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Long weekend... how did you do?

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I hope everyone's long weekend was full of fun, and relaxing at the same time (as I'm sure most of us needed it). Just wondering how everyone did this long weekend? Since this was the end to my first week of trying C-C... I found it kind of easy and hard at the same time. I would do so good when at home, but when I was out with friends.. it was a touch harder. I think I did well, and I finally went on the scale today. I lost 3 pounds in my first week!

I am happy. :)
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long weekend... so you're canadian, eh? Our long weekend isn't for another whole week :(
Glad to hear that you had a good long weekend.  You're in Canada, right?  In the United States our long weekend is coming up this weekend, Memorial Day.  By the way, what is Victoria Day?
Yep, Canadian here.

Sorry, I forget which holidays we share and which we don't.

Victoria Day is to celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday (really on May 24th), so we usually get the Monday closest to that date off.

Any other Canadians here found it hard over the long weekend?
Since there weren't many opportunities to go out camping, or be outside for barbeques (thanks to these horrible cold breezes here in S. Ontario) I've just been stuck in my room, and had no slip ups!

It really is freezing
yeah.. the weather has been horrible all weekend... I'm from Southern Ontario too... wishin' it was nicer out right now! I'd love to go for a nice walk.
I gained the weight back that I lost last week. I'm trying not to get too discouraged... though it sucks.
Alberta here. I ate fast food most of the weekend, as I'm doing a lot of running around. Visiting a friend in the hospital and trying to get ready for an assignment out of town - clothes shopping, house cleaning, packing, etc. It's been hectic.

The good news is, although I didn't eat the healthiest, surprisingly, the calories still came out under my max.

I guess we'll see what the scale says next weekend. And, for the next 6 months, need to eat in restaurants, which a lot of people gave me some tips on in another thread .... ty.
Happy Victoria Day everyone. I have had a great weekend despite the gloomy cold weather. I love the May long weekend because it means the school year is almost over (I am a teacher); much as I love what I do, the long weekend always signals that we are in the home stretch. There is something delicious about not being at school on a Monday! I have done well in maintaining my caloric intake.
Way to go on your loss!  Keep up the great work!

With several graduation parties this weekend, I actually did pretty well.  I maintained over the weekend, which is a huge victory for me...considering all of the temptation.
The school year is almost over...amen to that, haha. I have prom on Friday!
LOL! SammyK, I almost thought you were my mom! Her name is also Sam K. and she lives in Ontario. I told her about this site a while ago. Thought she might have come to  check it out. My weekend was drawn out. I'm not feeling good so it kinda sucked. Got my garden planted today so I at least accomplished something. Have a good week!
Well Happy Victoria Day to everyone!

It feels alright to know I'm doing ok once speaking with all of you... it's hard on weekends, but when push comes to shove, you have to get active and out there. Thanks everyone!

Schaan - haha too funny! Nope, my name is Sam K too, from Ontario, but I'm 23. I told my mom about this site too... it's so great to see how everyone reacts on the site.
I'm in the US, and I had a long weekend - took Friday off to go to the beach!  Our weather, surprisingly for the Oregon Coast in mid-May, was great!

The food thing was rough though...I honestly felt like all we did was eat!  The saltwater taffy, danishes from our favorite bakery, coffee from our favorite coffee shop, breakfast at the Pig 'n Pancake (a diner), cheese and ice cream from the Tillamook Cheese Factory, the list goes on and on...!

But!  Thankfully, I managed somehow not to gain any weight, and I am looking forward to getting back to my normal eating habits this week. 
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