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I look like im Pregnant! Help Me lose my Belly Fat!!

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I am small almost everywhere, but I look like Im Pregnant. After giving birth 16 months ago, I never lost my belly, and gained even more. This website is amazing, I am losing weight after only a couple weeks, but I need to target my belly area. I am not active and am a stay at home mom. Please read my Bio and view my photos in my gallery. I need some ideas on what I can do at home (for excersizes, etc...) that don't include any excersize machines. I don't get the chance to walk much and I do not have any stairs to climb. Thanks for all the help.

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try running... well speed walking with spurts of jogging/walking.... really helps  a lot! if you do three days of intense "jalking" i promise you will see really amazing results.... also try the seven minute ab routine... i believe its on youtube or google video ... good luck!

Hey meandnegro!!  I'm a 23 year old mom too and I have the same problem!  I gained more than you but I'm also a little taller.  I weigh 181 right now... i was up to 206 but I've been on weight watchers and I'm doing well...   I am very active just b/c I have always been - but I go to the gym EVERY day and I do cardio for an hour and ab exercises as often and intense as possible...yet I still look pregnant!! haha... it is getting a little flatter but it is sooo hard to lose that belly! ugh it drives me crazy... anyway I still have 40+ lbs. to lose and i just concentrate on small goals... like.if I have a good week..i say 3 or 4 lbs as a goal..if it was an off week..i say a lb. 


Well good luck..just try when the baby is sleeping to do some crunches...and remember when you're sitting in the car or on the couch..try to flex your stomach muscles.. like you're sucking in all the time... its good for the muscles! 

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Original Post by conlex:

 I do [...] ab exercises as often and intense as possible...yet I still look pregnant!!


You do know that ab exercises make your abs BIGGER, don't you? If you still have belly fat over the muscles, and you do ab work, then it will look like you have more belly fat than you really do.

Hey guys - running really helps with losing belly fat.  Or even walking briskly to start out if you're out of shape and working your way up to running.  As your walking/running keep your abs pulling in toward your belly button. 

You can actually skip the ab workouts for the most part until you lose some inches in your abdominal area.  All that the ab routine will do will be to add muscle under the layer of fat.  It won't make the fat go away.

If you can't get to a gym or get an hour away from your baby I would suggest taking your baby with you for brisk walks.  Pushing the stroller will actually help you burn MORE calories!

Good Luck!
I am a 23 year old mom of a four year old, and I started dieting last year. I gained 87 pounds with my daughter, but kept about 65 of that on. So last April, I started dieting at 240 pounds and got down to about 190. Then I feel off the wagon from September to December, and gained about 10 pounds back. I'm back dieting as of January 25th and have already lost about 2 or 2 pounds.

I use my exercise bike and I feel like I have been losing the inches. I wish you a lot of luck. I was terribly depressed after I had my daughter because I was so fat, and I just ate and ate, and kept it on. Now my husband and I are going to be celebrating our 5th anniversary in St. Pete FL and I want to look good in a suit.

So, right now my goal is to lose 30 pounds in 15 weeks, that will put me at about 168, closer to my original weight.
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well i have been really fat before i started working on reducing my belly fat. i found some articles on a site which was my main motivation, i would like to share them with you as well. :)

it is extremely good read :) i liked it and started off after reading this stuff :)

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