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Weight Loss
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Do I look like my weight?

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Hi Everyone!!

First, Happy New Year to all!!

Ok now I have a question. I went to donate blood yesterday for the first time. The lady asked me if I was less then 95 pounds. I said Oh no I'm 113. I asked her if I look like a 95 pounds girl and she said yes very seriously. She said she wouldn't have guessed I was 113.

That made me feel great but at the same time worried. Do I look healthy or not? Do I look like I lost too much? I'm mostly maintaining now so I'm not looking to lose more.

Someone can take a look at my gallery and comment?
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You look perfectly healthy to me. Some people simply don't look their weight. Also, the US has grown so accustomed to looking at sick, fat bodies that someone that is healthy is deemed 'too thin'.

I checked your profile, and 113 sounds perfect for you.
Yes, I agree with imccarthy. Except I think you live in Canada so not sure how many fat people there are up there.

Other people have a hard time judging weight, particularly if they are alot bigger than the person whose weight they're guessing. Maybe that was the case with the lady at the bloodbank.

You look fantastic and very healthy! Congratulations on losing the weight and maintaining.
I'm also 5'0" and I weigh about 107. I think you look thinner than I do, because you have a very nice, tiny waist (envious!) and you definetly have a more delicate upper body than I do (my upper body and waist are always the last place I lose) ... also I'm sure it helps that you're younger than I am! ;-)

I would not have guessed less than 95 lbs, but then again, I'm 5'0" so I have that perspective. Taller people may just not have any clue, lots of them think anyone who's short must weigh only 100 lbs or less.

Anyway, yes, I think you look perfectly healthy! You don't need to lose or gain anything. You're just right.

I can't give blood because my blood pressure is too low. It takes me too long to fill the bag, and I get all woozy and faint. It's always been like this, no matter what I weigh. :-(
If I had known just your height before looking at your pictures I would have said you were about 110lbs+ tbh. People thought I was 115 when I was more like 125, I guess some people just look smaller at higher weights. Honestly though, no, you don't look 95lbs, but you look fabulous anyway, much better than you did at 180. Don't worry about looking too thin, you look a healthy weight and just take it as a weird compliment lol! Maybe it was something you were wearing? Wear that outfit again! Lol!
You look absolutely perfect.  I can't judge your height by the photos, but you look well-proportioned, healthy and pretty.
Thanks for all your replies. I was worried a bit that maybe I was looking not healthy.

I'm 5' 0.5" by the way and I'm 112 pounds this morning. I live in Canada and the lady that said that to me was at a healthy weight.

Oh and for the record, I couldn't gave blood yesterday. My iron was 0.4 points too low. I have my menstruation this week so that was probably why. It was my first time to give blood and was so sad that it couldn't happen. It's one of my resolution for this new year, give blood as many times as possible.

Thanks again for all the replies!
honestly i also think you look exactly your weight. but im actually responding to say more than 3 people have said the exact same thing to me --- they think im 95 lbs but im 115 (muscular). i think people are just dumb and really have no clue what weight looks like haha.

yeah i get a similar but opposite thing. all my friends are short and they think i weigh like 105lbs cause i'm kinda skinny, but they don't realize how much difference height makes(i'm tall). I'm actually 121lbs. people always think i wear a size 2 because they don't realize that a size 5 is little for a tall person.

You should take it a a compliment that she thought you were so little!

p.s.  congratulations on you weight loss! you look terrific!!Smile

First off AWESOME transformation! I am amazed. And I think you look PERFECT. YOu look wonderful!



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You do not look 95lbs, you look great. Some people think everybody slim looks malnourished. Don't worry about it.
You look great, and very healthy!

People who are larger than me (either vertically, horizontally, or both) usually say "You look so tiny! You must weigh 90 pounds sopping wet!" And the answer is, "No, I'm 109 pounds." And I'm 5'2.

I think it is as imccarthy mentioned, there are so many people that are overweight now, that anyone who is a healthy body weight is judged as being too thin, or accused of not eating enough!

I looked at you, and you look just right to me!
Thank you so much for all your great compliments on my weight loss. I wasn't looking for that when I originally posted but it's always nice to have someone say you look great!!!

I also get weird comment like: Stop losing or you'll become anorexic.. I got that 4 times. People doesn't understand a weight loss and a mental illness..

Amoria00 - you look amazing!! Be proud of yourself :-) It's an amazing, amazing achievement the healthy weight loss that you have accomplished. I agree with everyone else that you look GREAT!! You are thin but I wouldn't say too thin. I would love to have your figure :) Congratulations!


They're either jealous or uninformed. Around C.C., people bandy around the acronym "E.D." a lot. But compulsive overeating is also a disorder. So, you can tell them... "Oh, that's a different disorder than mine! I used to have compulsive overeating disorder. That's why I'm healthy and slender, now!" Then you can look at them and say "You look like you have COD. Are you all right?" LOL...
when i was looking at your pics, i was like "wow, what inspiration... but shes only 15 so it was probably easier for her to lose weight where im 30 and it will be harder........."
..and then i saw you were 25 =0 i hope that wasnt insulting. you look young and thats great. people think im anywhere between 17-22 lol.

you look like your between 100-110.
It's funny 120bydecember, I get that comment everytime I show my identity cards :P

I can't buy alcool or lotto without my cards! I'm used to it and will be sad the day it will stop!

I'm 26 btw but my hourglass shape helps a lot I must admit :)
Maybe it's just bloodbank workers being overly cautious? I try every year and am turned away for one reason or another.
It is common to have lower Iron levels after your period, I wouldn't worry about it and try to take a multi vitamen during your period.

You look great. Oh it's good that they didn't take your blood, it sucks to be all fainty, and it takes forever to recover if your iron wasn't great anyway.

I think you look exactly your weight.  Quite frankly, I think you'd look even better if you weighed a few pounds less, but thats just my opinion.

First think that popped into my head is that the lady at the blood donation place was probably overweight herself.   

i always think that people who are shorter than me look like they weigh less.  in your photo you look to be a very healthy weight and i wouldn't be surprised to hear you were 113. but if i met you in person, i'd probably assume you weigh closer to 95 pounds because of you would seem smaller than me and so i'd assume you weighed less than me.  i always think shorter girls look so petite and cute.
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