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Weight Loss
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Looking for Weightloss buddies!

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Hi...I've been doing CC for a couple of weeks and seeking some weight loss buddies to motivate me.   I'm 38, 5'6", 215.  I've lost about 90 pounds so far and am hoping to lose at least 50 more.  I'm having trouble staying motivated!  Anyone else having this problem?  Hope to hear from you soon!

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Right when I got excited that it didn't snow - it starts snowing! DAMN. Also my fire alarm went off because of my toaster. Which probably wakes up everyone else in these apartments because it is SO LOUD.

Life is trying to turn today into one of those days.... and I'll be damned if I'll let it happen. ;D

To all the newcomers=WELCOME

Dale= Glad you are feeling better enough that you can hold food down!!

Sehm= The cold dreary Wintertime gets to alot of people. Have you ever tried adding a vitamin D suppliment into your daily routine? It might help.

Char= AWESOME, keep up what ya been doing!

SW= 217

LW=175 ( I thought it was 174.6 but couldn't find any record of it so maybe I was wrong)



Well I am half asleep and still need to get ready for work. Guess I better get busy with that. Hope you all have a great day.

Weigh in day:

HW: 210
CW: 207.4
GW: 150

I had jumped up 5lbs last week from what I assumed was my period... but I only lost 2.6 lbs this week. Hopefully by next week I will be back at 205.

gb - not dodging anymore. am taking a kickboxing class to make up for it though.

dale - I hope all is well. You will be in my prayers tonight.

char - don't worry about staying the same! especially on your period, I would say thats a great number!! Next week you will see a change for sure.

Sarah - that would be awesome! Just let me know when you are planning to come up and we can make some plans! Ive learned that alcohol is terrible when trying to lose weight. And as a university student, its really hard to separate alcohol from being healthy. Ive tried to limit my drinking to once or twice a month (instead of every weekend like I used to). 

 marion - congrats on the loss! thats a great number... you are almost in the 160s!!!!


Congrats to all on the losses!  Sehmicor, don't worry about small gains, just adjust and move forward.  Have a great weekend all!

marion - That is a great loss! Congrats! I definitely should add some vitamin D. If I was doing my regimen right I would be taking it in the afternoon with calcium. Although really I don't think vitamin D stops you from absorbing iron (like calcium does) so I could add it to the morning....

Amanda - March 17th would be the day (I get in on the 16th and leave on the 18th but I probably wouldn't be able to arrange anything that day). On the Saturday I usually try to convince my friend to take me to the Rideau mall/market, so if that would work for you that'd be a good meeting place. Not sure where you live so it might be hard? And man oh man do I understand the alcohol troubles's one thing I will not give up. Although last week was bad because I just bought coolers so there was a LOT of sugar...and it was two nights in a row.

Alright, no more being lazy. Time to go dance.....after this show..... :)

Dale - I don't know anyone who fights harder through more things than you.  I'm sorry you ended up in emergency but glad that at least you're feeling well enough to try to get back to things. And I'm with Dori, you're going to be fine with the exercise.

Amanda - I hope the rest of it comes off by next week too, but at least it's going in the right direction.  I'm glad you're still kickboxing.  Is it fun?

sehmicor - Definitely don't worry about the small gains, it will be a better week next week.

char - Definitely don't get discouraged.  8lbs is great for two weeks, period or no.

Marion - Nice steady numbers!  And last week's mistake only makes this week even better.

Two of my friends convinced me to run up a mountain with them for marathon training.  Okay, really one of them did the convincing.  But if you told me last year that I would get up at 4:30 AM to run up a mountain I would have said you were insane.  I'm sick today and I think it's her fault.  But I did 13 miles up and down and hopefully she'll email me pictures soon.

sehmicor - did you get to the dancing?

ju - you're a ROCKSTAR!!!!  Way to go on running up a mountain!  You rock socks sister!

Ju - Running...up a mountain... you are like.. the definition of epic!

Dale - Haha thanks for being on my case (in a good way - I need it). I did last night, only for 20 minutes or so but I also counted calories and stayed in my limit again.

Today I have not yet... I did a lot of cleaning around the house though including doing some laundry in the tub which does take effort.... walked around town a bit, but went out for lunch so that was bad.  Hopefully the boyfriend will play some dancing with me later.

Dale- You are Superawesomewonderwoman!!! You will get through all this and be even stronger for it. 1 lb up after all that is awesome!

Ju-EEEEEEEEEEEEP! You the good kind of crazy :) Must see pics!

Char- TOM wreaked havoc on me last week too, like 5 pounds worth, so don't worry :) I'm back on track now. It's crazy how much weight can come on then go during that time, no wonder we feel horrible.

Sarah- I didn't get nearly enough Zumba-ing in this week. Tuesdays are bad because of NCIS and NCIS LA :) I'm going to hafto get ALL my wo's in earlier, I must I must I must!!



CW-226  ....whew- Onward and downward!!!!! :D

WO G/E 90/75, Z2 45/180, CLX 2/3

sehmicor - my pleasure :)  How did the day go?  Get the dancing in?

gb - thanks hons and thank you for all your support during this ordeal.  I am back to exercising.  Yesterday, hour walk on lunch (albeit a little slower than usual) and 30 minute wii workout.  It is harder than normal, but not as hard as I thought (thank God, was worried about that).  WOOT WOOT on the loss, way to go!  So nice to break through a stall!!!  So proud of and happy for you!

Dale - Not on Saturday. :( Also had a bad food afternoon that day. Sunday dances 25 mins and ate okay. Yesterday actually tracked everything and danced around 20 mins/shakeweight.

I made a bunch of mini-rewards on the weekend to try and map out my weight loss a bit. Basically every 2 or 3 pounds I lose I get something. I'm hoping that it'll be close enough together that it keeps me excited. The first one is when I get to 174. Which was that annoying number I kept hovering around so I need to get under it already (it also means I've lost ten full pounds once I do). I just checked the scale and it says I'm below that today so we'll see if it keeps around there for the rest of the week.

So basically I guess my goal is to reach 144 by around the end of August. It works out to 7 pounds by the end of March (I have this week too to help with that) and then 5 pounds each month after that... nothing too crazy. If all went as planned I'd be within 'normal BMI range' by The end of June which would be nice. Too bad I see my doctor in April... he likes to call me fat but I'll still be around the same weight when I see him.

Sarah - March 17th might work! I'll have to see closer to the date but I dont see any issues now. I don't live close to that area, but I can get there in 20minutes or so by bus. I go down there fairly often. Something I tried to do at one point was drink straight liquor. Or mix it with just water and added fruit (lemon or whatever) for taste. That way, at least for vodka, its only 30calories a shot (give or take). It helped, because I wouldnt blow my calories for the day. But tasted terrible. Haha

Juju - Yes, I am still kickboxing. I really enjoy it. It kicks my ass everytime though. Thats amazing about the mountain though! Proud of you.

dori - YAY!! congrats on the loss. that is an amazing number!!


I have nothing crazy planned for today. Won't be going to kickboxing - I have waaaaaay too much research to do. Might try to squeeze in a workout later though.

sehmicor - good for you on the working out.  Build it up.  Love the mini rewards.  That rocks.  Your goal sounds very attainable and looking forward to celebrating it when you do.

amanda - vodka is 30 cal a shot?  I thought it was around 100?????  I have to look into that one (ummm, everyone guessing I love my vodka?  ha ha)

I only managed an hour walk on lunch today as I worked a 12 hour day today and folks, the bottom line is, I am not doing anymore.


Hi All-

Quick check in--I've been out of town and then quite busy with work when I returned so I haven't been logging or writing much. I started logging again yesterday. Went to Zumba yesterday and had a blast, just did some housework today after work.

I'll hopefully post more this week, but will definitely post Friday for the weigh in since I've missed.... 2 Fridays now (I think). Anyway, have a great week everyone!

ms - nice to see you!  Looking forward to more and the weigh in!

Thanks for the well wishes guys.  I definitely won't be running outside this weekend, because it's stormy and possibly going to snow.  The power keeps going out with the rain, but hopefully the treadmill will hold out for my long run.

Dale - I think an hour walk is exactly where you should be.  Don't stress your body when you're just getting better.

ms - good to hear from you.

Amanda - Good luck with the research!

Sarah - I love little goals!  I seem to be taking really long times to meet mine, but even if that happens you still get rewards!  I think it's a great plan you have.

gb - I used to love NCIS.  I haven't watched it since I came here, but I hope you enjoy it for me.

Today I could barely get through my exercise class with my women and tomorrow is my long run for the week.  I'm just hoping that I'm better by then.  If not, I'll pick up a snickers because they're like energy bars only more delicious.

GIRLS! I am have been away for... 6 months!! I made it back from Thailand so don't be worried that I fell off the face of the earth haha I am so happy to see that you girls are logging away and talking to each other. Amazing.

Are any of you doing the calorie camp? I was thinking of adding a bunch of you as supporters so I don't look at random peoples logging, I can check you guys out and you can check me. I am into this! They say that if you get "paid" or rewards for weight loss or goal achievement you are WAY more likely to keep to it. Getting points to redeem on things is the best idea!!

I am currently 136 lbs (still keeping steady...) I am getting married in 11 months so I need to make sure I am not over indulging much. I am not worried about the dress, like most brides, I LOVE my dress and I look fantastic in it. I am worried about the bikini I will be in for the week of my wedding because we are getting married in Costa Rica... so I have to be looking fly.

Happy Wednesday!

Hi, Everyone -

My name is Stacy. I'm 42, 5'6", 202 pounds & just started Calorie Count on Saturday. "Looking for Weight Loss Buddies" seemed like a good place to start. I am good at encouraging others (social worker)... and I tend to do really well when I am encouraged by & accountable to others. I am determined to lose some weight, take better care of myself, & increase my fitness. Would love it someone who's been around awhile might want to be a guide/mentor. Thanks!

Amanda - I think I could handle shots of flavoured vodka but that would probably be it haha. I'd have such bad heartburn though! Some people just add water to their vodka. I should try that with flavoured vodka and then add a little stevia to sweeten it up...but the wonderful thing will be that the more you lose weight, the less you will need to get a buzz :D Also the less often you drink too...and now that I only drink once a month it's a lot less than the half a 26'er I used to need in college!

Dale - Still walking and hour is okay! Do you move around at your job too?

ms - As long as you keep motivated in the long run I think it's okay to miss a few days - I certainly have.

ju - Hopefully the power doesn't go out! I hate when it goes out during storms - especially snowy storms. Are snickers really like an energy bar?? Cause they are soooooo deliciousssss.

staceyo - Welcome back. I actually like to look at random people's logs just to see what others are eating. The rewards I've all looked at only seem to be applicable for people in the US (someone please prove me wrong here!). Are you looking to maintain or to lose more?

stacy - Welcome (and to calorie count)! These girls are absolutely lovely. We usually weigh in on Fridays.

So my weights bumping around a bit but I got those weight watchers Smart Ones because they were on sale and they are full of sodium (which I was aware of, but thought it would make for an easy week). Hopefully I don't lose motivation because of it. I've been getting 20-30 mins of Just Dance every night. Hopefully i stick to it for awhile and then maybe I'll switch to Zumba... Zumba just seems harder to convince myself to do.

The weather is crummy here today... snow and freezing rain. Next week is supposed to get into like 10C or something so that would be wonderful. I just have the flip flopping of the weather. Also bad weather means the boyfriend probably won't be coming over. :/ Anyway off to breakfast I go... I kind of wanted bacon but I think I'll have cereal because it's easier...and healthier haha. Today's Thursday right? I really want it to be the weekend.

I am thinking I would like to lose... or just tone up I guess. I think 130-125 would be ideal for me.

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