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Weight Loss
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Looking for weight loss friends :-)

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Hi im 19, and a student.

Im on here as after battling my weight for what seems like forever i want to get rid of 2 stone once and for all!!

Looking for people for support and to chat to, so we can all motivate each other 


Bex x

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Hiya.. My target is 2st as well. And I am looking for a long-term reliable weight-loss buddy. I am 33 and based in the UK. We can give it a shot. what say?

Hey I'm Marianne and I'm 19 and a student too!

weight has been a problem for me for a good few years, but ever since I started college I've gained 15lbs (what a cliche!). I've just started using calorie count and my goal is 25lbs! I think we'd be good partners cos we'd face similar issues with college, socializing etc. 

let me know!

Marianne x



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hey :-) would deffo like to buddy up with you both :-)


Great! so what is your biggest downfall? for me, its over-indulging when things start to get difficult, like if i come home from a long day at college ill just say, screw it, and get a take away :/ also anytime i go out i completely lose control of my calorie intake, first the drinks, then chips or something after leaving the club and then the next day i eat everything in sight! so i guess self discipline is the problem! how do you stay motivated?

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I have so many downfalls, i eat when i get emotional (sad, angry), after a day on placement i cba to cook so its just quick calorie packed bits from the shop, i binge basically and then awful afterwards but dont ever purge. Going out is a nightmare as i lose track of what i eat and then its always kebab and chips on the way home and its not exactley a huge portion. I go to the gym but i think i eat to much for it to make a huge difference.

My motivation atm is mainly that i have just been told i have pre-diabetes so i need to make a life change before it develops. My second motivation is that im studying midwifery  at uni and being the size i am is not attractive in the uniform, i feel gross!!!

Whats your motivation?


Wow, pre-diabetes, thats pretty scary, you should be so proud that you're taking control now before the situation gets worse. 

Im just as bad eating crap from the shop, especially when I'm on campus. At home I've tried cooking meals that can be frozen or having a few kitchen staples, like rice and pasta and a low fat sauce, around so when I'm being lazy i don't reach for the take away menus. Its worked quite well except for days when i come home tired and upset, at which point i stop caring about myself and try to abuse myself in a way by eating a st*tload of crap :/ 

Emotions definitely play a big part in my eating, and i suppose they're also part of my motivation. I read about a survey recently that found out that people who eat junk food have a much greater chance of becoming depressed. I just want to be happy really. theres obviously the aesthetic side to it but also, i often feel so out of control with my weight that it just makes me sad. (which can lead to over eating....its a vicious cycle, as I'm sure u know) So my motivation is to look good and feel good, it sounds ridiculous but u know that song by Ne-Yo 'Miss Independent', thats kind of where i want to be, in control, more proactive and successful in what i do. I suppose they're the lifestyle changes i want to make, do u have any lifestyle goals?

P.S. I'd also love to meet a nice guy, i know i don't have to be skinny to do that but, my self confidence is so low now that i never really put myself out there enough to even have the chance to meet this mystery guy :P


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I completely know the vicious cycle! Been there myself so many times with the last being very recently.  

For me my lifestyle goals would be to change my eating habits so they were healthy permanently (with the odd treat, cause i dont believe in not rewarding yourself). I want to feel that i am in control of my weight. not my emotions, i want to be proud to put on my uniform and look in the mirror and say hey i look good (tbh though student midwives uniforms arent the most attractive even for the skinnest of people.

I have an amazing guy who i have been with for a year, he is as skinny as you can get, he says he loves me the way i am and wouldnt care if i lost 2 stone or put on 4 he loves me for me. Which is so lovely but I wanna look good for him, if that makes any sense?

I wieghed myself this morning and iv lost 2.4 pounds which im so happy about! My fam and step fam are going out for a meal at lunch today so im going to try and remain controled and have a gonna have to learn to love them xxx

I just turned 22, and I'm a university student. So I understand the stress of being a student! I just looked up 2 stone and it looks like 28 lbs for me... I'm looking to lose probably 40 lbs but I'm still a good motivator and I'm already around to talk if you want to support each other :) I frequently write in journals and comment on others' journals and I could send personal msgs if that's best for you! anyways I notice that a lot of people that wanted buddies a couple months back no longer really do anything on here, but I'm pretty consistent! :) 

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Heya tiamac5 the more the better i say ;-) xx

I was snooping around looking for a small group like this!other places are kinda advanced and im super new to this whole weightloss thing. :)

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Hey italk2much :-) Im supernew as well. How you finding things x

Hey sorry i haven't posted in a while, exams are coming up and things are getting hectic!

Welcome to the group italk2much and tiamac5!

Exciting news guys, week 1 is over and i lost 5 lbs! :O Im sure half of that was like water weight or something, but I'm still proud of it! Well done on your weight loss Bex, how did that lunch go in the end?

Eating with other people is definitely an issue for me. I mean i don't really want to draw attention to the fact that I'm on a diet but if i don't say it, it looks like I'm being a bit of a fun sponge :P do you guys tell people you're trying to eat better or just try to turn things down politely? (or just eat it anyway like i did with the ice cream cone and chocolate crepe I've eaten the past two days, both when i was hanging out with my friend Grace :/ i could blame it on her but it's not like i didn't want them... :P)

Also I'm going out tomoro night :/ last time i went out my entire day went out the window and i can't let that happen again!! Im gonna go to the gym before hand to burn off some excess calories but i don't really know what else i can do! anybody have any tips?

Hows everybody's week going?

Marianne x


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Heya, well done on your weight loss thats fab!!!

I lost 3.6lbs which i am happy about. The lunch went fab, had melon for a starter, grilled chicken salad and some chips for main and more fruit for dessert. Was very yummy.

Feeling a bit down about my body today but i thinks thats just cause i feel ill and so am just a bit grumpy. 

Haha well ur allowed the odd treat!! Dont really know many tips but you could try going to the gym and eating less in the day so you have saved some calories for the evening?


Oh Dear....

I fell of the CC wagon there for a couple of days. I had the most sedentary weekend and didn't even bother logging my food :/ It was a bad weekend on all levels despite having done ok on my night out. I didn't log, i didn't study, i didn't do anything productive in the slightest and i think each of those factors had an effect on each other. It was like i was in a funk or something!

Well done with keeping your calories under control at lunch Bex,eating out is always the hardest! I heard on the radio today that the Irish gov is trying to pass legislation that will mean all restaurants have to provide the calorie content of their dishes, so hopefully that will make it easier for me, if it ever happens! :) its such a simple concept and i think it could wake people up to exactly what their getting when they're out.

Ive started drinking hot water and a lemon wedge first thing in the morning and i think it is having a good effect. its supposed to be detoxing and, when you have it before you eat breakfast, its supposed to kick start your metabolism. I don't know if it has had any effect on my weight loss but i definitely feel less bloated and less....heavy, if that makes sense! its also a good way to focus your mind on good food choices for the rest of the day!

So how was everybody's weekend? (Notoriously the most difficult days for dieters! :P)

Marianne x

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Hey my weekend as good thanks, went back to uni. Me and the flatemates have decided we are all gona motivate each other to lose weight and all went to a workout session tonight.


Dont worry about falling of the wagon, it happens to us all! 

Ohhh i love the idea of the detox i am definitely going to have try that out xx

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Hey guys, how are things?

Have had a good week, mainly because exams are looming and nobody is going out :P Today was my last day at college so now my day is going to consist of, sitting at desk... i want to have one workout each day but i can't decide what time would be the best to go. First thing in the morning? The middle of the day? what do your think?

Gained a 1/2 a pound this week but i feel ok cos things are on track and i feel better! How bout you guys? x

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Havenot been on recently and not documented as i have put on like 6 pounds and lost control, which im rather depressed over. On night shifts for placement at the momemnt and had nothing but melon and grapes to eat which was good.


Getting myself back on the bandwagon today!!!!!!!!

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Hows everyone getting onxx

Hey!  I would like to join.  My weight loss goal isn't that big, but it still would make me feel happier and healthier.  I'm 5' 8" and weigh 139 lb.  I would love to go down to 120.  I recently took up ballet, and would love to have the slender muscular figure of a dancer.  It would be nice having people who also have weight loss goals to talk to, so that's what brought me here!

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