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Weight Loss
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Im female 23 years old 5'2 mom. I am serious about losing weight but have always needed alittle competion. Im looking for someone who is willing to communicate everyday or at least once a week to compare weigh ins, and to just be able to talk. Let me know if your interested.

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I am interested, however, I am 19, no child, and appear to be in a different time zone.

as long as we both have the same goal to lose weight thats all i need

Well, what are your stats, how much are you looking to lose, and how would you like to communicate/how frequently? I am open to pretty much any means of communication.

my stats?? well i dont want to set myself too high of a goal at first so i would like lose 10 pounds first by July if I can, I have my cousins wedding and Im the maid of honor

Stats: I am 5'2", 140 lbs, looking to drop down to 134 by March 11 as a mini goal, and 110-115 as a total weight loss goal.

ahh ok.. Im 5'3 149.5 lbs, I would like to be 139 by July 16th and 125 as my final goal.

I am also looking for someone to have to sccount to.  I am 36, 6 ft. 353 looking to be a 300 by the end of the summer if not before.

Well I believe the more support we have the better our success will be!!

Hey Jess, im Slav, 20 years old, 6ft and currently about 33lbs 15kg overweight ive gained some weight over the past year and am looking for a buddy / support. Someone i can compare results with, compete, motivate and keep commited with.

If your interested in keeping in touch once a week or so letting each other know progress, struggles, changes and other things would be great. Im fairly new to this website but my email is

:) just let me know and hopefully respond, cheers.


i'll jump in as well

SW: 224 CW: 148 GW: 130 (by 5/31/12)

Hey im 28, mother of 2 n im 5'1". My goal is to drop 10lbs a month! I need to lose alot n so far i have lost 10lbs in the last 3wks! Need a partner as well!!!

Hi im 30 a mother of 3 im 5'2 and looking to lose about 7 pounds I am currently 112.2 and my BMI is 20.4 . I would like to get down to 104 ish . My measurements are 34/27/35 wouldlike to be at 34/25/34. Lets do this!

Hey Guys,

Just wondering how everyone is doing. I keep getting my rocky moments but Ive lost weight. But I believe its because I finally got the balls to join a gym and hire a trainer .

Prttynpink1984 That alot to lose in one week. Like im sure its possible only thing is it might only be water weight. or might gain it back just as quickly. trust me ive been in that situation many times.

Hi My name is Charlie and I am joining th club!

I am 20 years old, in college, and aimto lose 20 pounds.

I am not active enough and often eat mindlessly. I feel like that is my main problem.Nutritionally though,I want to eat in a ,um, for lack of a better word, productive way. I want the food that goes into my body to be beneficial to me, not potentially destructive. Of course, a little sweet here and there doesn't hurtCool.

I will be posting daily and hope to apply some positive peerpressure to y'all. I am counting on you to reciprocate.

With a little perspiration, we can do this!

Im looking forward to it Charlie

Hi! I'm between 5'1 and 5'2. And 21.I currently weigh 174 and am looking to be 150-155 by my birthday in July and 130-125 by Christmas. I am also looking for someone to message often and be able to talk to about goals rewards setbacks accomplishments etc.

Welcome!! Look forward to going through our journey together!

didn't do well these past two days...took a headlong dive into to get back to my good carbs and protein

i have the biggest sweet tooth imaginable!!!

Ok so I have done great the last 3 days i worked out all of them and have kept my calories right around ny cc intake which is 1338 I am down to 111.6 from 113 a few days ago!!! How is everyone else doing?


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