Got a new lens for my camera last night so I was taking photos with my boyfriend and I still look bigger in them, so that was a bit disappointing. But I'll get there.

SW: 184
LW: 173.4
CW: 170.8 (-2.6)
GW: (short term) 160-167
GW: 125-150

FM: A 14" Ch 41" W 34" H 41" T 25.75" (Dec 2) C 18 (Jan 6)
LM: A 13.5" Ch 38.75" W 32" H 38.5" T 24.75" C 17"
CM: A 13.25" Ch 38.5" W 32" H 38.5" T 24.75" C 16.75"

Total inches lost: 10

Well I'm good with that haha.... need to start working out again even if its a few days a week. Things are just really hectic right now.

sehmicor - congrats on the loss!  Must admit I am a tad jealous since I had to sweat like crazy and every inch of me hurts to get a 1.6 loss, lmao and you pull out 2.6 but I realize that is due to the medication and that is no cake walk either.  There is a change in the measurements too and that has got to be nice!!!!  I am sure you do not look bigger in the pics, we are all too damn hard on ourselves!

Dale - before you get jealous keep in mind that my last weeks weigh in was actually higher because of a sodium binge. So I really didn't magically lose that much weight.

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