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Weight Loss
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Looking for Weightloss buddies!

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Hi...I've been doing CC for a couple of weeks and seeking some weight loss buddies to motivate me.   I'm 38, 5'6", 215.  I've lost about 90 pounds so far and am hoping to lose at least 50 more.  I'm having trouble staying motivated!  Anyone else having this problem?  Hope to hear from you soon!

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SW: 184
LW: 172.0
CW: 172.2 (+0.2 - That's not that bad I guess... yesterday I was at 173)
GW: (short term) 160-167 - Hoping to reach this by end of April - Mid-May provided I have no motivation fallouts.
GW: 125-150

FM: A 14" Ch 41" W 34" H 41" T 25.75" (Dec 2) C 18 (Jan 6)
LM: A 13.75" Ch 39.5" W 32.75" H 39.25" T 24.75" C 17"
CM: A 13.5" Ch 39" W 32.25" H 38.75" T 25" C 17" (-1.5 inches)

Total inches lost: 8.75

I don't know...maybe I've gained muscle in places, or something else is going on. I can't exactly be mad at these measurements.... I had to move the arm one lower down because my bicep has actually gotten to 14" again... before this I don't think there was any different between the two areas lol but the 30 day shred has a lot of arm movements.

My goal is to just keep doing what I'm doing and get to the second level of the 30 day shred (which I'm guessing is supposed to be after ten days... I've done about 5 or 6 now 'cause I skipped a few days...but I've never gotten to level 2 before I always get shin splints!).

Also one of my boyfriends friends wants to go for walks with me, so hopefully that will keep me going on days where I don't want to do the shred.

Hope you all have a great day/weekend

Original Post by fookitty:

Hi...I've been doing CC for a couple of weeks and seeking some weight loss buddies to motivate me.   I'm 38, 5'6", 215.  I've lost about 90 pounds so far and am hoping to lose at least 50 more.  I'm having trouble staying motivated!  Anyone else having this problem?  Hope to hear from you soon!

I need a buddy.... someone to keep me going. I have a lot that runs through my head that I need to release on a regular basis. I don't have many close friends. I am 30 years old, a nurse, with a family. 5'6", 218 pounds. Any advice and/or support is welcome.

Id like a buddy! Im 26, female, 5'8", 185lbs, goal weight 155lbs
Original Post by leonine85:

Id like a buddy! Im 26, female, 5'8", 185lbs, goal weight 155lbs

I will be your buddy. Keep in touch with me :)


I made it back from the country who will not be named with lots of holiday food.  And my family visited everywhere around me and all of the sites, it was a lot of fun.  Plus, I was pleasantly surprised that I had lost weight when I got back.  My parents were super annoyed when I told them, because they were trying really hard and still gained a couple of pounds.  AND my super awesome sister kept saying things like I should go and look at bikinis (which I could where exactly nowhere in Jordan even if I felt comfortable in one).  So, pretty much it was exactly what I needed.

Marion - that sounds very hard.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to help support you.  You've worked super hard to get where you are.

Sarah - those measurements are amazing!  There is a word in Arabic for when your body tightens up, and it looks like that is definitely what yours did.  Celebrate!

gb - I love your shorts goal, and it's totally attainable.

Dale - Congratulations on your new relationship!  It sounds like you are doing a lot of the right things, and I know you'll get back on track when you aren't so tired.

Amanda - good luck with the essays.

Okay, it's the last week and a half before my marathon and I'm hoping I trained enough.  I hope everyone is well!

Glad your back safe Juju! And with a loss, way to go! It's been quiet around here, I think most of us are still lurking :) It just seems to be that time of year where other stuff takes over and computer time(for me anyway) gets shortened a LOT! I guess they'd frown on the bikini thing huh?! Oh well, I'm sure you'll be back to bikini land before you know it :) I think giving up the scale has really given me a mental relief boost! I'm sure you'll do great, it will be over and you'll wonder what you worried about!!!

Hope the rest of you are okay! Dale gotten through to the doc yet?

ju - Sounds like you had a good time!

gb - I would post more but right now I've been really whining and bitchy about my lack of weightloss.

Aaaaand now to the whining and bitching... I'm up to 174.6 today! So frustrating... and my measurements are up to.... I just got into level 2 of the 30 day Shred...maybe that's not enough. Yesterday my sodium was high though, so hopefully it's just water weight. If I can keep up the 30 day shred without giving up due to shin splints/injury I will let you all know how it goes. I guess so far my measurements have gone down so I've probably built muscle...but i was suppposed to be at like 169 in a few days.... instead I'm 4 pounds heavier.

Hi all, it has been such a long week. Its that crazy time of year when everything at school is suddenly all due at the same time. I have to hand in four essays and do a presentation next week. ugh.

Eating has been terrible. Exercise is non-existent. This is not good. But I've decided to suck it up and start running on Friday. Hopefully it will be nicer out and I can out outside. We shall see,


timshel - welcome back!!

sarah - we all get discouraged at some point. trust me. thats what im going through right now. but I find that discovering something to motivate me.. like starting a new exercise plan has helped. I'll be running starting on Friday and now I am really looking forward to it!

juju- im glad you had fun!! it sounds like a great time. and yay for losing weight while on vacation!

Sarah- Don't worry about the w&b! I have been in that mode since last september I think. I finally made up my mind to not rely on the scale or measurements for that matter. I know even my measuring was aggravating because it's pert near impossible to get the tape in the exact same place with the exact amount of tension each time so my readings were all over the place BUTTT my jeans are looser and I hafta wear a belt so as to not expose meself! Are you giving your body enough time to recover between Jillian torture sessions? Lifting heavy especially breaks your muscles down and then it's the rest and healing that makes you stronger each time. I was supposed to be back under 200 by now, we'll both get to our goals!

Amanda- you're obviously under a ton of pressure! Do what's fun when you can! This stuff will be over before you know it and you can focus on you again.

amanda - It's almost over! Keep pushing!

gb - I've been doing them daily for the most part. Aside from the weekend where I skipped a bunch. I think I'm going to start alternating days to Just Dance or walking so its just a pure cardio day. I'm definitely seeing results from 30DS for sure in my arms (seeing as the hardest part of the workout for me is always my arms!), the scale just always drives me crazy, and moreso it doesn't feel like my stomach is shifting much, so everything else goes down and it makes it look like my stomach is bigger to me.

So much whining! Anyway, we'll get there... I may have to rework all my reward goals now though because the next one is 169 which is now awhile away again. :/ Maybe I should combine it with measurements :P hahaha

A little quibble about weight loss... I know you ladies will try and cheer me up.

I've been eating so great and I lost about 5 lbs last week... I was eating LOTS less and juicing a ton, so I expected it to drop by I expected it to go back up. I went from 137 down to 134 while on a lot of juice for about 5 days. Then when I added back "real" food, I decided to lower my calorie intake to 1350. I've went over almost everyday but the first 2 days I lost 1 lb a day so I was down to 132! I was so happy. Then I went over by 200 calories 2 days in a row AND got my period so now I'm back up to 134.

I have been struggling with these last 10 lbs FOREVER. I'm consistantly working out 3 times a week and I just don't want to add any more in and I don't think I can eat less than 1350... what to do?!



stacey - "AND got my period" - That's probably your answer! Just keep at er and see if maybe you drop after your period. I've been struggling lately too and it's not even my last 10 pounds! :P Do not eat less than 1350... Are you able to exercise more or maybe differently? Like more cardio?

SW: 210
LW: 178
CW: 177.4
GW: 149

Dori - Well I hope you're doing great!  Giving up the scale sounds like it was a really good idea.  I'm not sure I have the mental willpower for something like that!  And I don't think I'm made for binkinis no matter what country I'm in!  I'm a little too clumsy to be able to actually swim without worrying that something will not be where I left it.  On the other hand, don't loose jeans feel great?

Sarah - It's taken me forever to see any progress, but the numbers do have an overarching trend in the right direction.  I'd say, give it a little time.  Your plan to alternated 30DS with cardio also sounds good, if nothing else it should shock your body.

Amanda - You're doing so great at not letting everything stop you from trying!  That's probably the most important thing.  Have fun running.

Stacey - It sounds like you've been losing weight really fast, so think of three pounds in nine days, not the fact that you lost a little more and then regained it.  Like you said you weren't eating real food for a few days even if it took your body a few more to realize it.  Or, you could go with Sarah's (likely) take and just acknowledge that your period does things to your body.

It's one week to the marathon and I got in my last long run yesterday.  It wasn't that long because I don't want to over do it so close to game day but it was a good 12 miles.  The half a pound I lost isn't much, but I'm really happy with it.  I hope everyone is doing well, especially the quiet people!

Ju - Congrats on the loss!

gb - Gave myself a break last night from workouts.

SW: 184
LW: 172.2
CW: 173.2 (+1)
GW: (short term) 160-167
GW: 125-150

FM: A 14" Ch 41" W 34" H 41" T 25.75" (Dec 2) C 18 (Jan 6)
LM: A 13.5" Ch 39" W 32.25" H 38.75" T 25" C 17"
CM: A 13.5" Ch 39" W 32.5" H 38.75" T 25" C 17" (+0.25 inches)

Total inches lost: 8.5

Basically the same. At least it's not up... the waist was hard to measure this time so it's probably the same.

Hope you're all doing well.





ctymikeuk - I bought a bike at the end of last year so hoping to get into it this year.  Going to get my brother to give it the once over to make sure it is good to go before I get to doing it.  But this is the year.

gb - Things are crazy at work, absolutely crazy.  What is PITA?  I have got to look into the Brazil Butt Lift.  If you are in that much pain, it is likely a really hefty workout.  Very much looking forward to the shorts in summer!

sehmicor - I'm a diagnosed insomniac, so sleep regularly eludes me. 

As for what you are saying, it is really mental, this journey, well it is for me.  It has been a great deal of self talk.  I would start with looking in the mirror and finding some good things about yourself and concentrating on those, repeat it out loud and keep doing it (I know it sounds hokey, but trust me on this one).  Just keep adjusting until you find your groove and we are here to support you with it.  The .2 is nothing and the measurement ARE going down, so be proud of it. 

heartanurse/leonine85 - this is a whole group of buddies.  We post our stories, what we are doing exercise wise, weights on Fridays (or alternate Fridays), our struggles and more.

ju - woot woot on the bikinis.  Don't know if I ever mentioned this, but one of my goals is to reach a point where I could wear one.  Never in my life, even thin, have I worn one.  I was always too shy to do it, but I think I would love to try it when I get there :)

gb - have seen the doc and then sent to see another and seeing my doc again this week.  Will give you an update soon.

sehmicor - the scale has sent me into major funks over the months, so I moved to biweekly weighing.  Totally fell off the bandwagon this past month, so suspect a gain, but need to get myself back on track.

amanda - I feel you.  Need to kick myself in the butt right now.

stacey - I think it might help to change up your workout routine, shock your body kind of thing.

ju - congrats on the loss!  Very excited for your marathon.  Again, uber impressive to me!

Marion - I think it is time you and I made a pact.  Ok, I know you now have a cold, but after that leaves.  We have both kind of fallen by the wayside here and it is time to get back on board.  So, the second you get better, we are on.  At least 1/2 and goal of at least 1 hour per day 5-6 days per week.  Deal?  Any type of exercise.  We need to shake this funk hons.

Ok all.  Work really has been insane.  Last week was just horrid.  Came home after one particularly bad day and spoke to a peer about it and got all dizzy and freaked out.  Went to a walk in because it scared the ____ out of me and my bloody pressure is pretty high.  Seeing my family doc this Wednesday after seeing his referral over a week ago.  We'll see what is what.  Will let you know after Wednesday.  Easter weekend this weekend.  Big deal for my family.  All is well in Allan town.  This man is a blessing.  Really a blessing.

Hugs to all.  My plan is to workout today, no matter what.  So, that is my goal for today.  Have to get back into the postings to hold me accountable.


Update:  Didn't manage to do a workout per se, but spent 2 hours cleaning the house top to bottom and did break a sweat, so going to let that count for now.  Also, did my taxes and telefiled same (had to get that off the plate as my toilet is broken again.  Apparently, my home fix in December did not take, so same bloody issue again, argh) and spent the rest of the time calling plumbers and leaving messages.  I am stunned that no one is returning my calls argh.





Every year during the busy essay/exam season I gain 5-10lbs. Without fail. This year has been no different. Went from 205 in Feb to 211 in March... now at 217! Uggggggggggggh. Not impressed. But today is a new day. I am back on track now. Classes are over, I just have 3 fairly easy exams to study for. 

I guess the reason I gain weight every essay/exam time is because of stress. I am such an emotional eater. All I want to do when stressed is eat. This time was the worst though. I had a billion essays due PLUS i was waiting to hear back from schools. I am graduating this year and have applied for teachers colleges. I heard back though! I got waitlisted at my top two choices and into my other two. So I have decided to go to Nipissing next year and will be permantly leaving Ottawa :(

Am going to workout tonight. and I am going to go running tomorrow morning and Sunday morning. I will post later tonight when I force myself to follow through.

Okay okay.

w/o - 25 minutes of an "insanity video"...... the actual video is 40minutes but i fell over a couple times and literally couldnt get up. it kicked my butt.

I found a bunch of workout videos here if anyone is looking for something new: 94987/you-will-only-regret-the-workouts-you-d ont-do

I'd like to join in and get to know ya'all! I'm Tammy, 47 yo, here are my stats: SW: 215.5 lbs CW: 192.2 lbs GW: 170 lbs (short term); 160 lbs (long term)

Hey tammy! welcome.
This group has been pretty quiet lately but I'm hoping that everyone will start coming on here more often.

We do weigh ins on friday to track our progress (and some measure themselves on fridays too). Other than that, we are here to help, or if you have any issues or happy news too! 

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